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NWO dupes its members that it is a service group

August 25, 2016

If NWO relied only on money to pay people off and buy silence it would be bankrupt. It probably is close to bankrupt anyhow. It has to convince its members that it is a service group. So it directs its agitprop to this end.  However, this has a problem with the Civil War, WW1, WW2, and Cold War. These wars are not the product of a service group but of psychopaths who need to be found out and put on trial.  One has to wonder if there is a mechanism for that.

The people at the top need to do a con job on the members to get them to work at no pay or even pay their own way and their own expenses.  This means getting their members to believe that NWO has a great mission to guide humanity.

If NWO is just a boys club at the top who don’t know what they are doing and engage in cruelty and mass death for fun, then there is no point for the ordinary members to sacrifice themselves for it. They are not building the Cathedral but the Concentration Camp.

NWO like the Stanford Prison Experiment brings out the worse in its members when it gives them power over people.  I have experienced this harmful hate on many occasions. I have also seen them in effect torture my mother in front of me in the ER obviously on their orders.  She cried out in pain and they know she has little tolerance for pain.

This proves NWO is evil. They give power to Blacks such as the man in the ER not wearing a name tag, in a military hospital, and they act out orders of cruelty. NWO is getting rid of Whites and replacing them with Blacks and others who are low IQ, violent and cruel.  This shows again that NWO is a hate group not a service group.

NWO is not raising the level of humanity but degrading it. They are putting the cruel and the violent and low IQ in charge over Whites in order to inflict cruelty and suffering on Whites.  More than that it is meant to inflict the degrading of Whites to the level of those put in power over us. Those put in power are motivated by revenge against Whites and a desire to destroy them. This again shows NWO is a hate group.


Obama orders retaliation against a relative of mine at a military hosptial

August 11, 2016

Barack Hussein Obama ordered retaliation against a relative of mine, my mother, at a military hospital. My relative was subjected to a blood draw from her wrist which was very painful. This was done in a brutal manner. It was done by a Black  man not wearing an id. He gave his name. A report was filed with the hospital afterwards.

Only Obama would have the motive and the means to order such a retaliation at a military hospital.  Obama’s motives.

  1. I requested investigations of Stanley Fischer and not only provided information to the government in his background check but contacted universities and potential witnesses and asked them to send information to the FBI and Senate.
  2. I contacted the Senators with this information.
  3. I contacted the Federal Reserve with the information.
  4. I arranged this so that a court or Congress could get testimony from people not FBI agents, which is often easier to do.
  5. Various other related matters of this type.
  6. Derogatory comments about Blacks.
  7. Most of all issues relating to his trip to Indonesia after he turned 18 and why that made sense as him registering for a KT identity card.  I put together public information and kept after this issue.  This relates to Obama’s own mother. So Obama’s motive was a mother for a mother.

Obama’s motive in regards to his KT identity card and his mother.

  1. Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, SAD, delayed her divorce from Lolo Soetoro in Indonesia until after Obama turned 18 and returned to Indonesia.
  2. Lolo had a girl friend for several years whom he married after the divorce with SAD.
  3. SAD was working and living in Indonesia a Muslim country.
  4. SAD may have needed or required or wanted to have an adult male sponsor her to stay in Indonesia, work there or own property. Her adult son Obama would do that.
  5. This is the only reason for delaying the divorce until after Obama reached 18, since Obama already lived in Hawaii with his grandparents and was no longer subject to Indonesian jurisdiction.  Hawaii would hardly send him to Indonesia while he was attending the top private school in Hawaii to a man not his actual biological father as opposed to his actual biological mother and actual biological grandparents who were taking care of him rather well.
  6. Obama would have had to register as a citizen of Indonesia after turning 18 and gotten a KT identity card.
  7. Obama likely registered for selective service, the draft, in Indonesia.
  8. Obama would have had to indicate a religion, which is likely Muslim given he was registered as Muslim in Indonesia previously when going to school there.
  9. Under US Supreme Court case law at the time and never changed, Obama gave up his US citizenship.  A similar case involved a man going to Mexico from US after turning 18 to register and the US Supreme Court ruled that indicated an intention to give up his US citizenship.  The State Department has chosen not to enforce this but it is not law.
  10. I am the only one pushing this combination. Others found the individual facts, but the whole explanation was put together by me and continued to be pushed by me alone on the Internet.

In addition to that retaliation, my brother was given a lethal dose of illegal drugs which caused a massive heart attack. He lacked financial means to purchase those drugs and had stopped taking them many years ago.  Someone ordered those pushed on him.  There was an investigation in Fairfax County, Virginia but it was inconclusive except that the drugs caused it. No one in the family was aware of his taking drugs in many years, nor did he ask for the type of money to support drugs, and was receiving all his money from his family.  Obama could have ordered the drugs pushed on him

In addition I was trapped in an elevator at the same military hospital. This goes back to a time I was trapped in an elevator in Switzerland prior to an important meeting at which I was subjected to pressure to give support to a strange plan. That was deliberate I now believe and I was told after the meeting by someone in it, they intended to break me down as had happened at a prior date.  Obama would have had a record of that possibly and ordered the elevator prank at the military hospital to remind me.  Again only Obama would have access to those records, motive and the means to order such a prank done at a US military hospital.

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