NWO dupes its members that it is a service group

August 25, 2016

If NWO relied only on money to pay people off and buy silence it would be bankrupt. It probably is close to bankrupt anyhow. It has to convince its members that it is a service group. So it directs its agitprop to this end.  However, this has a problem with the Civil War, WW1, WW2, and Cold War. These wars are not the product of a service group but of psychopaths who need to be found out and put on trial.  One has to wonder if there is a mechanism for that.

The people at the top need to do a con job on the members to get them to work at no pay or even pay their own way and their own expenses.  This means getting their members to believe that NWO has a great mission to guide humanity.

If NWO is just a boys club at the top who don’t know what they are doing and engage in cruelty and mass death for fun, then there is no point for the ordinary members to sacrifice themselves for it. They are not building the Cathedral but the Concentration Camp.

NWO like the Stanford Prison Experiment brings out the worse in its members when it gives them power over people.  I have experienced this harmful hate on many occasions. I have also seen them in effect torture my mother in front of me in the ER obviously on their orders.  She cried out in pain and they know she has little tolerance for pain.

This proves NWO is evil. They give power to Blacks such as the man in the ER not wearing a name tag, in a military hospital, and they act out orders of cruelty. NWO is getting rid of Whites and replacing them with Blacks and others who are low IQ, violent and cruel.  This shows again that NWO is a hate group not a service group.

NWO is not raising the level of humanity but degrading it. They are putting the cruel and the violent and low IQ in charge over Whites in order to inflict cruelty and suffering on Whites.  More than that it is meant to inflict the degrading of Whites to the level of those put in power over us. Those put in power are motivated by revenge against Whites and a desire to destroy them. This again shows NWO is a hate group.


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