3 layers of meaning in 911 and 912

September 9, 2016

The 911 events of 2001 and the events of 2016, likely now on September 12, 2016 have 3 layers of meaning.

  1. Normies — Terrorism.
  2. Goyim leaders — Everything is a Big Joke. Replacing the people doesn’t matter.
  3. Jews — We can dupe the leaders into replacing their own people thinking everything is a big joke.

The Wasp leaders of the 19th and 20th centuries thought everything was a Big Joke to dupe their own people. Those Wasp leaders were replaced by Jews.

Jews are not taught it is all a big joke. Jews are taught that replacing Wasps or leadership groups in White nations is the key to Jewish survival. Jews are taught they must replace White leaders with Jews or Jews will be destroyed. Jews are taught it is Jews or Whites, and to strive to make it Jews that survive and Whites that are destroyed.

White leaders who do hoax terrorism are dupes. They are being replaced by Jews and the Slicer Coalition of diversity at the Ivy League and even at State U.  Replacing their own people means the leaders are replaced with leaders from the new people. That is how the Boston Brahmins were forced out of Boston.

If biological weapons are a threat, and they are, then the solution is to stop immigration. Fake terrorism won’t protect us from biothreats.  That is the myth. Another Jew lie to dupe the Goyim leaders.


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