September 12 2016 Gold Vault Attacks James Bond Goldfinger Code

September 10, 2016

September 12 2016 Gold Vault Attacks James Bond Goldfinger Code

33 people in cable car Switzerland at 12,000 feet.

33 = 3 * 11.

The attack will come on the 12th.

Moonraker cable car fight was the 11th Bond film.

Goldfinger. Attack on the Gold Supply.

September 12 starts in Singapore which is Sunday in New York after noon.

The attack will start at the Gold Vaults in Singapore and spread to Abu Dhabi, Zurich, London and New York. Ending at the Chase Manhattan Plaza, NY Fed possibly with radioactive dust.

David Bowie, Died Age 69. The code is switch 6 to 9.

2016 becomes 2,1,9 = 912 = September 12.

David Rockefeller born June 12, June -> 6 -> 9. 912.

David Rockefeller built Chase Manhattan Plaza next to the NY Fed gold vaults. The 4 Trees Dubuffet looks like mushrooms, the sign of the mushroom cloud.

Halloween Jack lives on top of Chase Manhattan. 60th floor.

Diamond Dogs = Poker Dogs.

Prince died April 21 which is 110th day in normal year. September 12 is 110th day counting backwards.

Purple Rain falls after a nuke.

New York 8:46 am 911 -> 8:49 7 7 2005 London

Orlando Night Club 6 12 -> 9 12

Hopefully no actual deaths.

Posted 6:43 PM September 10, 2016

The above is hypotheses and speculation.



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