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60 Diversity Minutes Cops go out to shoot people.

April 2, 2017

60 Minutes: So tell us what happened.

Betty Shelby: Well I thought he might be a threat to me so I shot him.

60 Minutes: Does that mean women should not be cops?

Betty Shelby: Hell no. If I have to shoot a man because I’m small that is the price we have to pay for progress.

60 Minutes: So what do you recommend to men?

Betty: Be at your work or at home or driving from one to the other.

60 Minutes: What if they stop between work and home?

Betty: If you drive during rush hour then you are not a threat.

60 Minutes: So if you work late, get something to eat and drive home on a country road..

Betty: Then I’m waiting for you.

60 Minutes: What’s your IQ?

Betty: 95.

60 Minutes: Barely above a Black.

Betty: That’s what it takes to handle Blacks. We don’t need any college professors dealing with Diversity. They’d be dead.

60 Minutes: Maybe we would be better off without cops.

Betty: Hell, son, there’s diversity ready to burn your house down. This is America. We need Diversity. That means you need me. That means I can shoot anyone who makes me nervous.

60 Minutes: You make me feel nervous. This might get me fired, but maybe Diversity was not a good idea.

Betty: Too late for that son. You got Diversity and you got me.

Betty smirking.

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