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Robert Mueller, Obama, Stanley Fischer as MH17 accessories

December 30, 2017

Stanley Fischer’s confirmation process for Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve involved events in the winter and spring of 2014.

During that time, Robert Mueller blocked a proper investigation of Stanley Fischer with the help of Obama, Stanley Fischer, Stanford SIEPR and other universities. Stanford paid Fischer 100,000 during this time as part of the cover-up that Russia had blackmailed professors like Fischer and Summers and all the way back to stealing the atomic bomb secrets.

MH-17 was shot down by Russia on July 17, 2014.

Putin was able to order shooting down MH-17 in July 2014 because of the leverage he gained earlier that year from the actions of Obama, Mueller, Fischer, Stanford and others.

After MH-17 was shot down, none of them disclosed that to the FBI or Congress or the Dutch investigation. Instead they continued to provide benefits to each other as part of the ongoing conspiracy with Russia. They were co-conspirators with Russia before MH-17 was shot down, while it was shot down and afterwards. Their conspiracy with Russia is what gave Russia the leverage to shoot down MH-17 and know they could get away with it. This was a material fact to Putin’s decision to shoot down MH-17.

The above is speculation and hypotheses. Please restate as questions, as for other posts. All other disclaimers apply.


War with Russia or White Christian alliance?

December 16, 2017

Russia plagiarism files can easily lead to a crisis with Russia.  What do we want as the outcome? Should we listen to neocon voices of war?  Or should we do the opposite and instead choose a White Christian alliance with Russia?

A White Christian alliance would be based on restricting immigration into both Russia and America to White Christians.  This would then strengthen our people’s bonds to each other by race and religion.

Russia was taken over in 1917 by communists. Under Bolshevik values, Russia was in conflict with America.  It was under the banker values that the IMF loans were used to finance the looting of Russian state assets in the 1990s which resulted in the devaluing of Russian state pensions, which practically everyone had.

The Soviet Union was a giant defined benefit pension plan.  That was looted in the 1990s by the same international bankers who looted America’s defined benefit pensions in the 1980s and 1990s.  The same group also fomented wars in the Middle East for Israel.

Neocon-banker values are mass immigration, the ethnic cleansing of White Christian countries, empty churches, mass entertainment that degrades Christian values and dishonors marriage and motherhood.  Obviously, a unitary hostile elite has governed America and Russia for many decades.  They live on war, terror and conflict. The opposite of what America and Russia were in the 19th century.

The America of Mark Twain and Russia of Tolstoy were far better places than what they have become under the hostile elites who govern them today. These elites want war between America and Russia. These elites want to deplete pensions, social security and Medicare even more in both countries.

Better to make war against the hostile elites than each other.  A White Christian alliance with immigration restricted to White Christians would be a great move against the neocon-Bolshevik values that are ethnic and Christian cleansing both countries.

How did the Russia Plagiarism Files Conspiracy last so long?

December 15, 2017

One of the great puzzles of Russia Plagiarism Files is that it has lasted this long.  It was exposed on this blog in 2006 and I notified my senator. This blog was linked to in 2008 by a former Secretary of the Air Force Thomas Reed from Physics Today.  I met with representatives of the government in 2013.  I contacted many people during the Stanley Fischer confirmation in 2014, in and out of government including many principal people at the universities.  Yet, here we are and nothing has happened.  How?

Going back further, Edward Corson’s orginality retraction in 1947 led to no official investigation or action.  The profs and scientists who talked to the FBI about Klaus Fuchs and Edward Corson did not mention it.

The other acts of plagiarism and Russia’s use of them all passed without any official action. It would seem no one had ever notified the FBI or the media. I did notify the media and posted in comment sections for many years, but that got nowhere.

It is not just apathy.  There has to be a conspiracy at least in part behind this non-action and decades of not noticing.  This has worked its way up to the present time.

Part of the problem is the fear of being labeled anti-Semitic for pointing this out. This in turn highlights that Jews occupy a central role in this conspiracy. In a sense the Soviets were using this from the beginning. They knew that if prominent Jews were involved, it would be hard for Gentiles to speak up, and other Jews would not speak up also has proven out.  The Soviets knew their Jews. In part, because that is what they were. They were inside Jews at a top level.

Senator Schumer led the cover-up for Stanley Fischer in the Senate confirmation hearings.  The White Gentiles were afraid to ask him one question at the second hearing. The chairman made it clear at one point, that this type of information could be asked about, as a sort of “Do you have any questions on anything else?”.  Everyone knew what he meant, and none of the senators asked a question on it.

Meanwhile Jews and their Gentile lackeys in academia flooded Ph.D. programs in science, math, finance, economics with Chinese students. That silenced the White Gentiles from speaking up about what was baked into the published literature. They could read this blog from 2006 and see it all laid out. But none dared speak up.

Max Born Spy Ring Google Doodle

December 15, 2017

Google honored Max Born with a Google Doodle on December 11, 2017, the 135 anniversary of his birth in 1882.

Of course, they said nothing of his spy ring.

Likely members:

  1. Klaus Fuchs
  2. Leopold Infeld
  3. Kun Huang
  4. Cheng Kaijia
  5. Huanwu Peng
  6. L. M. Yang
  7. J. Robert Oppenheimer effectively a Communist by donations, friends, brother, etc.

Those who were in or knew and went along.

  1. Edward Corson
  2. Victor Weisskopf
  3. Werner Heisenberg

And likely many others at least knew. Many of those promoted or hired or vouched for these people or others in security background checks. They duped the FBI, MI5, MI6, and of course the George H.W. Bush Skull and Bones CIA, which was always more interested in investment banking than actual spying.

If anything, the old spy rings expanded and became more entrenched deep in establishment institutions. They then flooded PhD programs with Chinese to make it impossible for White Americans to expose what was going on. Typical. This has been their modus operandi since ancient times.

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