Trump can not obstruct justice in Mueller probe.

January 8, 2018

Trump can not obstruct justice in Mueller probe because there is no justice being obstructed. This is because Mueller is trying to preemptively get something on Trump to cover Mueller’s own treasonous betrayal on Russia.  Mueller is not searching for justice or truth but survival for Mueller from himself being prosecuted for treason of substance on Russia.

Mueller blocked the following.

  1. Investigating and exposing Russia’s deep network in physics that allowed them to steal the atom bomb secrets using plagiarism kompromat.
  2. Russia’s continual re-use of this to build its academic network and expand it deep into our institutions.
  3. China’s involvement from the beginning of atomic bomb spying.
  4. China’s deep academic network that is expanding into our institutions.
  5. Other countries doing the same.
  6. The use by Russia of this method to get IMF loans and evade their terms in the 1990s.  This involved kompromat over Stanley Fischer and Larry Summers.
  7. Bill Clinton used this to pressure Larry Summers to audit Paula Jones.
  8. After that, Russia used that to get away with the Second Chechen war, which was a crime against humanity. Clinton had to go along.
  9. The use by Bush profs such as John Yoo to influence the Supreme Court during Bush v. Gore to give the election to George Bush.
  10. The use then to pressure the Democrats to allow the Iraq war.
  11. Covering up the extensive obstruction of justice in the Andrei Shleifer case. This was real concealment of real secrets and crimes. This would have exposed Russia’s network.
  12. Blocking a proper background check of Larry Summers under Obama.
  13. Blocking a proper investigation of Stanley Fischer in 2014.
  14. Russia’s further use of this to get away with the invasion of Crimea.
  15. Russia’s use of this to shoot down MH-17.
  16. Russia pressuring favorable ratings from Moody’s and bad ratings for Ukraine from Moody’s.
  17. Iran’s use of this to get its deal.

Mueller is the greatest traitor in American history. Mueller is a criminal. Mueller is not investigating Trump, Mueller is intimidating Trump to keep quiet about Mueller’s crimes and treason. Thus Trump or Flynn or any of them are not obstructing justice. They are simply victims of a criminal, Robert Mueller, covering up his crimes.

The above are hypotheses and speculation.  Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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