Robert Mueller is in conspiracy with Russia

January 9, 2018

Robert Mueller is part of a conspiracy with Russia to cover up Russia plagiarism files. Mueller has violated US laws as FBI director and Russia knows this. Mueller’s investigation of Trump is in furtherance of Mueller’s conspiracy with Russia. Mueller is trying to keep Trump from exposing Mueller’s conspiracy with Russia by gaining leverage on Trump.

The entire Mueller investigative unit is part of this conspiracy, even if they don’t know it. So all their actions are without legal basis. They do not have the status of a legal investigative unit. Their status is as a conspiracy with Russia.

No false statements made to the Mueller unit are crimes because the entire Mueller unit is part of a conspiracy with Russia to cover up Russia’s extensive network inside America including academia, Wall Street, and even DOJ.

Flynn, Trump, or anyone else can’t obstruct justice by lying to the Mueller unit because the Mueller unit is not a proper legal unit but instead is a conspiracy unit with Russia. Lying to those in conspiracy with Russia to cover up crimes is not a crime. So Trump, Flynn, etc. are not guilty of any crime by lying to the Mueller unit.

It isn’t obstruction of justice to lie to the Mueller unit because the purpose of the Mueller unit is to conceal Russia’s network in America and its past and ongoing crimes. The Trump investigation is a smoke screen to cover up the real Russia network, which is based out of academia, not Trump Tower.

The purpose of Robert Mueller and the Mueller unit is not to expose Russia’s network but to conceal Russia’s network. They do this with a fake investigation of Donald Trump and his family while ignoring the real network and conspiracy based out of academia. Thus there can be no obstruction of justice by Trump or his family or anyone else lying to the Mueller team.

Robert Mueller obstructed justice in the background investigation of Stanley Fischer to be vice-chairman of the Federal Reserve. Mueller stopped the investigation from pursuing Fischer’s network which is a network serving Russia.  Mueller, in effect, and in law became part of the Fischer network and is a tool of Russian state intelligence services.


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