Those who push ‘illegals are integrated’ are oft not integrated

January 9, 2018

The biggest ones pushing comprehensive immigration reform and a path to citizenship for illegals tout that illegals are integrated into America.  By having a job and sending their kids to school at our expense, using our ERs, etc. they are integrated into our (benefits) society.

The ones pushing this agenda are the first to call Founding Stock Americans every name possible. Proving they don’t feel integrated with FSA’s or FSA America.  This shows that integration may in fact be impossible for most groups.  White Protestants can integrate. White Catholics barely after a century or maybe centuries it will take.

Those on an agenda since Babylon, will never integrate.  Their whole agenda is to disintegrate White countries especially Founding Stock America, the country they love to hate even above Germany.

America will be integrated when the entire Babylonian conspiracy and its carrier drones have left the country if not the planet.  What FSAs want is freedom from the Babylonians and their entire system of Babylonian values.


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