Alison Chabloz — the crime of upsetting Jewish people

January 11, 2018

The main charge against Alison Chabloz is that she hurt the feels of the (((Babylonians))) who rule over us.

What about the non-stop hate from (((them))) on TV? Like All in the Family, years of anti-White hate propaganda?

How did Paul Samuelson and Stanley Fischer get away with their decades long plagiarism against Nils Hakansson?  Why was Hakansson not made a Fellow of the Econometric Society at least? He deserved the Nobel Prize, more than Paul Krugman and as much as Paul Samuelson.  That’s why Samuelson plagiarized him.

The Mueller faction in the FBI-DOJ is depending on this fear to continue their decades long cover-up of Russia plagiarism files that includes the theft of the secrets of the atom bomb.  This is how they can investigate Trump for no collusion with Russia while ignoring the (((Stanley Fischer))) problem.


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