Daniel Pipes on the elimination of the Jewish state

January 11, 2018

Daniel Pipes of the MEF forum with some other neocons like Elliott Abrams doesn’t like people who are part of a movement for the elimination of the Jewish state. What about people who are part of a movement to eliminate the White states? What about (((people))) part of a movement to eliminate all White nations and peoples?


Iran: ethnic minorities comprise more than half of the country’s total population of 82 million, according to mainstream academic assessments. The largest group is Azerbaijanis (approximately 24 million), followed by Kurds (8 million), Lurs (3 million), Arabs (3 million), Turkmens (3 million), and Baluch (3 million).

This is good according to Daniel Pipes. But the same in Israel is bad. Pipes wants to ethnic cleanse Iran of ethnic Iranians? Because they are Aryan. Something the Semites seem to dislike about any Aryan people, just existing.

It sounds like Pipes hates anyone who wants to eliminate the Jewish state. So what about Whites? Can we hate (((those))) who want to eliminate our White states?


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