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in Hillary v. McCain, Nader appeals right and left

February 13, 2007

Nader is not the open borders advocate that Hillary and McCain are. Nader is too smart not to see that immigration reduces wages and gives power to employers. So are Hillary and McCain for that matter. The difference is Nader tells the truth. Nader will get votes from right and left.

Where does that leave the race? The anger on the left against Hillary is white hot, but they also want to win. By 2008, we may also face a different world, one where we have gone to war with Iran or they have agreed to real inspections, disclosed their secret sites, given up their Russian anti-ship missile buying program all as part of working together with regional parties to make peace in Iraq and to get Pakistan to give up its nukes.

OK, so war is more likely. McCain is part of big immigration. He has betrayed the Republican voters as much as Bush. Republican voters have shown they will go to a Perot in 1992 and 1996. But Nader is not a Perot.

If the Republicans nominate a Tancredo, Republicans will come out and vote. But the left may also come out for Hillary.

If we are in Iran and Hillary supports it, she may lose the left, but could gain in the center. A Hillary who supports a war in Iran that is ongoing is safe for centrists. In that case, Republicans may vote for Nader instead of McCain.

If we invade Iran and Hillary opposes it, she may gain the left, but will lose the center and she will lose, whether Nader runs or not.

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