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Nation of Immigrants is Immigration Supremacy

November 26, 2007

Immigration Supremacists have made the phase America is a Nation of Immigrants into a mantra of immigration supremacism.  They also use in England, Denmark, Sweden, France, Norway, and Italy.

We are not a nation of immigrants.  An immigrant is a person who is not born in a country or not born a citizen and who lives there with the intent to stay permanently.  We are not a nation of such people nor is that the purpose of our nation.  Those who say immigrants are our future are immigration supremacists.

Ted Sorenson likely invented the phrase Nation of Immigrants and wrote the book with author name John F. Kennedy.  This was never the belief of the American people or any other Western country that is subjected to this phrase and these immigration supremacy policies.

Affirmative action for immigrants shows that immigration is really immigration supremacy.  What past discrimination is being remedied by affirmative action for immigrants?  This is accepted because of the power of the Immigration Supremacy Complex.

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