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Bernanke America Becoming 3rd world spoof

January 18, 2008

What Bernanke might have said to Congress.

Monetary policy can’t keep America a first world country while Congress turns it into a 3rd world country by immigration.  Put simply, money can’t buy you IQ.  3rd World Immigrants have 85 to 90 IQ.  They are lowering us to the level of the 3rd world.

The Fed can’t stop this.  What we can do is keep a stable currency as we become a 3rd world country.  But that means imposing strict discipline.

Banks that lend to 3rd worlders in the US and lose money here must go under.  People need to realize they can lose their good job and their home. That is the New America Order that Congress has created.

The America that we were born into has been and is being legislated out of existence.  Congress has to dismantle social services that 3rd world nations can’t afford.  This includes welfare of all forms.  We also can’t expect to have functioning schools.

The Fed can only manage a stable currency as we decline.  It can also keep banks from running phony balance sheets.  But the decline is programmed in.  Congress should stop immigration now.   We might still have a chance, but only if we act.

Congress should seek out testimony by Dr. James Watson, Jared Taylor, Lawrence Auster, Peter Brimelow, Steve Sailer, Steven Camarota, and others willing to say the truth about immigration.  You need to hear more Shockley and less of what you have been hearing.  You should also listen to Virgil Goode.

The Fed’s job today is to manage the money supply so that the dollar exchange rate is stable as America drops from what it was.  Part of our job is to be harsh on banks that lose money and don’t have the capital.  They have to close if necessary but also not pay dividends or huge compensation to their CEO.

The longer it is before reality is said to Congress, the worse the situation we will be in. We need more reality and less feel good sentimentality about race and 3rd worlders.  We need truth.

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