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The Pakistan USG MSM teachable lying moment

May 3, 2011

Pakistan is caught holding bin Laden in a safe house of its ISI and next to the Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) and Pakistan, United States government and the MSM all lie and say it isn’t holding him. They are lying to our face. The MSM then calls us names like conspiracy nut, birther, Trumper, bigot, racist, Islamophobe, etc. to silence us.

The MSM plays the role of the KGB. They subject us to fear so that we become silent in public or official matters. They operate on the view that Auster expresses, it is what you say in public that matters. It is not your private or mental reservations or what you say in private. Although the KGB extended its actions there to. As we see in prosecutions in the UK and child custody cases, they can extend their reach there as well.

So what name do we give people who believe that Pakistan was holding bin Laden? Holder is the name of the Attorney General. We can say they harbored him. Harborers? Accessory after the fact theorists? This is conspiracy in the law.

I proclaim myself a Harborer. A Harborer is someone who believes the government of Pakistan was harboring bin Laden. This is a narrow Harborer. A full blown case of Harboring Theory is that Pakistan was doing the same for al Qaeda, and still is. A Full Harborer (why is birther not capitalized or is it?) also believes that the reason Pakistan harbored bin Laden and still harbors al Qaeda is because they were part of the original 9/11 conspiracy.

The next step is to add the anthrax attacks in. The next step is to say that as 9/11 started to unfold, the US government and then the MSM did the same thing they are doing now right in our face. They covered up the obvious role of Pakistan and that Pakistan was getting a payoff of the lifting of sanctions on its nuclear program for its support of the 9/11 attacks. This is born again harboring. I proclaim myself and freely admit that I am a Born Again Harborer.

Wise as Serpent Harborers know that the MSM is lying to us and is working for the government to hector us into silence. We know that the MSM lies when it says it is the giver of truth. We know the MSM lies when it says it is on our side against government. We know that the MSM as it goes back and forth to be the President’s Press Secretary is just the official mouth piece of the government. It is the same. This is why its sales volume is going down in part.

Vanishing American has a column from last evening calling this process in front of us gaslighting.

My comment there:

I think gaslighting is a proper word for what is going on in front of us. Pakistan’s role is being white washed yet again with the MSM playing the enforcer role of calling us names. Gaslighting Media or Gaslighting Stream Media are new names for them and what they do. They are the Gaslighters not us. Although they will want Gaslighter to mean a conspiracy nut who thinks they are the Gaslighters.

I wrote my blog article today before reading yours. It is somewhat similar in its conclusion although more focused on Pakistan. I pronounce myself a Harborer, someone who believes Pakistan was harboring bin Laden. Not only that I am a full blown Harborer who thinks that Pakistan was in on the original 9/11 attacks to get the sanctions lifted on its nuclear program and that this is the reason they harbored bin Laden and still harbor al Qaeda.

I would add the real gaslighting is that them and their Islam in our lands is peaceful or good for us. Which is part of their larger lie that immigration is good for us. The truth is them and their Islam out of our lands is what is not just good for us, but our only path to survival.


Safe Houser is an alternative term to Harborer. WND is using the term safe house for the bin Laden Abbottabad compound. This term works as well.

“Although Monday’s operation was primarily a Find, Fix, Finish mission to kill bin Laden, the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, it has also yielded intelligence.”

If they had not used an explosion, presumably to blow up the compound?, but had scaled the walls, they could have taken bin Laden alive? It is a house without a phone. So it couldn’t call for help.


Al Qaeda’s idea of independent cells or franchises has not worked out. The cells are just not that good at terrorism. They are also underfunded and lack experience and sophistication. Without a franchising organization to provide services and management, it doesn’t work. Like so many startups, al Qaeda is a business failure. Pakistan as a rogue terrorist sponsoring state though is another matter. It is the difference for the 9/11 and likely the anthrax attacks.


A Harborer or Safe Houser, not only believes that Pakistan was harboring bin Laden in a safe house, but that the US Government and MSM are now in a conspiracy to lie about this to us and make us sound like nuts to say it.

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