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What is the meaning of 911?

February 10, 2016

Some possible meanings of the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center in the borough of Manhattan in New York City and the Pentagon in Arlington County, Virginia next to Washington D.C.

  1. To start Middle East wars.
  2. To get the Patriot Act passed.
  3. To keep military funding up after the end of the Soviet Union and Cold War with Russia and China.
  4. Because of the threat of biological weapons being brought into the US.
  5. To make examples of Iraq, Syria, and Libya as countries that had or sought or pretended to have or seek biological weapons.
  6. In some way linked to a Gnostic religion.
  7. To reveal that history had been manipulated.
  8. To show the world is ruled by a New World Order or Illuminati.
  9. To signal to rival countries like Russia and China that the US government was made of stern stuff.
  10. To signal to Europe and developed countries that internal manipulation in them was possible.  The 7 7 attack in London for the same purpose as part of Anglo American alliance.
  11. To show that humans live inside a matrix controlled by a NWO.
  12. Because of conflict between factions.
  13. To show the victory of some faction.
  14. Because Jews took over the Matrix and it was a way to tell the White Gentiles that Jews were in control of genociding them.
  15. A faction wanted to expose Jewish power and control.
  16. Jews wanted to show they had total power over White Christian America.
  17. To spread chaos to countries around Israel.
  18. Because the Gnostic religion required giving people a chance to know they were inside a matrix.
  19. Because the rulers had decided to give self-rule to humanity and this was a way for humanity to come to know they had been ruled.
  20. Because telling people the message wouldn’t work. They had to use self-discovery to understand it.
  21. Because humanity would not believe it if they were told the Cold War, WW2, WW1, Civil War, and maybe slavery had been faked.
  22. To signal to the others in NWO that the control was so total that humanity could not break free of its chains even if shown it was in chains.
  23. As part of genociding the White Race to make the rule of the NWO permanent, because Whites were a threat to it.
  24. Part of the same process of making White cities nonWhite to slow down Whites realizing they were controlled and being genocided.
  25. Because during the 20th century, there was a change in the Gnostic religion because of new discoveries in science in the 20th and earlier centuries.
  26. Because the Gnostic religion had targeted September 11, 2001 as a change in the world from the time of Christ or earlier.
  27. Because the Gnostic religion had decided that at some millennial turning the advance of Mankind would be sufficient to expose the controlled nature of history.
  28. Because the advance of technology in the 20th century had signaled that Mankind was ready for self-rule and so they revealed history had been controlled.
  29. The development of the Internet made it inevitable that Mankind would realize it was controlled and that history had been manipulated.
  30. Because the complexity of the economy and society in the Internet Age made it impossible to continue to rule it by a conspiracy.
  31. Because NWO was a Ponzi Scheme that had run out of White Cattle to tax to keep it spreading world wide.
  32. For the same reasons as the Soviet Union collapsed, such systems of control are unable to manage the complexity of advanced economies.
  33. To speed up humanity’s knowledge, awareness and self-awareness.
  34. Mislead us that NWO is non-violent.
  35. Mislead us that NWO intentionally killed millions in Civil War, WW1, WW2, Cold War.
  36. Mislead us that NWO is killing many in Middle East wars.
  37. Mislead us that NWO doesn’t intend a violent death to the White Race in its lands.
  38. These wars show the Jewish hand in taking over and directing NWO to genocide the White Race in a violent death.
  39. Jewish NWO plan to complete genocide of the White Race in 33 years after 2001, ie by 2034.  Invasion of Europe part of that plan.
  40. Since 911 was a massive deception, we have to infer that there were reasons for the deception, ie malice towards Whites.  Given EU invasion that would indicate an accelerated quick death for the White Race.  Also to cover up the past millions killed in WW1, WW2, Civil War, Cold War.
  41. NWO has to constantly convince its members that it is distorting reality.  If it stops then the effect wears off. So they did a big one to last longer. They had to expose that it was controlled demolition to keep the effect going.
  42. NWO is duping law enforcement, military, prosecutors, media, academia, etc. that it is non-violent by showing no one died in these hoax incidents.
  43. NWO caused Civil War, WW1, WW2 and has to try to convince its own members no one died in them.
  44. NWO members realize that NWO didn’t start recently and that Civil War, WW1, WW2 couldn’t have happened by themselves, that NWO had to cause them intentionally. So NWO has to convince its members no one died in them.
  45. This is made worse by the Internet and the availability of historical info. NWO members can see that NWO was running same tricks before WW2 and so NWO had to have caused WW2. NWO wants to try to convince its members no one died in WW2.
  46. NWO wants to convince its members no one died in Korea, Vietnam because it was firmly in control during those times.
  47. The collapse of the Cold War was resulting in more people in NWO realizing Cold War was a hoax, so they were asking questions about Vietnam, Korea and WW2.
  48. Cold War followed WW2 so quickly that they had to be linked, so if NWO was faking Cold War it must have caused WW2. So its members think it is psychopathic.
  49. NWO members are noticing the ethnic cleansing of White cities and asking questions.  They had to be both intimidated and reassured that NWO had benevolent intentions and a plan.
  50. NWO is trying to convince its members it has a plan.
  51. NWO needs to keep a lid on its members in the Internet Age.  This is much harder and requires more intimidation. They also needed the Patriot Act to spy on their own members to keep them quiet.
  52. They have created a system of confusion in which almost no one knows what is real. Within government or NWO itself, most people are not sure of what is what.
  53. The system of hoaxes is out of control and all sorts of plots are thrown up creating a system of chaos. The NWO members don’t know who is in charge or why it is all happening.
  54. Things got started a long time ago and have gotten into a disorganized mess. The NWO has no checks and balances and can’t be corrected. Once it gets off track it can never be put back on track.
  55. FBI, cops, prosecutors, judges start getting nervous as the hoaxes go on and wonder if it can be maintained. They see it as the racketeering it is.  If it has a pause, they are a risk to renege on NWO deals.
  56. They have to constantly keep elected officials in on the game. One break and they could be prosecuted.  This applies in every country they operate in, which is many. So they had to frighten them all.
  57. The show about Hitler going to Argentina with former CIA agent is also to send message they can find anyone or hide anyone.
  58. They depend on nuclear weapons to keep other countries in line. Countries that fear them or depend on American nukes to defend them from Russian or Chinese nukes. If the nuke hoax is exposed, the whole system collapses internationally.
  59. Social insurance schemes are running out of money and 3rd world immigration is a Ponzi scheme that is breaking first world Social Security and Medicare leading to a crisis in the system. 911 was to try to keep a lid on it a little longer.
  60. Just as the Soviet Union collapsed from corrupt control from above, so the rest of the world is building up unpayable debts from NWO corrupt control from top.
  61. College debt crisis, mortgage debt crisis, financial bubbles are part of the stress as the NWO Ponzi schemes and immigration schemes collapse under their own financial weight. This is like past big crackups like Soviet Union or Roman Empire.
  62. NWO doesn’t know how to keep the game going as the Internet exposes more and more frauds from the past and more people are aware of the scams now and that the Ponzi scheme is about to crash.  They need 911 and country destruction to keep the insiders in fear.
  63. NWO just like any group of crooks that have run out of time to keep their criminal corruption secret.  They are desperate and don’t think very far ahead.
  64. NWO are crooks on a planetary scale who have run out of fresh schemes to keep everyone paid and quiet.  911 was to intimidate silence just like Middle East wars were.

This list may be added to either in this post or another.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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