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Cozen O’Connor 9/11 Lawsuit Against Saudis

June 1, 2008

Saudis were culpable without knowing the details of 9/11 in advance. Bin Laden declared war on the U.S. in 1998 and attacked U.S. embassies in August 1998. At that point, Saudis knew this from the newspapers. So any support after that makes them liable for the conspiracy.

They don’t have to even know what bin Laden does, they are legally in the conspiracy with him. US Treasury says Saudis won’t crack down on terror financing by Saudi individuals now. That proves Saudi complicity in the conspiracy from 1998 to now. They are liable for everything. So is UAE. They too went hunting with bin Laden after the 1998 attacks and declaration of war.

Although the lawsuit argues that the Saudi government “intended” the 9/11 attacks to happen, the public record supporting that allegation is thin, and lawyers suing the kingdom have yet to generate direct evidence that any senior Saudi official conspired with al-Qaeda to attack the United States.

Search on hunting at 9/11 Timeline

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Between 1995-2001 the Arab Elite went hunting with Bin Laden:

After the Taliban takes control of the area around Kandahar, Afghanistan, in September 1994, prominent Persian Gulf state officials and businessmen, including high-ranking United Arab Emirates and Saudi government ministers, such as Saudi intelligence minister Prince Turki al-Faisal, frequently secretly fly into Kandahar on state and private jets for hunting expeditions. [Los Angeles Times, 11/18/01] General Wayne Downing, Bush’s former national director for combating terrorism, says: “They would go out and see Osama, spend some time with him, talk with him, you know, live out in the tents, eat the simple food, engage in falconing, some other pursuits, ride horses. One noted visitor is Sheik Mohammed ibn Rashid al Maktum, United Arab Emirates Defense Minister and Crown Prince for the emirate of Dubai.” [MSNBC, 9/5/03] While there, some develop ties to the Taliban and al-Qaeda and give them money. Both bin Laden and Taliban leader Mullah Omar sometimes participate in these hunting trips. Former US and Afghan officials suspect that the dignitaries’ outbound jets may also have smuggled out al-Qaeda and Taliban personnel. [Los Angeles Times, 11/18/01] On one occasion, the US will decide not to attack bin Laden with a missile because he’s falconing with important members of the United Arab Emirates’ royal family (see February 1999).

According to Wikipedia, Sheik Mohammed ibn Rashid al Maktum is the Prime Minister of the Entirety of the UAE, and recently become the Emir of Dubai after the former Emir, Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum, died of a heart attack this month in Queensland, Australia.

George Tenet actually confirmed this in his testimony in front of the 9/11 commission. Hollywood Reporter pointed this out today on the tjf1977’s diary:

FIELDING: Well, yesterday we talked about the three events in ’98 and ’99 where there were occasions that it looked like there might be an opportunity which then, in each instance, was deemed not to be operational. And the one that I find the most intriguing and the one that’s been labeled as perhaps the lost opportunity more than any was the February ’99 hunting camp — I guess it’s been described — the desert camp.And yesterday in the staff statement that was read, we’re told about that and we were told that the intelligence seemed pretty strong and that the preparations were made and then the strike was called off. And the lead CIA agent in the field felt that it was very reliable intelligence.

I guess, was there anything unique about the intelligence or the circumstances that necessitated that decision?

FIELDING: And who made that decision?

TENET: I don’t have a recollection of the uniqueness of the intelligence in question at the time. I can go back and provide that for you. In fact, I’d like to go back and try and package up all the data at my disposal when we were thinking about these issues.

I believe this was a collective decision. I also believe this target went away because the camp was ultimately dismantled. So in reading through your staff inquiry — your staff notes on this, I can’t recall who made the call, but I know we were all in the same place about it, Mr. Fielding.

FIELDING: I would appreciate that on behalf of the commission, if you could do that because it seemed that this — when the intelligence was so good and that by the time the camp was dismantled, days and days had passed. So I would appreciate that.

TENET: It’s also a question, I believe, as to whether bin Laden was inside or outside the camp…

FIELDING: Of course.

TENET: … the complicating issue in this whole thing and whether he was there or not. So there’s a second complicating factor here.

The third complicating factor here is you might have wiped out half the royal family in the UAE in the process, which I’m sure entered into everybody’s calculation in all this.

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Feb 23, 1998 bin Laden declared war on the U.S.

August 1998 bin Laden attacked U.S. embassies. After that UAE and the Saudis knew they were part of a conspiracy against the U.S. and to kill Americans. There is no need to prove they knew any details of the conspiracy.


More here


Also Prince Bandar told Bush the gossip about people in the 1990’s according to a Woodward book. Bush may have used info from him or from others at various points in time and the Saudis simply know too much about him for him to expose them. One possibility is here:


The Cozen O’Connor lawsuit is covered in a thread at Jihad Watch

===Added: Aid on hunting trip

Princes flew out to Afghanistan to be with bin Laden on hunting trips. So they may have taken out fresh sheets, clean tents, sleeping bags, cell phones, matches, tea, coffee, Swiss chocolates, blank computer disks, wires, knives, guns, ammunition, clothes, hats, blankets, new version of Microsoft Office (probably without paying a license fee),
newspapers and magazines, books, kleenex, medicine, vitamins, toilet paper, soap, shampoo, grooming tools, etc.

They may have left this for him or his men. If they did this after his 1998 fatwa declaring war on the US and/or the 1998 embassy attacks, all reported in the newspaper, then by leaving him their supplies they knew they were aiding him in his conspiracy against the United States and to kill Americans. Thus they became fully liable for everything he did even though they didn’t know the plans.

Moreover, the airplanes, airlines, fueling pumps, airports, air traffic control operators, etc. who supported the flights also knew of this and were liable. Thus we get back to UAE and Saudi Arabia. They were liable. They allowed their infrastructure to be used for these flights and this resupply effort. That makes them liable.

If bin Laden or his men came to UAE or Saudi Arabia or Pakistan for medical care, shopping, etc. that would count as aiding the conspiracy. They may have been passengers on the return flights of these aircraft. They may then have gone on from their medical appointments or dental appointments to missions for al Qaeda.

Dentists may have gone on these flights to provide dental care to bin Laden’s men. Doctors and nurses may have as well. They may have taken out medical equipment and supplies of various kinds. Toothbrushes, toothpaste, and dental floss would likely have been taken by the vacationers. A toothache doesn’t let you sit there silently and not ask for help and bin Laden’s men would have complained if they had them until they got some relief. Bin Laden was a leader for his men and would have gotten them at least some relief. This includes pain relievers as well. So this type of aid is almost a certainty.

In addition, doctors or dentists may have talked on the telephone from their offices in Saudi Arabia or UAE to bin Laden’s men to evaluate their condition. This also counts as aid. Hospitals and many other facilities are likely government owned and this gets us back to Saudi government or UAE liability.

They may have taken English language instruction materials, tapes and books. They may have taken out maps, guide books, etc. They may have taken out an airline flight schedule book.

Some of this is still going on. Al Qaeda operates from many places besides Pakistan and is likely getting Saudi aid there too. There are likely still hunting expeditions to visit bin Laden. The Pakistanis get aid from the Saudis or UAE and allow flights is a good possibility. The US likely knows about it and ignores it.

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