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TSA pat down searches to test how far they can go

October 29, 2010

In 2004, the pat down searches raised a response

This is not a one time snafu or overreaching. They are intentionally seeing how far they can go to take away our freedom, abuse us, intimidate us, make us afraid to say to stop Muslim immigration and expel all Muslims and so forth. They want to see if we are completely controllable at their whim.

This is also a payback response to the Tea Party and the town halls.

2009 court case on the searches:

Al Gore was searched after 9/11.

They can take our jobs with immigrants.

They can take our schools with desegregation and busing.

They can take our homes with block busting.

They can take our country with race replacement immigration.

They can bring terrorists after the 1993 WTC attacks and finish the job on WTC.

They can cover up the foreknowledge or involvement of Pakistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Israel in 9/11 and the anthrax attacks.

They can engage in abusive prosecutions like Thomas C. Butler and the Buffalo bacteria artist Steven Kurtz.

They can hound Bruce Ivins to his death.

They can lie us into wars that are not against the countries that attacked us.

They can cover up what amounts to a war of espionage against us by China, India, Pakistan, Israel and Russia.

They can choose a president who is not a natural born citizen and refuse to even look at his documents.

They can prosecute LTC Lakin for challenging them on this.

They can assess court costs and fines on the attorneys and candidates who challenge this usurpation and dictatorship.

They can refuse real investigations of 9/11 and the anthrax attacks.

They can lie to our faces on everything and call us bigots.

They can engage in race replacement amnesties.

They can import 1.1 million green cards a year with 15 million unemployed.

They can keep men’s median wages the same as in 1973 while giving the doubling of productivity to the top ten percent and most to the top 1 percent.

How far can they push us. They keep testing us.

When will people speak up to the race replacement? This is what it is.

This is a slow motion genocide.

The people are cowed into not speaking up against the non-White replacement of the White.

Girls and boys will be subjected to these searches. Women and men who have had cancer in these areas will be subjected to them.

My reaction is not just stop Muslim immigration, but expel all Muslims. Let’s just do it.

The Pakistani conspiracy to bomb the Metro stations in Virginia is another example. Now they want to check bags at Metros and then these searches will follow.

This is abusearchy, rule by abuse. Our rulers are abusegarchs and abusearchs. Schumer and Bloomberg are abusegarchs. DHS and TSA are run by abusearchs.

This is Gitmoization of America and of normal life.

This is the same as taking our schools by forced busing. This is the same hate by the abusearchy that rules us.

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