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Save and Invest, Stop Aid, Save the Planet

November 22, 2006

To help people around the world, invest in stocks. If all the money that had gone to aid the poor had been put in stocks, the world would be a far better place.

The Field Museum in Chicago has an exhibit showing that humans are causing a mass extinction of species. We have a population bubble. Aid and immigration support the population bubble. Both must stop completely.

Immigration to the US causes global warming to go up at the per capita rate in the US. This erases all faux cost savings by itself, apart from the cost of schools, prisons, longer commutes, crime, etc.

Global warming and pollution is destroying the diversity of species. This is the reserve that the earth has built up to protect itself against comets and meteors and other natural disasters. However, it is man, the disaster, whose population bubble is destroying the reserve of the diversity of species. This will eventually pop the human population bubble.

New diseases like aids are the earth’s attempt to protect itself from the new species that is destroying all the others. These diseases arise most where the population bubble is highest and are spread by immigration into the other areas.

Aid expands the population bubble. Those in the aid community are often very anti-American. They really want to hurt us, that’s why they do it. Bill Gates is an example of a ruthless businessman who was caught for antitrust violations who wants to justify what he did to us by giving to non-Americans.

By giving to them he vindicates himself by proving we didn’t deserve respect in the first place. This motive is why his aid actually makes them worse off and spreads aids by destroying middle class morality in Africa like it is being destroyed today in America.

Warren Buffet has given his money to Bill Gates on the understanding it won’t be used to help Americans. In both cases, prosecutors looked the other way in investigations. They are using their second chance to hurt us, the very reason they were investigated in the first place.

The whole aid community has this attitude. They say Americans are bigots. They say there should not have been profiling on 9-11, because Americans are all Archie Bunker bigots who didn’t deserve to live.

Because they have this attitude, they use the aid money to make Africa worse. This is because they are at war with middle class morality. That is what they are rebelling against. That is what they want to destroy. So they use the money to destroy it in Africa. That spreads aids in Africa and from there everywhere else.

Aid props up corruption and discrimination against women. Commerce empowers women. Much of commerce was invented by women to emancipate themselves. In traditional hunter gatherer societies, women invented commerce and business.

Microfinance is a way to empower women by small loans for small business. Investing in stock funds that do business in the third world is a way for the women who borrow small loans for small business to have someone to sell to.

Helping women in the third world is the way to fight the dictators and the killing. Much of that is fueled by extreme ideologies of subjugation of women. Aid props up the corrupt governments run by them.

World Bank and IMF staff fly first class and stay at the best hotels. They don’t meet with the women who are oppressed but the dictators they are giving the money to. They get consulting deals for consulting firms that they have a revolving door relation with. This money is wasted. The aid community has no real accountability for what it does with money. The result is the population bubble and the oppression of women.

Most countries in Africa are worse to live in today than 50 years ago. This is the work of the aid community. Their motives were often dislike of us, and that is why they didn’t actually make Africa better. They hated small town America and hated its values. Africa was closer to small town America values 50 years ago than today after the aid community has had its way with it.

It was destroying middle class morality in Africa that spread aids. Aid ruined Africa. Aid is making it worse today. Buffet and Gates have given 60 billion dollars to make it worse. Don’t give more.

A powerful ideology supported by the aid community is subjugating women in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Africa, Philippines, and many other places. This ideology is praised by the aid community as the religion of peace.

It was the oil companies that made Saudi Arabia end slavery in the 1960’s, although they still practice it on the sly. Saudi Arabia gives money to suicide bombers and insurgents.

Saudi Arabia’s aid has made the world a place of rage. Saudi aid creates rage. Saudi aid has destroyed Lebanon, the West Bank, Gaza, and even itself.

Saudi aid is given to kill Christians and Jews on the West Bank and in Lebanon. Bethlehem was recently Christian, but Saudi aid was used to get rid of them. Saudi aid is supporting the killing of Christians in Africa. UN aid agencies are run by countries that explicitly say they want to kill Jews.

There is a war against Christians in Africa, the Middle East, and in Asia. The aid community is covertly supporting it, and won’t speak out against it. They want Saudi money. They are against small town middle America. They think small town middle Americans are all Archie Bunker bigots.

Aid destroys middle class morality. Its middle class morality that separates us from savagery. If you want the world to be a better place today, and for civilization to survive, then promote middle class morality.

Aid props up dictators. Aid is the mantra of faux populists like Teddy Kennedy. The way to tell a real populist from a fake one, is the real ones are called names by the left. Lou Dobbs is called the “Night Nativist” by Daphne Eviatar, “Nightly Nativism” at the Nation.

See Not Nativism Series

Aid destroys equilibrium.  Aid operates against incentives in individual lives for sober and proper behavior.  Aid rewards reckless behavior.  Aid rewards bad behavior.  Aid pays those who are reckless, but not those who are prudent.  Aid undermines the warning messages of elders.

Aid is outsiders saying don’t listen to your parents to study, eat properly, go to bed early, get a job, get married and be faithful, etc.  Aid says, don’t worry, be happy.

Societies have equilibrium mechanisms.  These protect the weak from the strong.  The king can’t destroy the middle class and working poor, or he has no income.  But aid undoes that.  Aid lets the dictator torture and be cruel, and then it undoes the consequences.

The control mechanism on kings of old was that bad kings destroyed their kingdom and the people revolted and killed the king.  Kings knew that.

Our freedom comes from Magna Carta.  King John was cruel and wasteful.  The people revolted and demanded he sign a charter of their freedom.   Parliament represented the shopkeepers and barons.  They imposed middle class morality on the king and the kingdom.

If the aid people had been around in 1215, we wouldn’t have our freedoms today.  They would have propped up King John.  They would have stopped middle class morality in England.

Every society has its means of equilibrium.  These protect women and the weak.  The aid community destrosy these checks and balances on the strong and the dictators.  The result is that women are oppressed.

There is a powerful ideology of oppression of women spread by Saudi Arabia using aid.  They have corrupted the aid community which goes along with it for Saudi money.  This is just like the universities in America.  They have sold us out for Saudi gold.
Be a “good man of business” like Scrooge said. This is how to aid womankind. Stop the subjugation of women in the third world that is fueled by aid, especially from Saudi Arabia, but also the aid community that praises this as the religion of peace.

Practice thrift at home. Attend to your own business. Save and invest wisely. Be part of your own community. Give the gift of a good job by saving and investing money well. Stop immigration. Bring the good jobs back to America and Europe.

Remember like Uncle Scrooge, “mankind is your business”. Stop aid, stop immigration. Save diversity of species. Save the species, save the human species. Show some humanity and save.

Give of yourself. Instead of writing an aid check, write a letter to your Congressman or Senator. Fax, mail, email, or call. Write your Congressmen or your Senator today telling them to stop aid, all immigration, including H1B, family reunification and faux asylum.

Give your time to save good jobs for Americans. Tell them no more student visas. Universities have unlimited H1B visas. Let them have none. Don’t let universities admit students from other countries into physics graduate student programs. Make them only admit Americans. Support our troops. Chinese night vision equipment is sold to the insurgents to wound and maim our troops. Ask your Senator and Congressman to visit maimed troops and tell them they vote for H1B.

Get their voting grades from: Americans for Better Immigration.

This article represents diversity of opinion, hypotheses or speculation. All other disclaimers apply.


Stop Aid, Reduce Tariffs

October 29, 2006

We should stop all aid to the third world or internally in the US. We should instead reduce tariffs to third world goods.

Aid empowers dictators and creates rage in recipients. Aid pays to rage, not to work. Aid destroys the middle class in Africa and America, it undermines hard work and effort, it undermines morality, it creates fraud, it undermines families, and it creates infrastructures of aid that are anti-democratic, anti-market and anti-middle class and anti-middle class morality. Aid is anti-thrift.

By reducing tariffs, we reduce agricultural production in the US. This lets us send all the illegals and guest workers home. Wages are raised for American agricultural workers. This way we don’t have to pay welfare or other aid in the US, including ER care, but instead people earn a high wage for work.

So by getting rid of aid to third world and reducing tariffs, we can get rid of aid here and give people jobs.

Stopping aid and reducing tariffs is better than microcredit from the first world, because it creates natural microcredit, wages and profits in the third world. It empowers savings and thrift in the 3rd world by individuals, which is natural microcredit.

The population of the planet is not sustainable. We have a population bubble. Aid increases the bubble.

The third world norm is to have children until children are starving. Aid simply increases the number of starving children.

To change the norm of behavior, we have to promote middle class morality. Aid destroys middle class morality. So aid increases the number of starving children, because it sustains dictator and third world morality, which use starving children as the signal of the correct population size. Aid plus third world morality creates a population bubble.

The way out of this is to stop aid, and to reduce tariffs. This empowers the middle class in Africa instead of the dictators and the poor. It also disempowers the econ Ph.D.’s from World Bank who fly around first class creating a population bubble that is causing a mass extinction of species. World Bank projects include giant McNamara Dams that destroy species and wetlands.

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