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Gonzales Resigns Questions for Chertoff if AG

August 27, 2007

The following questions are for Michael Chertoff. Note these are questions not assertions. All assertions should be restated as questions. All other disclaimers apply.

  1. Does Russia keep files on plagiarism by profs in the US?
  2. Does that include possible plagiarism by Stanley Fischer in his 1969 MIT Ph.D. thesis and Paul Samuelson in a 1969 MIT NSF grant.
  3. Samuelson is the uncle of Larry Summers.
  4. Did Russia use this to pressure Nobel Prize nominations from Paul Samuelson and Kenneth Arrow, uncles of Larry Summers in the 1970’s for Kantorovich of the USSR?
  5. Did this happen in part at an economics conference in Warsaw in 1972? There are living persons from that conference such as Martin Beckmann.
  6. Larry Summers and Stanley Fischer had control over IMF loans to Russia in the 1990’s. Did Russia use this information to pressure them?
  7. Did Harvard or the Clinton admin conceal this information from the USAO Mass investigation of Harvard from 1997 to 2005? This was led by Assistant US Attorney Sara Bloom.
  8. Did Condoleezza Rice, Paul Wolfowitz, or John Yoo know this and use it to get the Iraq Liberation Act in 1998 or to influence Scalia in Bush v. Gore, or to influence Gore to give up and go away quietly?
  9. Was an agreement reached by George W. Bush and his staff as non-federal employees prior to Jan 20, 2001 to conceal this information from the FBI and Senate in nominations and from the USAO Mass investigation?
  10. Did George W. Bush and others form an agreement as non-federal employees prior to Jan 20, 2001 to allow Russia to continue its network of academics or others in the US?
  11. At this point, did George W. Bush and others become effectively linked to actions of the Russian government against the United States and become part of a conspiracy against the United States prior to Jan 20, 2001 as non-federal employees?
  12. Did Michael Chertoff become aware of this agreement at some time?
  13. Did Michael Chertoff fail to notify Congress of this in any prior nomination of Michael Chertoff?
  14. Did Michael Chertoff fail to notify Congress or act on this as an employee of the DOJ or DHS?
  15. Did Alberto Gonzales join this possible conspiracy at some point?
  16. Was the firing of US attorneys intended to further this conspiracy, and to further Russia’s ability to keep its network in the US intact?
  17. Did other nations, such as China, India, Pakistan or Mexico learn of this method of Russia in the 1940’s or 1950’s and then realize that Russia had reactivated this method in the 1990’s to get IMF loans?
  18. The USAO Mass investigation became public in 1997. In 1998, India and Pakistan did nuclear tests. Did they realize the Clinton team by 1998 had already concealed information from the USAO Mass investigation? Were they using that to do their nuclear tests?
  19. In August of 1998, al Qaeda hit US embassies. Was Pakistan relying on its information on the Clinton administration to get away with its support of al Qaeda?
  20. Did Harvard, the Clinton administration and others become accessories after the fact to Pakistan’s support of al Qaeda?
  21. Did they become accessories before the fact as Pakistan continued its support of the Taliban and al Qaeda from August 1998 to present?
  22. Did Bush and his team form an agreement prior to Jan 20, 2001 that they would not hinder Pakistan in its support of al Qaeda as part of furthering a conspiracy to use this information to gain the presidency or influence the Supreme Court in Bush v. Gore or influence Gore not to protest in the Senate, an official act, or during the 1998 Iraq Liberation Act effort?
  23. After the 9-11-2001 attacks, did Bush’s team in a meeting with Pakistan’s General Ahmed of the Pakistan ISI allow Ahmed to use this record to get money from the U.S. and lifting of sanctions for its nuclear program, as well as get away with its support of al Qaeda and the Taliban and Afghanistan?
  24. Was this in furtherance of a possible conspiracy formed prior to Jan 20, 2001 as non-federal employees?
  25. Has Bush given India its nuclear deal to keep India from exposing this? Is not Manmohan Singh a former Indian intelligence officer who reverse engineered this for India prior to becoming PM?
  26. Did not Mexico through ITAM and Marcos Moshinsky learn of the 1947 Physical Review Fock Letter, Vainshtein publication in 1969/1970 Matekon and other acts of Russia?
  27. Did Bush give Mexico benefits including illegal immigration and a proposed amnesty and legal family reunification as part of keeping them quiet?
  28. Was Michael Chertoff prior to recent enforcement actions, giving Mexico a hands off policy on illegal immigration as part of this possible conspiracy to keep them from exposing it?
  29. Did Paul Wolfowitz learn of this from his father Jacob Wolfowitz as to events prior to Jacob’s death in 1981?
  30. Did John Yoo learn this from Berkeley econ/J.D. profs, including one who clerked for Scalia in the 1990’s?
  31. Did Scalia and other justices learn of this from econ Ph.D./J.D. clerks from the same universities that are involved?
  32. Has Russia used this to sell arms to Iran including Sunburn anti-ship missiles intended to sink US carriers which carry over 5000 men and women each?
  33. Was this not allowed by Bush and his team as an act in furtherance of their possible conspiracy?
  34. Does Iran know this? Has Iran used this to get away with its support of the insurgency and killing of US men and women in Iraq?

This is opinion, hypotheses or speculation. All assertions should be restated as questions. All other disclaimers apply.

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