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Analytic Terminology for Muslim Subgroups

December 29, 2007

We need analytic including functional terminology for Muslim subgroups.

  1. West deadenders: Muslims who contribute passively or actively, implicitly or explictly to making the West a deadend. This includes in a probabilistic sense, i.e. making it more likely to deadend.
  2. West-enders. Same as above.
  3. The above can be modified by using active, passive, implicit or explicit. For example Ahmed is a passive West-ender.
  4. West-reducer. Someone who has the effect of reducing the West.
  5. Substituter. Someone who substitutes for a Westerner implicitly or explicitly through some causal channel, including in a probabilistic sense. Thus an immigrant who takes a job is an example. An employer who gives preference in jobs to fellow immigrants.
  6. Pro-Muslim discriminator.
  7. Muslim affirmative action promoter.
  8. Sharia supporters . Those who actively or passively, implicitly or explicitly promote or contribute in any way to Sharia practices, customs, or requirements being adopted, enabled, promoted, or supported. This can include non-government promotion or support. Probabilistic impact qualifies as well.
  9. Sharia enablers. Same as previous. Can modify. Passive Sharia enabling can include bringing a person here or housing them or employing them who then promotes actively or passively Sharia. Any length chain can apply.
  10. Non-assimilator. One who delays, impedes, prevents or hinders assimilation.
  11. Sharia co-enabler or co-conspirator. One who delay simpedes, prevents or hinders any delay, opposition or reduction of or to Sharia. This includes individual practices such as airport foot baths.
  12. Sharia propagandist. Anyone who misrepresents Sharia, the Koran, Muhammad, Muslim history, acts or intentions to promote or spread Sharia or discriminate in favor of Muslims or Muslim practices.
  13. Sharia co-propagandist or enabler or co-conspirator. Someone who hinders, delays, impedes or prevents the exposure of Sharia propaganda or who contributes to the spread, dissemination, adoption, or indoctrination in Sharia propaganda.

The above is just a beginning.

Co-Propaganda Activity

  1. Creating a state of fear in a person to express openly their opposition to Sharia.
  2. Hindering, delaying or impeding the expression of an opinion in writing or verbally in opposition to the spread of Sharia or advocating a roll-back in Sharia.
  3. Limiting the expression of opposition to Sharia or its expansion or advocacy of its roll back.
  4. Banning the posting of comments or opinion advocating the restriction, opposition or roll-back of Sharia.
  5. Threatening the employment, liberty, or good name of those advocating restriction, roll-back or opposition to Sharia.

This is draft, preliminary and subject to revision. All other disclaimers apply. Comments welcome.

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