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Gordon Brown ‘would win election landslide’ unless Cameron stops immigration

September 22, 2007

“The YouGov poll – the first since the High Street was plunged into turmoil – puts Labour on 39 points, the Conservatives on 33 and the Liberal Democrats on 16. It means Labour has dropped two points in the last month with the Liberal Democrats up by two points, and the Tories remaining at the same level.” from UK Daily Telegraph article By Andrew Porter, Political Editor Last Updated: 8:50am BST 22/09/2007.

Other parties in the poll get 12 percent. About 10 percent of that is likely BNP since UKIP is small and BNP got about 10 percent in a recent by election.

The way that main parties stay main is adopting a 3rd party position. If the Tories came out against all immigration and against the EU they would take the two issues of the BNP and UKIP. They should also insist on no accommodation to Islam, however they want to phrase that.

Instead David Cameron has come close to saying that the UK is a proposition country not an ethnic or national one.,,2095809,00.html

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