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Anonymous targets doctors who refuse to do abortions on lesbians in Navy

February 28, 2011

In what some see as a sea change, but which Anonymous sees as the advancement of community norms, Anonymous has announced it will now target doctors who refuse to do abortions on lesbians in the US Navy.

Leftist agony at freedom of expression for Whites on the right:

Anonymous is well on its way to being another anti-White hate group of the Left.

They should have stuck to the unfair conditions of Mannings confinement, the alleged torture in Iraq Manning objected to, the right of Assange and Wikileaks to publicize it, and that the attacks on Wikileaks financials were extrajudicial actions of the US government as part of a series of extrajudicial actions started by Bush and already planned before 9/11 as shown by the pre 9/11 drafted Patriot Act. When they do that they have a chance of being David against Goliath.

Taking the side of greedy unions that use corruption to undermine state government, democracy, transparency, and accountability in government and who are part of a Leftist front system of organizations to control government and ethnically cleanse Whites is not something that commands the respect of a candid world.

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