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Sarah Palin Defeats Smokin Joe Biden in 15 rounds

October 2, 2008

Governor Sarah Barracuda Palin achieved total victory in the vice-presidential debate with Senator Joe Biden. She won the battle of these two heavy-weights. It was clear that God was with her. Her energy and her vitality were regal and triumphant. She can be our warrior queen to lead us to defeat Iran, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia, the axis of Islamic evil. She and John McCain stand above Joe Biden and Barrack Hussein Obama II to fight the evil that came out of Mecca in 622 AD.

Palin’s ending was stirring and will
live in history.  We have to fight for our freedom and do what is unpleasant or unpopular.  We have to fight for freedom.  Our freedom doesn’t come shrink wrapped from China.

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