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A Family at Cross-Purposes

December 13, 2006

“Billy Graham’s Sons Argue Over a Final Resting Place”

By Laura Sessions Stepp

Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, December 13, 2006; Page A0

“MONTREAT, N.C. — It is a struggle worthy of the Old Testament, pitting brother against brother, son against mother, and leaving the famous father, the Rev. Billy Graham, trapped in the middle, pondering what to do.”


quote That’s not to say that, on occasion, he didn’t give Ruth fits. “In my late teens, early 20s maybe, I’d be out late drinking, getting stoned. I’d come home at 2 or so and Mother would be up. She’d just kiss me and say, ‘Ned, I’m glad you’re home. Love ya, I’m going to bed now.’ ” end quote.

Young people could find themselves and then still have a job, family and life.  Now with immigration, that isn’t possible.  Bush and McCain will match any willing employer with an immigrant.

If even Billy Graham’s children need time to find themselves, don’t we need to stop immigration to give all God’s children in this country time to find themselves without their place being filled by Bush and McCain?

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