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Failing to connect the dots 9-11 immigration

November 23, 2007

The US intelligence community’s national director has said it failed to connect the dots before 9-11.

Rant: Unconnected Dots

Why the FBI failed to stop 9/11

Jeff Taylor | December 2007 Print Edition

For years federal authorities have argued that antiquated laws kept the cops from stopping 9/11. They said the failure to prevent the terrorist attacks demonstrated the need for the PATRIOT Act and every other proposed expansion of the government’s surveillance powers. But in testimony before Congress in September, Director of National Intelligence Michael McConnell changed tack, saying “9/11 should have and could have been prevented” after all; the authorities simply “didn’t connect the dots.”

Why not now? Terrorism here comes from immigration. The way you stop terrorism here is you stop immigration here. Bush has said that Islam is a Religion of Peace and therefore he needs to take away our civil liberties here. Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have said the same thing.

How do we deal with Bliarisms and Bushisms? We have to speak up and tell the truth. We can’t be protected from Muslim immigration unless we say the truth, we want it stopped. If we can’t say it, we can’t get it. If we can’t get it, some of us will die.

That’s what happened before 9-11. The FBI didn’t connect the dots, and 3000 people died in America. Not connecting the dots is fatal. Muslim immigrants came here to kill us. We need to stop Muslim immigration. This is a war that started in 622 A.D. when Muhammad went to Medina. Within 2 years he was killing Jewish men and taking their women and children as slaves. Its time to wake up to what we are fighting. Its the Religion of Attack.

On 9-11, they said America was under attack. It still is. The West still is. Time to connect the dots. Islam immigration immolation of the West. Connect the dots. Stop all immigration. Call your rep. They won’t stop only Muslim immigration so the only way to stop Muslim immigration is to ask them to stop all legal immigration.

Muslims come by legal immigration, asylum, family reunification, H-1B, guest worker, diversity visa, etc. Ask your rep or senator to stop all legal immigration and list all the categories.

Bush says we have to give up our civil liberties to keep our security and Muslim immigration. In fact, we get neither. The only way to have our security and our civil liberties is to stop all Muslim immigration. The only way to stop all legal Muslim immigration is to stop all legal immigration. Free fax to your senator and congressman to stop legal immigration:

Remember, amnesty is just another form of legal immigration. America is a terrible thing to waste. Virgil Goode was right, stop all Muslim immigration. But the establishment said, its stop all legal immigration or none, its “racist” to stop only Muslim immigration. So we must ask them to stop all legal immigration. That is what they told us to ask for.

Tom Tancredo asked for a total moratorium and was not attacked for that. Tancredo was attacked for his ad on Muslims and his statement to nuke Mecca if they attacked us here again. The establishment said they wouldn’t strike back if they attacked us here. They heard that. That means we have to stop them coming here. The establishment has said, its all legal immigration that is stopped or none.

The only way to stop terrorist immigration is to stop Muslim immigration. The only way to stop Muslim immigration is to stop all legal immigration. The only way to stop all legal immigration is to tell your senator and congressman to stop all legal immigration and vote for candidates who advocate a moratorium like Tom Tancredo.

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