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English blogs against the English song Roots by Show of Hands

October 30, 2010

Here is Fitroy against the victory of the English over the Spanish Armada and calls the Spanish the victims of the English.

The Spanish formed a fleet and set out to invade and conquer England and the Spanish are the victims when they lose in his view. “This House won’t fight for King and Country.” Nor the Church of England too.

One author writes for establishment media and so can’t afford to offend them. The other may have that situation or that aspiration.

The measure of their intense dislike of Roots by Show of Hands and the English who like it and the BNP may be their own measure of dependence on the establishment that is race replacing the English.

After reading their contempt for the English who like this song, one might consider the Bible:

Bible, Matthew 7:2:

For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

The King James Bible and Shakespeare they are allowed to favor still by the establishment that has not completely eliminated them for bigotry and racism.

We know that Enoch Powell would enjoy Roots for the truth of what it says.

Roots Show of Hands:

We have had to save the English two times in the last 100 years. This time we will have to fight in the fields and in the cities to eject the invaders. But their total defeat is assured, because we are the branch and roots of The English People. We are The Founding Stock Americans and we are the head stock and natural leaders of The Confederacy of the White Race. When we stand together we can not be defeated despite all the envy of less happier lands. We are coming. The Yanks are Coming and the Muslims are leaving. God’s Will be Done.

Over There George M. Cohan The Yanks are Coming

Johnny, get your gun, get your gun, get your gun,
Johnny, show the “Mus”[3] you’re a son-of-a-gun.
Hoist the flag and let her fly.
Yankee Doodle[4] do or die.
Pack your little kit, show your grit, do your bit.
Yankee[5] to the ranks from the towns and the tanks.[6]
Make your Mother proud of you
And the old red-white-and-blue[7]


Over there, over there,
Send the word, send the word over there
That the Yanks are coming, the Yanks are coming
The drums rum-tumming everywhere.
So prepare, say a prayer,
Send the word, send the word to beware –
We’ll be over, we’re coming over,
And we won’t come back till it’s over, over there.

When The English People stand together we have never been defeated. This is why we are the main enemy of those who seek to destroy the West and plunge us into the rule of darkness and misery. The English People shall rise again in a new birth of freedom and greatness that shall be a New City on a Hill that shall be a light to mankind in the future as it has in the past.

BNP + Red White Blue Festival 2009 = Jerusalem

English Pride World Wide. The sun never sets on English Pride.

America, Australia, Britain, Canada, New Zealand.

When we stand together, we have never been defeated.


Decadent Britain’s idea of maintaining tradition

September 26, 2009

“Some of the bizarre ways the owners of our grandest houses are surviving”

Charlotte Hunt-Grubbe

The British elite spend their time renting stately homes for decadent parties.  This is what they do while letting in the riffraff of the world to inherit the land.  They call the BNP bigots while they engage in the worst decadence of lewd parties.  They are not worthy to be leaders of anything.

Anyone afraid to vote BNP should read this article closely.  These are the people calling BNP members bigots.  These are the people who say England belongs to the Muslims and non-whites not to the actual ethnic British people.  These are the people who say British is not an ethnic group.  These people should be put in prison not those telling the truth about what is happening.

The people hosting and participating in these lewd parties are the ones running the financial system.  They let it go bankrupt through carelessness, greed and indifference.  Its the same way they let England be taken over and the real English genocided by non-whites.  Their greed, carelessness and indifference.

We can add a new reason why the financial, media and political elite hate us.  We have morality and they don’t.  They are decadent sleeze who have no purpose in life.  They delight in destroying our civilization and us.  Calling us bigot is just part of the same game.  When we think its true they laugh at us as double fools.

They give away our lands because they can just like they steal our money because they can.  Labour took away British freedoms and gutted the House of Lords because they could.  They ruled as a minority party.   Tony Blair takes cash from the same scum at these parties as part of their crimes against humanity.

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

They steal from banks by their bonuses in times of bankruptcy. Taking a bonus when a bank gets a bailout is theft.  They are engaging in every form of evil including theft, genocide and false witness.  When they call us bigots for objecting to their stealing our land they bear false witness by calling us bigots.

They are the evil of history.  Their genocide shows it.  Their lies about immigration show it.  Their stealing money from banks shows it.  They should be prosecuted for the bankrupting of the banks.

They charge excessive fees to the people whose jobs and future they take.  They laugh at them.  They call them bigots and other names.  They put them down as not human.  All the time they engage in decadent and depraved behavior.  They destroy the values built up by religion and education over millenia. They throw it all away and call those they harm and steal from bigot.

Don’t be frightened into silence by scum like these.  The current rulers of the UK are the most depraved rulers ever to rule it in history.  They are the lowest that ever been over the British people.  They are the moral criminals of all time.

Destroying us is how they justify their stealing and decadence. Their moral depravity is so great they have to call us bigot to have anything to feel good about themselves. They are depraved through and through. They hate good because they are evil.

They know they are truly evil. That is why they call us bigots and racists. That is why they try to destroy us. That is why they pursue genocide against. They pursue genocide as a thrill. Its the most evil crime in history.

Genocide of us and calling us bigot is an extension of the Leopold and Loeb thrill kill. Its what Kennedy did at Chappaquiddick. They enjoy taking our lands and making us live in fear of non-whites. For them its another adventure thrill.

They genocide us to feel superior to us. They genocide us to justify their stealing from us. They genocide us to justify their depraved parties. Their life is one depraved party. Genociding us is simply one of the amusements.

If you keep silent before such scum you are as low as they think we are. They think we are cowards. They call us cowards. They call us scum, racist and bigot. But they are the scum. They are the truly depraved. They are the ones without a country because they are without a soul. They sold it to the Devil. We should stop listening to them.

The press, the politicians, the legal community, the academics, the finance community are part of this decadence. They invade the wrong country and its the same as a decadent party. They let China take over our weapons labs and its the same. They let Pakistan sell nukes. They let someone be president whose father was not a US citizen ever. They violate all that is holy.

They take away the freedoms Britons fought for and steal their lands and money. To feel shame as a bigot for speaking up against it is like feeling like a bigot for speaking up against Leopold and Loeb to thrill kill you. It is worthy only of contempt.

Leopold and Loeb told lie after lie. The police could quickly tell they were lying. They thought they were so smart but their lies were obvious.

From Wiki

The friends were exceptionally intelligent. Nathan Leopold was an intellectual prodigy who spoke his first words at the age of four months.[citation needed] Leopold had already completed college, graduating Phi Beta Kappa and was attending law school at the University of Chicago.[2] He claimed to have studied 15 languages but in reality spoke four,[4] and was an expert ornithologist. Loeb was the youngest graduate in the history of the University of Michigan[2] and planned to enter the University of Chicago Law School after taking some post-graduate courses.[2] Leopold planned to transfer to Harvard Law School in September, after taking a trip to Europe.

Its the same about immigration. The elite lie to us just Leopold and Loeb. They take our cities and our universities away from us. They let people form other countries into our weapons labs. They just lie to us. They dare us to call them liars and traitors. Its just a decadent game to them.

Their intelligence doesn’t give them the right to take our universities and lands and give them to other peoples.  We are fools to let them do it.  To be afraid of being called bigot by these contemptible depraved scum and let them genocide us is to be all they call us to our face.

They don’t have the right to loot banks and corporations.  They don’t have the right to do any of the things they are doing.  They should have been prosecuted for their fraud in the bailout.  They showed the same arrogance in the bailout as in giving away our lands.  Its identical.  Its Leopold and Loeb complex.  Calling us bigot is just part of the same pattern.

The decadent British elite should go to prison for putting the BNP in prison. They are genociding the people.  Baroness Scotland is Attorney General.  Her very title is a sign of their contempt of us.,_Baroness_Scotland_of_Asthal

She has to bear the responsibility for putting British in prison for speaking out the truth.  She is part of genocide of the real ethnic British people.  She is the one along with Blair and Brown who should be in prison not those who spoke out on a website.  Don’t be silenced by these depraved criminals.  They have the title of Attorney General but they bring people here to terrorize us in ways large and small and to genocide us in the end.  They know that is what they are doing.

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

They know this just like Leopold and Loeb knew they were committing murder.  They knew it was against morality.  They did it as a thrill.  The Attorney Generals of the UK and US are doing it as a thrill too.

Eric Holder called us cowards as a thrill even as he let the Black Panthers off for their blocking whites from voting.

By Jerry Seper

Justice Department political appointees overruled career lawyers and ended a civil complaint accusing three members of the New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense of wielding a nightstick and intimidating voters at a Philadelphia polling place last Election Day, according to documents and interviews.

Its all part of the same depraved pattern for them.  Teddy Kennedy being buried at Arlington was meant as the same insult to us.  It was a lie for him to be buried there with heroes.  It is the lie that these people are morally superior to us.  They are not.  They are depraved genocidal criminals who engage in genocide of us as a thrill kill to prove their superiority even as they steal from us money and our lands and make us live in fear of their replacements.   Depravity is as depravity does.  Genocide is as genocide does.

Don’t be afraid to speak out by being called bigot or racist.  That is just part of their thrill kill of us.  So is taking away our health care and giving it the replacements.  Speak out.  Don’t be their silent victim.  It just spurs them on.  Its just a thrill game for them.  Speak out.

The pundits, the TV people of all kinds, and the politicians are just part of this thrill kill.  Don’t respect them.  They are scum.

Don’t worship them as giving us morality.  They are depraved.  They destroy morality by their depravity.  They legislate bailouts not morality.  They belong in prison and some of them end up there.  Speak out. Don’t be cowed by crooks.

Whittle and Sheppard were a thrill prosecution of the pure innocent just like Leopold and Loeb was killing an innocent person for the thrill.  Its part of the same thrill kill of us by immigration ethnic cleansing.  They are just decadent.  Don’t be cowed by them, speak up.  Say to stop all immigration and send the non-white immigrants home.  Bringing them here was just a decadent thrill kill game.  It deserves no respect at all. Don’t give it any.

When the PC pious say that we welcome immigrants, say no we don’t.  That bringing them here is a thrill kill crime against us the same as Leopold and Loeb.  Its the same as the thrill decadent parties.  Its the same thrill as looting the banks.  Its the same thrill as invading the wrong country after Saudi Arabia and Pakistan attack us.

Its the same thrill as calling Islam a religion of peace after it attacks us in a war lasting since the 7th century.  Its just a thrill game for them.  Being silent is being a chump.  Don’t say we welcome immigrants.  They are brought here to replace us and intimidate us and steal our jobs, universitity educations and then are put in power over us.  We don’t welcome them.  We ask them to leave.

Attorney Generals of the US and UK are thrill kill criminals.  They openly take our freedom and ethnically cleanse us. Their hiring rules are simply ethnic cleansing.  Their textbooks are the same thing.  They are open contemptible criminals.

Show the PC elites including neocon and  faux conservatives contempt openly.  Don’t give lip service to welcoming those they bring here to replace us.  Say they have to go back along with those who brought them.  Stick to it. Don’t back down to crooks and depraved thrill kill bank bailout thieves and liars. They are lying bullies. Stand up to them and don’t back down.

Leopold and Loeb were going to go to Harvard and University of Chicago Law Schools.  Obama went to Harvard Law School and taught at University of Chicago Law School.  His taking our health care and giving it to immigrants and their children is part of the same thrill kill of us as Leopold and Loeb.  It is literally a thrill kill to take our health care and our families and give it to the replacement non-whites they brought here.  They have contempt for us. They won’t remember us. They will erase us.  They will replace our culture with their depraved culture.

Your sacrifice is for nothing.  Speak up.  Don’t back down.  If you do, come back and fight again. You will get knocked down.  As the saying is, its whether you get back up and keep fighting that matters.

Vince Lombardi didn’t go to depraved parties.  Don’t let those who do knock you down by calling you a bigot.  If they do, get up and keep fighting them.  Its only when you stay down and grovel to them that you lose your dignity and stop being a person of character.  Follow Enoch Powell not Tony Blair and Gordon Brown and the so-called Baroness Scotland.

In this game, winning is everything.   Its survival.  Its culture.  Its the rule of real law which punishes bank thieves not those who speak out.  Real law would have pursued the Black Panthers not put their equivalent into positions as White House czars.  Speak out.  Don’t be cowed by them.

Winning this game is everything.  This is the ball game for all the hopes and fears of all the years past and future.  Get up and keep fighting them.  We will take back our lands and we will have white lands for white people.

They have shown they will only use power to genocide us.  We must have the control over our own destiny from the hospitals we are born in to the hospitals we die in and all in-between including schools, textbooks, media, entertainment, hiring and the legal system.   Surrender is not an option its oblivion.

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

They are genociders.  They have shown their intentions.  They are engaged in total genocide of us.  They are the same as Leopold and Loeb.  We have to fight them back in the total war they are waging against us not welcome Muslims after 9/11 and lie that Islam is a religion of peace.  Bush lied.  Whites live in fear because of his not stopping Muslim immigration.  They want us to live in fear that is why they didn’t stop the immigration after 9/11.  They want to replace us.  That’s why they don’t stop the immigration with actual U-6 unemployment well over 15 percent.

They are genociding us.  That is the plan.  That is what they are. Don’t welcome those they bring to do it.  George Washington didn’t welcome the Hessian soldiers the British brought.  Don’t welcome the replacements and occupiers.

They are in occupation of Harvard, they didn’t create it and they don’t have a moral right to it.  We have to have our own universities.  We must take back the universities we founded from nothing.  They stole them from us to steal everything from us.  That is shown by Department of Labor hiring preferences for immigrants.  That is straight ethnic cleansing.

They took Harvard to lie to us and make us lie in schools.  Don’t repeat their lies except when you have to.  You can mouth the words as a tactic just as Muslims are taught to lie that they are loyal in taking the oath of citizen.  Just as Obama has lied about his citizenship status.  They lie because they are genociding us. They are at war with us and lie freely just as they call us bigots freely.  Its just war propaganda for them.  Don’t repeat it and don’t believe it.


Why are British homeowners in such financial trouble?  Part of the reason is the taxes they pay to support the immigrants they brought.  They give them health care and have to pay for it.  Another part is that immigrants have taken many of the good jobs in financial services.  They then steal and take advantage of every opportunity without any conscience.

New York City has been ridden by immigrant gangs since the return of immigration from the Hart Cellar 1965 Immigration Act.    They despoil their own places.  They continue the immigration even when they live in fear of the immigrants and are crushed by taxes to support their medical care.  Yet they still bring them.  Even after 9/11 in New York. They do it for hate’s sake.  They do it for the thrill kill.

Like Leopold and Loeb they are easily caught out.  But they lie and continue to do it anyhow.  Don’t be cowed by them. Don’t repeat what they say. Don’t admire them.  They are liars and criminals.  The math says so.  They lie.  Don’t repeat the lies, repeat the theorems.  Repeat the facts of what is done to us.

The decadent parties should be called elite decadent parties.  The bank bailouts are elite bank bailouts.  Giving Harvard to immigrants is elite evil.  Making our schools hells is elite evil.  They started that in the 1960’s with busing and desegregation and have never stopped.

Ethnic cleansing hiring rules are elite evil.  Its the Leopold and Loeb Department of Labor.  Its the Leopold and Loeb Labour Party in power in the UK.  They trashed the UK Constitution and put people in prison for pointing it out.  They are occupiers. Don’t welcome their occupation troops.

They are not liberators they are occupiers.  We don’t welcome they we want them to leave.  They are brought here as occupiers and are not part of our people.  We have a government of occupiers.  We are under occupation by non-whites who use their power against us and to ultimately genocide us.

Reread the theorem.  That is the truth not the lies they make us repeat. Its not the lying advertisements that are the truth.  Its when they call us bigots that the truth is being spoken.  You can tell the truth has been spoken by an occupier or collaborator calling the person who said it a bigot or racist.

If you need courage, print out the theorem and carry it with you in a little piece of paper.  Or do it mentally.  That is the real truth of what the are doing to us.  They intend it because they keep doing it now that its obvious for all to see.  We have seen it on our TV screens on 9/11. We see it in our schools.

We hear the hate every day.  We feel it.  We live under it. They are here to occupy us.  Occupiers make you fear them.  Occupiers force you to hire against your will.  That is not what liberators or friends do.

The rules forcing us to hire them prove they are not here as friends.  The lies they tell and make us tell show they are not here as friends.  Don’t think they are.  They aren’t.  They are here to genetically replace us.

They get preferences over us in being hired. That shows they are occupiers not friends.  They have judges who hate us like Sotomayor. That shows they are occupiers. The theorem tells us they are genociders.

The ones who say they have to bring more non-whites because of their grandparents are saying they are occupiers. Why do they need more help against us unless they are here as occupiers?  Why do they need allies to fight us if they are our friends?  Why do they need to displace us from Harvard and the Supreme Court if they are really the same people as we are?

Why do they impose these rules on us?  Why do they settle their groups in our communities.  Why do they call us racist?  Why does their hiring always come first?  Why do they steal and loot during a financial crisis?  Why do they always lie to our face?  Why don’t they tell the truth about what they are doing to us?  Why do they threaten us if we don’t repeat their lies?

Stop doing it. Get off the floor because they have shoved you there.  Start talking back. Say the truth. They are here as occupiers and their words are full of hate and their acts are full of hate just like Leopold and Loeb.  They act like Leopold and Loeb and they are Leopold and Loeb.  Stop being afraid to think the truth. Stop being afraid to say the truth.

Its the theorem that says the act like Leopold and Loeb in bringing non-white immigrants. The theorem says that means the genes converge to the non-white genes.  They say they need to bring more non-whites.  The theorem says that is genocide.  They say they are smarter than us.  So they can’t plead ignorance. They know what they are doing.

Its the theorem that says they are Leopold and Loeb when they insist on bringing more non-white immigrants.   The theorem speaks the truth.  If you are religious, the theorem is God speaking.  Its telling us that those bringing the immigrants are breaking God’s law.   That is what Leopold and Loeb did in their thrill kill.

That is what those bringing the immigrants now are doing in their thrill kill of us.  It is the same crime with the same Satanic sense of self power awareness.  They do it to us because they can.  They do it to prove they can.  This is evil.  They are evil when they do it just like Leopold and Loeb.

They say we are Hitler.  They call us Nazi and racist and bigot.  But the theorem tells us they are the genocider. They are projecting their genocide on us the victim. They are projecting their emotions of hate on us the victim.  They are Leopold and Loeb.  If that sounds unfair think about it the next time they call one of us Hitler, Nazi or bigot for saying we have to stop immigration.

The theorem tells us if immigration is not shut down to zero, which is not 250,000 a year, its zero, then we go extinct.  The next time they call one of us Hitler, Nazi or bigot, remember that the truth is they are Leopold and Loeb in evil because the theorem tells us that the immigration they preach and call us bigot for opposing is genocide.

Remember the next time they call us bigot or Nazi or Hitler that they took bonuses during the bank bailout. They stole while calling us bigot and Nazi. Remember that.  That is self conscious lying and stealing and name calling to get away with the crime of genociding us by immigration. They are calling us bigot to say what is a theorem. That shows they know they are engaged in a crime just as they know they steal when they take bonuses during a bank bailout they caused by their greed and lies in the first place.

The money flowed all through financial services to bail them out through credit default swaps and loans and other financial contracts including the toxic mortgages of the non-whites they brought here to replace us.  They use that money to keep buying Congress. Lobbying is in full swing as is money.  They are liars to our face.

Don’t feel ashamed of honest feeling of anger that your land is being taken from you by these liars and bullies.  They bully us when they make us say we welcome these non-whites.  They bully us by rules that make us hire the non-white first over our own. Immigrants get immediate job preferences over our own.  Even though our own are out of work.  Those are the rules of occupiers and genociders and bullies.  Don’t admire bullies who are destroying you.

Baroness Scotland. The title itself is meant to make us repeat their lies. Her title is one of an occupier.  Her job as Attorney General is occupier.  The same with Eric Holder as Attorney General of the US. Don’t repeat their lies.  Don’t attack other whites who expose their lies and won’t repeat them.  Do what you can. Say what you can but don’t attack those who are saying more of the truth than you have courage to.  Emulate them.  Only then do you have dignity.


Some of the bailout money from the US Treasury and the British Treasury went to the banks and to AIG and then to London branches of AIG Financial Products and counter-parties in the US.  This money then went to bonuses in London.  That money was used to buy the equipment for the lewd parties in the article.  Thus US Treasury tax dollars in the bailout ended up buying this equipment for lewd parties in the UK.   Paulson and Bernanke said we had to spend it.  They said that was necessary to save the financial system so that companies that sell goods and services would not see a disruption in demand or have to lay off employees. Some of those companies were those who sell equipment and services for lews parties in the UK.  Just as Obama Summers Rahm Emanuel Axelrod stimulus money ended up in Communist China.

Wall Street and the City pay big bonuses not for selling treasury bonds and A bonds but for selling toxic waste structured products and credit default swaps.  Its product mis-selling that they pay big bucks for.  Its violating the know your customer rule to sell them what they shouldn’t have.  Its knowing how to dupe your customer with structured products and residential mortgages on 3rd worlders who won’t pay and credit default swaps backed without adequate capital.  That is what big bonuses are for.  Its not for selling A corporate bonds to customers who know what they are buying, unless they lie about the A rating as they did with Lehman Brothers up to the end.

When they say they need to pay the bonuses its to the people who engaged in the product mis-selling.  For them it was a game to cheat people during the bull market.  Now its a game to cheat the government in the bailout and still charge huge fees for this product mis-selling and for misrepresenting required capital and over leveraging.  All of that continues just as before.

The game of cheating customers during the bull market bubble and the games of decadence at the estate parties and the game of stealing our lands with 3rd world immigration which resulted in the mortgage defaults is the same great game to the investment banks.  Its the same game as Leopold and Loeb played.  Its the same people and the same victims.  They call us bigot as part of the game.

The people on TV, the politicians, the best selling authors, the big bucks speakers are all part of this same decadent set of interlinked games.  They are laughing at us at their decadent parties.  They call us bigot as a continuation of the same decadent parties.  They steal our money in the bailout as bonuses as part of the same decadent party games.

Pushing 3rd world immigration after these immigrants defaulted on the mortgages that went into structured products that produced the credit default swap failure to pay that brought down AIG and Lehman is part of the same game.  To them it shows how stupid and cowardly we are that they can continue to push the same immigration even after its cost us so much in the bailouts.  The policitians are the same.  That includes the Conservative Party and GOP party, not just Democrats, Labour and the Liberals.  Its all the same game.

Bin laden as a playboy playing terrorism is part of their extended 3rd world elite. They regard the bin Laden family as one of them and the people of their own race and ethnicity as not part of their group.  They regard us as a nation of fools.  They call us a nation of cowards to our face. The bailout was calling us chumps to our face.  They think we simply lack the fortitude to organize ourselves and take back our country.  So they will take it from us for all time to show us they are better than we are.

If we lack the capacity to speak out and organize and stop this and reverse it then they are better than we are and we deserve to lose it.  That is how they think.  Just as when they sell toxic structured products based on 3rd world residential mortgages and people buy it.  They consider those people chumps.  In their mind, if you can steal it and get away with it then the victim deserved it.  It proves they are superior.  That is how they think.

This is how DOJ-HQ in the US thinks.  Its how the Attorney General in the UK, Baroness Scotland thinks.  Its how the federal reserve and US treasury think.  Its how the British treasury think.  Its how the SEC thinks.  They think we are chumps and deserve to have them in on stealing our money and our lands and our future.  That includes stealing our health care now and giving it to the same 3rd worlders who didn’t pay their mortgages and just bet on the housing bubble and engaged in massive loan fraud.  Those are the ones they are going to give our health care to.  Its another laugh at us as the biggest chumps of history.  That is their attitude.  That is the attitude of Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, David Cameron, Baroness Scotland, Barack Obama, George Bush, Larry Summers, David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel, and the rest.

Vote BNP EU 2009 elections with pride

April 24, 2009

BNP is the only political party in the world advocating the survival of the British people.  British people everywhere should support it.  Critics of BNP call it fascist or Nazi.  However, most critics of BNP do not advocate stopping all immigration into British lands.

Its a mathematical theorem that this immigration is causing the total and complete extinction of every gene in every British person everywhere in the world.  That’s genocide.  That’s racism.  That’s the real stuff.  Those advocating this immigration or not opposing it are the real racists.  They are advocating actual total extinction of every single gene in every British body on the planet.

The above link has some similar material. It shows how the Wright Island Model proves that immigration is genocide as a theorem in population genetics. The Immigration Vanishing Survival Theorem is actually better than standard WIM.

Immigration Vanishing Survival Theorem

June 4th, 2007 Assume that

1. Population is bounded from above
2. The flow of immigrants is unbounded from above
3. The survival probabilities of the genes of each immigrant are equal.


For any given cohort of immigrants at time t, the survival probability of their genes at T > t, p(t,T) must go to zero as T goes to infinity.

Many different assumption sets lead to IVST. As long as one group that flows in bounded away from zero per year has a survival factor such that a fixed multiple of it bounds the survival factors of other groups, then its survival factor and all other groups flowing in and all those already there fall to zero. Moreover, IVST applies to each individual gene if we imagine them as tagged.

So imagine every gene in the country gets a serial number that includes the date and as it enters each gene that enters gets a serial number that includes the date. As two genes parent another, the serial number is the date of creation plus both serial numbers of the parents. Then over time the survival factor of any date goes to zero. This is from crowding out assuming the total number of tagged genes is bounded above.

The proofs and numerical examples of the ISVT are within the grasp of non-mathematical readers with a little effort.  They are the same as common sense. They are the same as what ordinary people know and say is the consequence of immigration.

Those who just want authority can look at this:

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

The IVST is actually easier to learn the proof of and is a better theorem for our purposes.  But if you just want an authority link you can use the above.

BNP nor its leaders have ever advocated the continuation of policies guaranteed to cause the extinction of any ethnic group or race.  But those calling BNP Nazi are now in many cases advocating policies that are proven mathematically to cause the complete extinction of all whites and all British people in particular.

For them to call BNP Nazi or similar terms while not advocating total cessation of all immigration into British lands or white lands is to be hypocritical in the extreme.

Al Gore today said some people still believe that the moon landings were fake.   Well, that immigration causes genetic replacement is a mathematical theorem.  Its not a study or guestimate.  Its a mathematical theorem.  Its more established than global warming is caused by human activity.

Genocide of whites in general and British in particular is happening.  The evidence is all around us and some of it referenced in the above links.  Those calling BNP Nazi, white supremacist, fascist, etc. while they don’t advocate a total cessation of all immigration into British and white lands are also, in effect, denying mathematics.

Vote BNP in the EU 2009 parliament elections if you are eligible.  Support BNP if you can’t.   Tell those who call it Nazi that they should read the math.  The math is not difficult and no person who can call BNP Nazi is incapable of reading the proof of IVST at the above link.  There is no excuse to be calling BNP Nazi.  There is no excuse to say you won’t advocate cessation of all immigration into white and Brisith lands.  (The only exception would be white exchange immigration between the white lands.)

This is the math and science of it.  You don’t need to be a stochastics process professor or a former quant at Lehman Brothers to understand the proof.  Its accessible to anyone willing to pay attention and work through it.

“Who will raise their voice?”

Look at the people in the above video.  Those who have not advocated stoppling all immigration into British and white lands are for the complete genetic extinction of every British face in the above video.  We can see what is happening.  They can too.  They call BNP Nazi.  They call BNP fascist.

Are they your teachers, those calling BNP Nazi or fascist?  A teacher has to have moral authority.  Those calling BNP Nazi are commonly not advocating the cessation of all non-white immigration into white lands and British lands.  That means they lack moral authority since they can’t summon the moral courage to say stop to genocide, even when its a mathematical theorem published on the webpage of the US government.  Lacking that courage, they have no moral authority (at least on this).  Having no moral authority, they can not be your teacher (at least on this).  So don’t listen to them on this.  Stand up and say or write with pride:

I support the survival of the British people.  I support stopping all non-white immigration into white lands.  I support the BNP.

If you can, vote BNP in the EU elections and every election you can.  Do the same for Vlaams Belang and all the other parties advocating the genetic survival of white people in their lands.  Parties that advocate any level of continued non-white immigration are advocating white genocide.  They have no moral authority.  They are the real racists and real genociders.  That’s the math.

No one and no court can overturn a mathematical theorem.  Those who pretend they can should explain themselves.  But instead they hide the truth and ignore it and don’t answer to the truths of math.  What are they doing?  What cause do they serve?  Who do they think they can fool?  You?

Are you going to listen to those who are trying to fool you?  About your own genetic survival and of your entire extended family?  If anyone in your extended family is facing economic pressure, high college loans, or any other effects of the high immigration we have had, then that tells you the answer.  Support the BNP.  They tell the truth and are the only party in the world that advocates what is actually needed to stop the genocide of the British people everywhere.

You can post your support of BNP here:

All other major and most minor political parties in the world advocate immigration proven and published to cause the genetic replacement of the British people and white people everywhere.

Nick Griffin explains what is at stake in the EU elections in 2009:

The admission of Turkey into the EU is one issue.

The project of mass 3rd world immigration into the EU is an issue.

The EU taking control of immigration policy over the UK.

The UK has the most massive immigration into its country in history.  It is genocide as the theorems above show.


Phil Woolas of Labour Party says vote for any party but BNP.  Woolas is a denier of the British Holocaust by immigration.  Not surprising, because he is a living practitioner of it.

El Ingles at Gates Vienna on BNP

February 17, 2009

Pick a Tribe, Any Tribe
by El Inglés


“For even I, gentle reader, have too much of the cosmopolitan in me to rejoice in the notion of people identifying each other as mortal enemies for tribal reasons. Viewing the BNP homepage on one occasion for reasons which now escape me, I remember feeling my eyes start to glaze over at the group photos of happy white people being happy and white together. Why was it so important for them all to be white? What if one of them had been an Inuit? Would something terrible have happened? Were the Inuit any less worthy of human consideration, just because their ancestors went right when mine went left?”
I view BNP support as playing a role similar to that of a price in a free-market economy, which is to say that I see it as a signal conveying a certain type of information. If the BNP were to be banned and its support therefore to disappear at the electoral level, this information would be lost to the system, easing the pressure on the establishment parties to formulate a real response to Islamization, which I fervently hope they will eventually do.

Vanishing American has an excellent column which discusses this El Ingles piece, “The decline of “democracy”, and tribalism”

(Comments below at times, and to begin with, are as if expressed to El Ingles.  So you means El Ingles.  They are really meant as questions for discussion and not a criticism of El Ingles or others holding similar views.)

If your foxhole is full of PCers expect to lose.  Join up with the BNP.  It really is the only choice in England.  You don’t seem to want the BNP to win.  What do you want?

You say that Gordon Brown and the PCers will get more pro-Muslim.  Do you expect the resistance to become more pro-Muslim too?  Or to become more centered around the British people?

What do you want?  A slow process of genetic replacement where the bulk happens after you are dead?  Isn’t that the heart of PC cowardice?  Isn’t that Gordon Brown’s wish too?  And his plan?  In the end aren’t you the same as Brown?  Let the other side win, but after I’m gone.

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

Isn’t that your plan too?

The above is the actual theorem governing the situation.  When the genes are replaced the culture is too.

To stop the theorem you have to reverse the force.  That’s the math.  That’s the choice.


Better to have the BNP Ballerina passing ammunition than El Ingles who might suddenly decide too many white people here.  Is that what he thinks when he sees faces of British troops in old photos or war films?  Too many whites?  Why are they all white?

His money quote:

For even I, gentle reader, have too much of the cosmopolitan in me to rejoice in the notion of people identifying each other as mortal enemies for tribal reasons.

Actually, the BNP Ballerina is more cosmopolitan.  It isn’t cosmopolitan, its just plain disloyalty and dislike of your own.   El Ingles.  The name says it all.  Ashamed to be English.


A comment I posted at VA:

I agree with Cabbageroll’s comment and Western’s Critique.  For me the money quote from El Ingles is:

“For even I, gentle reader, have too much of the cosmopolitan in me to rejoice in the notion of people identifying each other as mortal enemies for tribal reasons. Viewing the BNP homepage on one occasion for reasons which now escape me, I remember feeling my eyes start to glaze over at the group photos of happy white people being happy and white together. Why was it so important for them all to be white? What if one of them had been an Inuit? Would something terrible have happened? Were the Inuit any less worthy of human consideration, just because their ancestors went right when mine went left?”

El Ingles makes it clear he doesn’t really think of himself as Mr. English.

==Comments from earlier VA posts

Great article VA with important quotes and insights. I can’t avoid elaborating on it if only to restate it.

For the virtuous to let the vicious vote the end of virtue is itself unvirtuous. Virtue is incomplete that lets virtue itself be destroyed by the vicious. Gets back close to Barry Goldwater.

I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!

But it has to be self-sustaining justice and virtue that are defended in an extreme way. Giving away virtue and justice is not virtue or justice.

Complete virtue and complete justice include the perpetuation of virtue and justice. And to the extent they are not reached yet, it means an approach towards them that converges not moves away from the target.

Liberalism moves away from the target of justice by not comprehending justice or virtue. Justice comes from virtue. There is no justice in an unvirtuous society perhaps or litte of it. (Which is what Plato meant perhaps.) Liberals send virtue packing by a variety of means including getting rid of the genes for virtue and replacing them with genes for unvirtue (relative to a society virtuous with respect to white genes).

If the delicate genes of virtue are eliminated, the result is to eliminate the meaning of justice. Its to return to the jungle.

Virtue and justice are concepts linked to a society with genes and culture to promote them and make them useful and meaningful.

Liberalism destroys justice and a just society by trying to extend the concept of justice to those who are not virtuous by reason of their genes and culture.

The virtues of white society depend on white genes and white culture as both have developed together. When the non-white is brought in on equal terms the result is to destroy the society built on a delicate balance.

This is another reason non-whites need to go back to their continents and leave us ours. But they don’t have the virtue or sense of justice to do that on their own. They will simply leech on us until we are dead and then move on without any thought forwards while we are here or backwards when we are gone.

Its up to us to have complete virtue and complete justice, which is to perpetuate virtue and justice by perpetuating ourselves and our society with us as the dominant majority. v=1…feature=related

Above is a pro white child video by Saga. Its Tomorrow Belongs to Me. It shows white children. Liberals would call this the usual names.

OA – that is a good video. Beautiful.

Any ‘legitimately’-obtained successes on their part in this regard, obtained through whatsoever means, are in fact rendered illegitimate due to the cancellation of the democratic contract and corruption of the democratic game that their presence in Britain implied from the start.

It would scarcely be credible to suggest that there is no real political momentum being established here, or that the recent bowing and scraping to the believers is in actual fact little more than a trivial imbalance in the political equilibrium, soon to be corrected by Gordon Brown denouncing Muhammad as a paedophile and a murderer in the House of Commons, spittle flying from his lips. As Muslims continue to flood into the UK, it will become ever more difficult to avoid building on the precedents set in these days of cowardice for reasons I have examined at length elsewhere, but that are intuitively obvious anyway.

If the BNP were to be banned and its support therefore to disappear at the electoral level, this information would be lost to the system, easing the pressure on the establishment parties to formulate a real response to Islamization, which I fervently hope they will eventually do.

The whole article is a series of such contradictions.  He won’t be for the white English and he won’t accept their end.  But he won’t do anything but wait for the establishment parties.  And who forces their hand?  BNP.  Will he help BNP?  No.  So he will do nothing.

The establishment parties have their plan.  Its to genocide us.  Its for it to happen after they die.  Its for them to make a lot of money and live in gated communities while we are killed by the ethnic cleansing immigrants.  Its happening now.  They see it.

If it wasn’t their plan they would have changed already.  Republicans made it clear that was their plan with McCain and Steele.  They’ve chosen.  So has David Cameron.  So has Gordon Brown.  The New York Times chose to be owned by Carlos Slim.  They then attacked us as nativists.  They are his attack dog.

“Why I won’t fight” by El Ingles

is an alternative title.

recognizing that tribal feelings of a type I myself feel no strong attraction towards will play a vital role in the defence of what is good in that country; insisting that standard democratic processes will have to be cast aside to remove the influence of pernicious ideologies: to be frank, I would rather not have to think about any these things at all.

Why I will fight with BNP by Mr. English

is what we need.

“When a man is lying in a shell hole, if he just stays there all day, a third world immigrant will get to him eventually.  His job.  His community.   His school.  All gone.  The hell with that idea. The hell with taking it.

That ethnic cleansing by 3rd world immigrants can be with a gun, knife, taking a job, affirmative action, bringing in more 3rd world immigrants, stimulus for 3rd world immigrants, bailout for immigrant mortgage defaults, lower rate mortgages for immigrants, cities and states for immigrants, schools for immigrants, immigrant studies which are just ethnic cleansing white meetings.   We can’t just sit and take any of it.  We have to fight back.  That means doing what it takes to achieve victory. Real victory.  Not where the 3rd world immigrants win on the next round.


El Ingles summary:

White survival means white survival.  I don’t really like that.  But I would like it to happen without my being responsible for it.  That’s the real fascism.

When you turn survival over to the leader and you don’t want to know or be involved. And the leader may decide its you who doesn’t survive. That’s what our leaders have decided now.

We live in fascism right now and its genociding us.  Its doing it because you don’t want to be involved with our survival.  You just want it to happen. You want the leaders to do it.  Well the leaders are ethnically cleansing us, precisely because you won’t get involved.

You have to get involved all the way if you want to stop fascism.  People stopping leaders from genociding them is anti-fascism.  Not genocide in the future.  Its happening right now.  BNP is fighting fascism now.  BNP is fighting genocide now.

LibLabCon Democrats Republicans are real fascism and real genocide happening right now.  Gordon Brown, David Cameron, Barack Hussein Obama, George Bush, John McCain are the real fascist leaders practicing genocide on us right now.  Stopping that right now isn’t fascism its stopping establishment PC fascism.

The establishment PC fascism that came because you didn’t want to be bothered, you wanted the establishment parties to do it for you, provide for your existence and the survival of your extended family.  You don’t want to be bothered with those tasks.  They don’t either.  So your existence is being terminated by them at a profit to them and their financial masters.  But you don’t want to think about it.

BNP is only party for British people in England

February 1, 2009

When LibLabCon bring in immigrants and people vote for the same politicians, they instantly despise the people who voted for them.  Over time this grows to hate.  Voters have taught the major parties to hate and despise them.  Its like voting for bullies that beat you up, and they do through their proxies.

The only cure is vote BNP.  That is why the 3 bully parties hate the BNP.  Because its exposing the truth about the real hate, the hate of the LibLabCon for people who vote for them after LibLabCon hurts their own voters with immigration.  LibLabCon are now in permanent hate towards the people. They have a hate that makes them physically need to destroy you. You must vote BNP to survive.

Be what the PC left hates most

December 15, 2008

Your first duty is to yourself. Your second duty is to your family. Your third duty is to your (real) friends. Your fourth duty is to your nation. If you live in a multicultural society, your fourth duty is to your tribe; your fifth one is to your nation. Your sixth duty is to humanity. Your seventh duty is to Planet Earth. All these duties coexist, and none may be pursued without proportional regard for the others. Proportional is the operative word.

Saving Western Civilization must entail as well separation from Muslims and from Third World Latinos(6), which these groups already practice toward whites. How to separate without cruel and unjust policies is an issue beyond the scope of this discussion, as it requires a fully-informed consideration of the specific circumstances in each Western country separately.

(6) A few Latinos have lived in the United States since before there was a United States. These are obviously not meant to be included in this statement.

Vanishing American comments on Takuan Seiyo. So does James Edwards:

Great post and comments above.  If you can’t sing it or wear it you can’t fight for it.  The British like BNP know who they are fighting for. They know who they are.  When you deny who you are, you have nothing to fight for.

The PC right construct a set of principles that are only good to pass through the gates set for them by the PC left.  Those who go slightly right of that are still constructing artificial rationales that don’t work.  They are still looking to the PC left to define what is the good.

Its the ancient peoples of Europe who know who they are and who have something understandable to fight for.  They can sing it, wear it, speak it and its instantaneously recognizable who they are and what they are fighting for.

This is what the PC left is trying to kill.  You can’t take PC leftism and create the authentic symbols that people actually have fought for and under for centuries.

I have posted this video before, but a few seconds are enough to recognize what its for and about.


If it can’t be explained this way, this quickly, it isn’t going anywhere.  Defeating the above type of nativist jingoist etc expression is what PC leftism was invented to do.  That is why it hates it so.  That is why it vilifies.

We have to be what the PC left hates.  We have to say what they hate.  We have to be hated by the PC left, because they hate precisely what is capable of surviving.  They know that. Its time we did too.


Charles Johnson of LGF denounces Brussels Journal article.

LGF own editorial:

In an extremely verbose article that begins with a bizarre science fictional premise that “white Europeans” suffer from a disease only they can catch, Brussels Journal openly advocates tribal nationalism and white separatism.

The mask is completely gone now. This article is indistinguishable from the rubbish you’ll find at sites like the neo-Nazi Stormfront — except that the author, “Takuan Seiyo,” tries mightily to sound like he’s actually denouncing white supremacism, while simultaneously embracing all of its ideological bases. He attempts to short circuit criticism with twisted rationalizations like this:

LGF quotes the following passage:

The tribe I imagine is a sort of ethno-conservative and culturally reactionary white ummah stretching from New Zealand to Alaska, the way the Muslim ummah spans from the remotest islands of Indonesia through Bosnia to British Columbia, but without the negative baggage. In each nation, people who have not yet morphed into Body Snatchers already know how to define themselves as a local ethny, but a universal component is needed as well.

The British National Party’s constitution defines BNP’s constituency as “indigenous Anglo-Saxon, Celtic and Norse folk communities of Britain and those we regard as closely related and ethnically assimilated or assimilable aboriginal members of the European race also resident in Britain.”

Good definition, but one day it will be nice to see a phrase added that asserts solidarity with a list of similar parties in 40 other countries. For now, the vehement Fascism(3) of Body Snatcher society is such that by merely mentioning the BNP I am subjecting this website to criticism and am placing myself on a variety of black lists and white lists maintained in some windowless cubicles by Pod apparatchiks no less fanatical than were the Stasi functionaries rifling through East German population’s letters and underpants [sic] in the basement of the Stasi Headquarters in the Berlin suburb of Lichtenfeld.

LGF states:

It’s sickening—and almost beyond belief that Brussels Journal, who are closely affiliated with the Vlaams Belang, would publish something so openly racist at a time when they’re under the microscope more than ever before,

This is the time to stand up for what you believe.  James Watson lost his chance to do that.  Take the chance.  Its when the Charles Johnson type hate comes forth that one should affirm one’s position, and even double it.

Are these the kinds of sentiments the Wall Street Journal wants to support—praise for the fascist British National Party and white separatism? And if you’re linking to them, is this the kind of “conservatism” you want to support?

Its precisely supporting BNP, Vlaams Belang and Brussels Journal at such a time that counts.  We want to win, not be approved by Charles Johnson and the PC Left and PC Right as we go extinct.

“Who will raise their voice?”

The time to raise your voice for your own survival and to maintain white majorities in all white countries is now.  Separatism means the 3rd worlders return to their countries not that we give up ours.  The latter is a recipe for defeat and admits defeat before we start.  We keep all our lands and 3rd worlders go home.  That’s what separation means.

Say what you really want, not what Charles Johnson says you can say.  We want our lands, all of them.  If you say the 3rd worlders can have part of them, then you are already admitting defeat and that Charles Johnson’s fear tactics control what you can say.  All our lands.  White majorities in all our lands.  We don’t give up any of our lands.

No one will fight to give up part of our lands.  No one will fight to repeat this over again.  We have to have a program and a dream worth fighting for.  Giving up part of our lands is no such dream and no such program.

Make no little plans. They have no magic to stir men’s blood and probably will not themselves be realized.

All our lands is our plan.  Giving up part of our lands is to lose the fight for men’s minds and hearts before it starts.  We can’t get people to rally to keep part of our lands, we have to rally them to keep them all.  Every inch.


The reason the neocons failed was they didn’t make it their plan to take all Muslim nukes, eject Muslims from the West, stop 3rd world immigration, and end Islam world wide.  They needed a plan to win.  They should have taken the opportunity after 9/11 to crush Islam the way Europe should have done in 1500 and ever since.  Do it while we can or face extinction.  That is our only choice with Islam.

The neocons flubbed 9/11 and lost their chance because they didn’t plan for victory.  So they got defeat and are hated and detested for it.  That’s what happens to those who plan their own defeat as the best possible outcome.  That’s why we have to plan to keep all our lands.

Charles Johnson already hates us and he was supposedly on our side.  He opposes victory over Islam.  He supports certain defeat and opposes all measures to achieve victory.  This is because he opposes our very survival from the start.

Charles Johnson is part of the PC Left Right which are really the same. They both oppose the symbols of us.  They hate them on sight and condemn them on sight.  They condemn us when we use them and they really just condemn us.  PC is about not letting us be for us.  That is why they hate us whatever we do, if we are for us.  In fact, they just hate us.  They intend our extinction.

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

That’s our fate in their plan. We need a plan that meets the test of this theorem, not one that delays our extinction.  That means stop the flow in and reverse it to go out.  We are supposed to spread our alleles for higher intelligence, empathy, non-violence, honoring contracts, and impartial administration of justice.

We either spread those genes world wide or they spread theirs and extinct all such genes.  Those are the only two mathematical outcomes available. We have to plan the one to get people to fight for it or suffer the other. Charles Johnson has chosen our total extinction, not survival in a mixture, but total extinction.

There is no equilibrium of 3rd world theft and destroy and indifference genes and Western white empathy, civilization, order, contract honoring, fairness, altruism genes.  Only one set of those genes can survive in equilibrium.  There is no other possible outcome.  We have to fight for and plan for the survival of the good genes.  That is the only way for mankind to have a future.

Right now there is a fight in Athens between 3rd world asylum seekers and legal immigrants and the Greeks.  The Greeks have to eject the entire 3rd world population, legal or not, or they won’t survive. That is their stark choice.  We can see it in the situation of others.  We should see it for ourselves.  We have seen this same play in France in the car burnings and on the streets of London.  The only solution is total ejection of the 3rd world influx.

The solution is not give them Birmingham, Paris, London, Rome, Athens, and Jerusalem. Charles Johnson says that Vlaams Belang was not invited to the Jerusalem conference of anti-jihadis.  We save all our cities or known.  That also includes Los Angeles and New York and San Francisco.  Save them all or save none.  We need our cities to be us.  They have to go back to the 3rd world enriched by their time here and make their own cities there, not destroy ours here.

Brussels Journal part of WSJ list:

Vdare didn’t make the list.


Why is it that its so wrong for them to return to their people and their lands to live among them?  They have most of the surface of the earth.

White flight is exactly that reunification.  Whites would gladly have their own lands that 3rd worlders couldn’t come to and move to them if they were available.  If whites want to go home to their own people and own lands, why is it so bad for 3rd worlders to go home to their own people and own lands?

Why is it we can’t have our own people and our own lands?  That is the real issue here.  The 3rd worlders here and the PC Left and Right both oppose our having our own lands and being our own people. That is what they will not agree to.

The real issue comes down to this.  Charles Johnson and the PC Right and Left, the Obama C. Rice, C. Powell, Jindal worshipers won’t let us have our own lands and be our own people.  There is no place for white flight in their world.  Whites can’t flee, only go extinct.  We either agree to their plan or we oppose it.

White lands for white people.  3rd worlders take their enriched experience here back to their lands to make them more like here.  That’s the plan to move men’s minds.  If you can’t move their minds, you can’t move their feet.

3rd worlders should be excited at the chance to take what they have learned here and the money they earned here and go back and make their lands and peoples better.  That is a noble purpose for them.  Staying here and extincting us and our civilization is no noble purpose for them.  Nor is it for us.  That should not be our plan for ourselves, nor theirs for them.

UK male job rate 94 pct in 1971 to 83 in 2008

November 20, 2008

1971    16078
1972    16096
1973    16084

2008 Jan    16865
2008 Feb    16890
2008 Mar    16909
2008 Apr    16902
2008 May    16928
2008 Jun    16940
2008 Jul    16927
2008 Aug    16937

MGSG    LFS: Economically active: UK: Male: Thousands: SA:
Seasonally adjusted
Updated on 7/11/2008
Back to selection screen
Exit Time Series Data

This is men who are economically active, its about the same in 2008 as in 1971.

Lets look at rate of economic activity by men.

MGSP    LFS: Economic activity rate: UK: Male: Aged 16-64: %: SA
Seasonally adjusted

1971    16078   94.9
1972    16096   94.8
1973    16084   94.4

1982 Apr    16015   90.0

2008 Jun    16940   83.8
2008 Jul    16927   83.7
2008 Aug    16937   83.7

April 1982 is the last date it was 90 or above.

So men were economically active at almost 100 percent in 1971 and now are down to under 84 percent.  So 37 years of immigration was a war on men.  There are almost the same number of men absolutely with jobs, but the percentage has dropped.  Immigration didn’t increase the number of economically active men, it simply took away from men already in the UK and gave to those who came in.

BNP is right. Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron and the rest are wrong.  Enoch Powell was right.

“The Rivers of Blood speech was a speech about immigration and anti-discrimination legislation in the United Kingdom made on 20 April 1968 by Enoch Powell, the Conservative Member of Parliament for Wolverhampton South West.”

Its been genocide of jobs for men from 1971 to now.  Enoch Powell told the truth.

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

The way you genocide the genes is you genocide the jobs.  Enoch Powell was right.  The PC establishment lies.


The increase in total male employment is about 900,000 from 1971 to 2008. Call it 1 million.  The base was 16 million.  1/16 is about 6 percent.  The original rate of men active was 94 percent.  So if we add the 6 percent to the 94 percent we get 100 percent.

Men active may include those looking for a job?  Or part-time employed?  Or the self-employed who are struggling this quarter?   If there had been no immigration from 1971 onwards, 100 percent of men would have good jobs and be making it when they choose self-employment.  The latter is what the big bosses really hate.  Many of them not from Britain.

==Following comment posted at Green Arrow BNP

The following is probably what you mean, since it dovetails with above data.

“The Department of Works and Pensions inform us that “81% of all jobs created in the last ten years have been filled by workers born overseas.””

In April 2005 it was announced, “A study done by the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics finds that immigration is beneficial to the UK economy”.

“The evidence today suggests that this statement is either deliberate lies issued to deceive the masses or it is the product of a group out of touch with reality.”

If you take the 1971 figure of 16 million males economically active, and consider the increase to 2008 roughly 1 million, then its 1/16 or about 6 percent.

The original activity rate was 94.  If those had been British stock making the increase then the rate would be 100 percent.

That would mean negotiating power by workers and would mean the self employed would have much greater economic security, all moving the balance from the big bosses to the people.  That’s what they didn’t like in 1971.

Glad you are interested. Thanks for the pointer. Its important to compare statistics from several countries.  Its the same story in the US, official stats show immigration didn’t help but hurt and the MSM barely acknowledge it.

The big bosses meet in Davos to be united against us, so we have to show the real numbers.

Klockaregarden Trollhattan The swedish social welfare system in collapse.

Rocket attacks by immigrants on apartments in Sweden. 54 percent of Swedes want army to patrol streets. This is open war by the immigrants. This is ethnic cleansing war.

BNP 12000 immortals list of heroes online

November 18, 2008

List of the saints.  To be on that list is to be on the list of heroes like Waterloo, Trafalgar, and the Battle of Britain.  To be on the list is to be immortal.  If the British People (as in US census code 011 British) last 12000 years it will be because of those on the list.

These are individual heroes.  They don’t come to this in a group. They are not ordered to do it by government.  They didn’t get draft cards.  Each person on the list has made a testament to truth on their own act of conscience. They have risked all for their kin, despite the ingratitude and hate shown by the official minders of PC.  Many are with them.  And the numbers are growing and not just in  Britain.  We are a great people and when we are united we can not be defeated.

Churchill said it, and it has been true throughout history.  When evil has marched it has been us who have stopped it for centuries.  No other people can make this claim.

Our Union Jack

Men of Harlech Zulu

Nick Griffin leads the BNP like another Churchill.


And did those feet in ancient time,

Walk upon England’s mountains green
And was the holy Lamb of God,

On England’s pleasant pastures seen
And did the Countenance Divine,

Shine forth upon our clouded hills?
And was Jerusalem builded here,

Among these dark Satanic Mills?
Bring me my Bow of burning gold;

Bring me my Arrows of desire:
Bring me my Spear: O clouds unfold:

Bring me my Chariot of fire!
I will not cease from Mental Fight,

Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand,
Till we have built Jerusalem,

In England’s green and pleasant Land.

We are a great people.

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Re romanticising the BNP v. Clinton’s Speaking Fees

April 26, 2008

Lawrence Auster and Jeff in England have a thread in part discussing romanticizing the BNP and other issues at VFR.

What did we get with Clinton?

  1. World Trade Center was attacked in 1993.
  2. Clinton let Saudis keep funding al Qaeda after a series of attacks, embassy bombings in August 1998, USS Cole 2000.
  3. Clinton allowed continued Muslim immigration.
  4. 9/11 2001
  5. Saudis continued funding al Qaeda
  6. Clinton took 300,000 per time speaking fees from Saudis and Dubai.
  7. Bush rinse and repeat.

What is it that BNP is supposed to be worse on? Its a matter of romanticizing Bush, McCain, Clinton, Obama, and the rest that makes us say BNP is beyond the pale. The Bush-McClob is already causing us to be digested into oblivion. With Cameron and Blair and Brown its the same thing. Tony Blair is cashing in. David Cameron and Gordon Brown are allies against BNP because where their Bill Clinton Tony Blair payday is coming from is the same place as Clinton’s comes from.

There is also small party dynamics. When a small party gets x percent, some say its 10 percent, one or both parties switch to the small party platform. Most small parties today are built around one person. That person persists in running it for more than 10 years. It would be nice if small parties could switch their leadership every 4 to 8 years and still continue on. This doesn’t seem to be happening. But perhaps its something to strive for, like Condorcet voting or its variants, and national referenda.

==Start Schumer quotes

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 10, 2003


At Judiciary Hearing, Schumer details how top officials in the Saudi government help finance schools and mosques in the US and Middle East that spread militant teachings

The Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Terrorism, Technology and Homeland Security held a hearing today on “Terrorism: Two Years After 9/11, Connecting the Dots.”

US Senator Charles Schumer discussed the role that top officials in the Saudi government, including Interior Minister Prince Naif , play in spreading militant Wahhabism in the United States and throughout the Middle East. Schumer detailed how prominent members of the Saudi royal family have set up charities that funnel money to mosques and madrassah schools that advance Wahhabi teachings. In the United States alone, Saud Arabia boasts of supporting over 18 mosques and schools, including the Islamic Center in Washington. The following is Schumer’s statement:



New US documents identify Saudi Arabian families as among the first financial backers of Al Qaeda and show that Al Qaeda got funding from Saudi charities

Schumer to urge end to stonewalling that has kept hidden information on high-ranking Saudis who served as ”funding fathers” of Al Qaeda

Schumer says documents could help relatives of 9/11 victims prosecute perpetrators of World Trade Center terror attacks

With hundreds of pages of new documents linking some of Saudi Arabia’s most influential families to Osama bin-Laden in the possession of the Justice Department, US Senator Charles E. Schumer today urged the federal government to release all of the information it has on Saudi financiers and charities who have been tied to Al Qaeda.

==End quotes Schumer

Clinton speaking fees from terrorist nations

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

One way migration causes genetic replacement even if there is an intermediate mixture as an intermediate state. Liberals promise mixture but deliver extinction. We are being digested for Clinton Blair to get speaking fees. Voting the major parties is romanticizing this process. When you vote for a major party you are releasing the stomach acid of the 3rd world to digest you and everything you know and care for.

Wigan BNP Ad for telling truth of Chinese immigration in Tibet

April 24, 2008

Sir Henry Morgan tells us about the fate of an advertisement by Wigan BNP.  The ad is on Chinese immigration in Tibet as well as immigration in general in the UK being declined by a newspaper in the UK

Banned ad: (Tibet part is 2/3 of the way down the ad)

Lawrence Auster:

Vote BNP to stop hate crime laws and the ethnic cleansing immigration.

Linda Thom on Tibet travels:

Chinese are ethnically cleansing whites from UCal Berkeley

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