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Bush Backwards Pakistan is the Danger not Afghanistan

December 29, 2007

Pakistan’s Crisis Could Affect War In Afghanistan
By Thomas E. Ricks and Robin Wright
Washington Post Staff Writers
Saturday, December 29, 2007; A01

U.S. officials fear that a renewed campaign by Islamic militants aimed at the Pakistani government, and based along the border with Afghanistan, would complicate U.S. policy in the region by effectively merging the six-year-old war in Afghanistan with Pakistan’s growing turbulence.

Pakistan is our real enemy and danger. Afghanistan follows Pakistan not the other way.  It was Pakistan that did a nuclear test in spring 1998.  It was Pakistan that was put on sanctions by the US as a result.  It was Pakistan that needed the August 1998 bombings of US embassies, the USS Cole attack in October 2000, and the 9-11 2001 attacks in America itself, and the attacks since then.

Pakistan had 38 billion debt on 9-11.  Its interest payments were greater than its gross exports.  It needed 9-11 to get sanctions lifted and debt relief and to keep its nukes.  It got that.  If Bush had left the Clinton sanctions on Pakistan alone after 9-11 and done nothing else, no Afghanistan, no Iraq, we would be farther ahead today.  Pakistan would have had to give up its nukes.  We got it Bush backwards for the last 6 years and counting.

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