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US not enough troops Turkey Iraq Iran

October 17, 2007

The problem the US has with Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, North Korea, Russia, Vladimir Putin, etc. is not enough troops. If the US had a draft and 2 million men, it would not find itself having the problems negotiating that it does now. Even the UN and IAEA discount the U.S.

George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld made one overarching mistake, not having a draft of millions of troops after 9-11. They also didn’t end immigration, stop know-how transfer and training of foreign nationals, etc.

Bush and Rumsfeld didn’t understand that we were at war after 9-11. They still haven’t gotten the message. Their continuation of immigration sent the message that we were not at war, and hadn’t even been really attacked. If we had been attacked, we would have been at war.

The Bush Rove Rumsfeld Wolfowitz message of Religion of Peace, building a mosque at Quantico Marine Base, and the rest was that we were not at war. Sending a signal you are not at war to your people when you are is a classic strategy for defeat. Telling the people they are being replaced by immigration and their customs are bigoted by definition sends a message that they have nothing to fight for and no stake in fighting.

The phone calls that stopped the immigration bill in 2007 showed the people don’t think Bush is their wartime leader, champion and protector. The support for Ron Paul sends the same message. The establishment has told the people they aren’t just replaceable, but are being replaced so many times, that the message has been received.

The establishment is saying that America not only can do without us, but is actively getting rid of us. The establishment and Bush above all are saying Bush is America, and we are not. Pelosi, Clinton, Romney, Giuliani, Thompson, McCain, Obama, Edwards, etc. all send that message, i.e. that they are America and we are not.

The MSM sends the same message.  The MSM say they are replacing us.  That means we are not America and they are.  The MSM says they are the mouth-piece of America, and the establishment is America, and the rest of us are not.

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