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Bush Surrender to Islam moves forward

June 4, 2008

There is a good article by Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch on the Bush administrations policy of denying the true nature of Islam.

Comment on thread at Jihad Watch on new policy of denying what Islam says or is written.

Good points and discussion. Know the enemy means that we have to get them to stop following traditional Islam. This can mean

a) Making up a new Islam and getting them to think this is what Islam always said.

b) Getting people to intentionally change Islam from what it has been openly.

c) Getting people to drop Islam.

This summarizes many past discussions by many at this site or elsewhere.

An alternative approach is

a) Get ourselves to believe that Islam was always the made up version we have.

b) Mass Muslim immigration here.

c) Let Muslims have access to nukes in our military, be judges, have high level positions in all 3 branches, and even be able to hire and promote and do security clearances on anyone including those having nuclear weapons access and codes.

The alternative is what got us from the 1993 WTC attacks to the 2001 attacks. This is what is policy now. Pointing out what Islam really is is not being a team player. And we know what that means under this administration.


Part of the Bush Method is you label anyone who tells the truth about Islam a racist and bigot or even white nationalist or white supremacist or Nazi. You say they are a malcontent. If they worked in government, they are disgruntled. If they are the family of a victim, they are disgruntled family members or a disgruntled victim if somehow they lived. In criminal law, disgruntled victims are called witnesses. Prisons are full of people on the testimony of disgruntled victims. Even the Bush DOJ uses the evidence of disgruntled victims.


Bush has chosen the lie that Islam is moderate and always was.  Bush is and always was a liar.  So its not surprising he chose the super lie as the super solution.  However, this lie is so obvious, that it seems it could never work.  Which is like Bush’s other lies.  People are tired of Bush lies.  They want the truth.

This is also true about Islam. Pure Islam like Bush Islam already has lies built into it.  This is why the Muslim equivalents of Bush like it.  Muslim rulers are despotic, cruel and unrestrained.  This is all that Bush wants to be and to some extent was in the Decade of Fear.

The expression of people feeling they are coming out of some strange fear is all around us.  Several guests on Charlie Rose say they have given up their fears.  Actors on his show say that. Give up the fear and get on with it is a common theme.

Bush leveraged fear.  He didn’t create it, but he accentuated it and used it.  We don’t want to build the permanent fear world that Bush wants.  Bush’s vision is Gitmo and immigration that produce a Dark Bush America.  There the Bush Clinton families alternate.  America doesn’t want that.  Muslims don’t either. We need to free them from Islam.  That means the total eradication of Islam just like the total eradication of other excess fear systems.  Those include Tsarism, communism, fascism, etc.


Bush sided with Saudis and Pakistan will next President?

December 22, 2007

Will the next president be on the side of Islam, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan? Will he cover up information the government has? Will he release the Senate report on Pakistan and Saudi Arabia’s links to funding the Taliban before 9-11?

The people are tired of occupations in Afghanistan and Iraq to nation building Muslim countries that are against us. The Muslims have happily killed Christians and cleansed them while our troops are there. The wars and Muslim immigration make no sense.

How long until that is no longer tolerated? PC is insane. Everyone knows it. Everyone knows Virgil Goode was right. How long will the fear to say the obvious continue? Are we so dead inside that we can’t speak up for our existence like Virgil Goode did?

We are in a war for our survival. Third world immigration including Muslim immigration is part of our defeat. Why do we national build in Afghanistan and Iraq? Why do we give aid to the third world? Why do we tolerate their immigration here? How long will we think that dying quietly is better than speaking up? PC is suicide.

==Repetition from previous posts:

==Wright Island Model Sustained Immigration is genetic replacement immigration.

“We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.”

Genetics. 1979 January; 91(1): 163–176.

The Island Model with Stochastic Migration

Thomas Nagylaki

Department of Biophysics and Theoretical Biology, The University of Chicago, 920 East 58th Street, Chicago, Illinois 60637

As pointed out in a previous post:

The theorem doesn’t say you get a mixture of old and new. The theorem says you get complete replacement of the old by the new. The old goes extinct. This is pure genetic replacement. It doesn’t matter if there is an intermediate mixture or not. Over time, the initial stock is replaced completely. Promises of a mixture are false.


The root of our denial is that we deny we are a race or ethnic group and have racial or ethnic interests?  We can’t separate them and us?  So we let immigration continue so that we go extinct.  Until we say there is an us, we can’t stop them coming.  Until we stop them coming, we can’t survive.

Until we say there is an us and a them, we can’t say we want them to stop coming.  Until we say we want to stop them coming by legal immigration, we can’t stop them coming by legal immigration.  Until we stop them coming by legal immigration, we can’t survive.

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