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Kids are fat because mothers work because of immigration

March 2, 2008

Men’s median wages are the same as in 1973. Women’s median wages are what men’s were in 1960. Productivity doubled since 1973. If men’s wages had doubled, they would make as much as men and women combined do now, more in fact. Its immigration that kept those down.

Because women work, kids don’t get fed as well. They also don’t get help in homework as much. They also form gangs instead of having parents around.

Because men’s wages are low, there are more divorces. Black and Hispanic households have particularly high divorces. Men’s labor force participation rates for black men were 80 percent in 1965, same as whites. Now for black men its 67 percent and 74 percent for white men.

Immigration has destroyed the earning power of men and their ability to have jobs. This has destroyed families. The results show up in children, the canary in the mine. They are the most vulnerable, and we see immigration in their poor school work and in childhood obesity.

This isn’t just another issue in a menu. This is why immigration is the most important. The solution is less than 25,000 immigrants per year of all kinds. End student visas. Teach Americans math and science in Ph.D. programs not Indians and Chinese who transfer the know-how to China and India.

Immigration is a total betrayal. Immigration is a betrayal of children. This shows the level of John McCain, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. It also shows the level of John Edwards and Teddy Kennedy. Its Chappaquiddick every day for American women and kids.

The immigration vanishing survival theorem proves that immigration causes genetic replacement. This has to happen by making life worse. One way that happens is childhood obesity and poor schooling. That also is why we have gangs and violence. They are all the result of immigration. These things didn’t exist to this extent in the 1950’s.

Poverty or near-poverty for kids and working mothers is also part of immigration. Women alone raising a child are earning what men did in 1960, even though productivity has more than doubled since 1960. The money goes to Bill Gates, Henry Kravis and Bill Clinton’s speaking fees. It also goes to Tim Russert’s speaking fees and William Kristol’s speaking fees. Now Karl Rove is getting that money too.

Rove, Russert, Clinton, and Blair have fat speaking fees. They have traded childhood obesity for our children for the obesity of their bank accounts and payoffs. When are people going to start voting no? Support NumbersUSA, Roy Beck, Vdare, and others. Vote the Constitution Party.

==Immigration Takes away negotiating position of working moms

If we had zero immigration, then employers would have to cater to working moms.  They would have to allow part time work from home.  They would have to allow them to leave and come back.  They would have to treat them better at every stage and every way.

Under immigration, when a woman has a baby, the employer can replace her with a willing slave from India or China.  Employers can, in effect, force employees not to have kids or not have as many as they would like.  Employers force employees to pay for child care after school instead of having to let women work at home in the afternoon.

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