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KKR China Poisoned Toys R Us

December 5, 2007

DETROIT – Tests on more than 1,200 children’s products, most of them still on store shelves, found that 35 percent contain lead — many with levels far above the federal recall standard used for lead paint.

The Henry Kravis Doll it eats good paying jobs and outputs poisoned toys for tots. How about we recall those jobs from China and restock Detroit with those old good paying American jobs? Let’s send the Chinese Chocolate Boxes back to China. (To paraphrase Forest Gump, Henry Kravis stores are like a box of chocolates, you never know what poison you are going to get.)

Toys r us lead

Results 1100 of about 483,000 for Toys r us lead.

Toys r us lead KKR

Results 1100 of about 4,120 for Toys r us lead kkr.

Toys r us lead kkr Barbarians

Toys r us lead kkr “Barbarians in the playroom”

Video below is very good:

The Henry Kravis Doll rules over the playroom like the Sauron doll or a Stars War Emperor doll. Someone should check such dolls or action figures and see if they are toxic.

Toy poisoning works the reverse of portfolio diversification. With stocks, if you own many good ones it overcomes holding one bad one. KKR has portfolio diversification.

But tots and parents have the opposite. One poisoned toy is one too many. If a child has 100 toys, only one need be bad. KKR now know that 35 percent of toys contain lead. So they know that if a child own 100 toys it is almost certain to have several poisoned ones. So KKR now know that every child in America is being poisoned.

KKR may see this from their own portfolio diversification lens, i.e. they own a portfolio of stocks. Toys R Us may have a loss, but the KKR portfolio does well. But parents are on the reverse end of the risk spectrum, one bad toy getting through exposes their child.

Mitt Romney and Rudi Giuliani have taken the side of China and been advocates for China. John Edwards told Silicon Valley they get what they want on H-1B’s and Edwards wants a venture capital partnership like Al Gore as reward.

Edwards already got money from Wall Street. Romney got a 250 million dollar fortune at Bain by sending good American jobs to China and getting back poisoned toys for Americans. We need a Mitt Romney Doll as well as the Henry Kravis Doll.

Wall Street is trying to use diversification to get the benefit of trade with China for itself and give us the downside. We lose our good jobs to Chinese factories or Chinese or Indian H-1B’s and get poisoned toys in return. H-1B’s depress the fertility rate of American workers who have lost job security. The poisoned toys are meant to finish the job for those who managed to have kids despite Mitt Romney Rudi Giuliani John Edwards KKR H-1B’s.

Wall Street knows with certainty that every American child is being exposed to poison from China in toys and other products. They are still going to make money on their companies that employ H-1B’s from India and China or sell other products, even if they suffer lawsuits for the toys. Wall Street is diversified so that no legal harm will hurt them because of Wall Street’s China policy. But American workers and kids and parents are certain to be harmed by Wall Street’s China policy.

We need to vote for candidates like Tom Tancredo who are on our side. We need to stop all H-1B, stop giving know-how to China, stop student visas, and rebuild the factories here in America. We need to vote out the tools of KKR, Bush Clinton, Edwards Obama, Rudi Giuliani, Mike Huckabee and others.

Wall Street and KKR know the mathematics of portfolio diversification. They know the math of risk to parents and children works the opposite, the more toys the eventual certainty of exposure of almost every child in America. They know they enjoy the profits of Chinese and Indian H-1B’s, and of giving our grad schools over to China and India and our know how to China and India. They know even if they are sued on the toys they can’t be touched on the other ways they make profits from China and India.

KKR and Wall Street have diversified their toy risk away. They are immune to whatever happens to Toys R Us because of the rest of their India China stock portfolio. KKR and Wall Street have made the perfect play with India and China and know that by doing that they have given us certain losses in jobs, wages, schooling, toys, food, and our future.

Wall Street also knows that some Indian and Chinese H-1B’s are spies. They know that some of our DoD software and chips are coded by China and India. They know that we have lost control of our supply chain for the Department of Defense. They know China has subs that can get close to our aircraft carriers without detection. They know China shot down a satellite. They know all that. They know China got the secrets to the B-2 from an engineer from India.

The Mitt Romney Chinese Doll like the Henry Kravis Doll eats good paying jobs and gives them to Indian and Chinese H-1B’s or sends them to India or China. Unlike the Henry Kravis Doll, the Mitt Romney Chinese Doll grins idiotically while it does it. When questioned about its actions, the Chinese Romney Doll will grin back and call you a racist and suggest you must own a Confederate Flag. The Mitt Romney Doll also employs illegal aliens at its mansion.
The above is speculation or hypotheses or satire. All other disclaimers apply.


Motto for Britain Contest- Times Online

November 12, 2007

November 12, 2007 “Dipso fatso bingo asbo Tesco”
Greg Hurst, Political Correspondent

“Read the mottos suggested by Times readers.
It must have seemed such a simple wheeze to Gordon Brown: a motto to capture what makes Britain great. ”

“Once Great: Britain”, “Once mighty empire, slightly used”, “Your nation, ruined by Labour”, and “Going down with Brown”.

Some OA suggestions:

Britain’s Cassandra: Enoch Powell

Enoch, meet Dr. Watson.

Last Performance this Saturday.

Shakespeare inspired:

England hath made a shameful conquest of itself.

Immigration is a foot.

My kingdom of immigrants for a safe porch.

Bliar on fire, a consummation devoutly to be wished.

Blair Brown Cameron doth murder sleep.

Out Out Brief Candle.

To be Britain or not to be Britain that is the national question.

It is the east, it is the sun, no its another terrorist fire.

He jests at scars that never felt a wound inflicted by immigrants.

Et tu Cameron?

The fault, dear Brown, is not in the stars
but in ourselves that we tolerate immigration.

Why man, immigration doth bestride the narrow globe like a colossus
and we petty men peep out to find ourselves dishonorable graves.

The rest is silence.

They eat us out of house and home. (Who said it?)

Non-Shakespeare inspired (these are humor as above)

Immigration not continuity

Done in by immigration

Deport them all. (Illegals that is.)


With friends like Bush who needs Brown?

Shakespeare would not be pleased.

Stupid is as stupid does.

Guest workers turn out to be locusts.
Students turn out to be terrorists.
Blair turns out to be Bliar
Cameron is Cameron
Brown is a weasel

Big Muhammad is watching you.

(Forest Gump) Immigration is like a box of chocolates, you never know which one will kill you. (Editor’s note, we told our correspondent to stop buying Chinese chocolates.)

If they aren’t calling you a Nazi, you aren’t speaking up.

Nice guys go extinct.


Civilizations are built by the middle class and destroyed by the toff class.

Built by Shakespeare now under new management.

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