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China at war with West already

March 29, 2009

March 29, 2009
Spy chiefs fear Chinese cyber attack

They have told ministers of their fears that equipment installed by Huawei, the Chinese telecoms giant, in BT’s new communications network could be used to halt critical services such as power, food and water supplies.

The warnings coincide with growing cyberwarfare attacks on Britain by foreign governments, particularly Russia and China.

Chinese in the West are loyal to China.  They have race loyalty.  Just see their reaction to every time a Chinese spy is caught or anything else.  Steven Chu has done all he could to promote and expand Chinese networks in the US including inside government labs.

We have a cowardly press.  We have a cowardly Congress. We have a cowed populace.    To update Rousseau, whites are born free and are everywhere in the chains of PC.  All that is needed for the White West to survive is for those in PC chains to stand up.


China says West at Cold War with China.

It is a mistake to think that China’s leaders are wise and not racist.  China’s entire history is extreme arrogant racism.  Moreover, that is typical in Asia.   It is evidently genetic for Asians.  Asia’s history is full of ethnic cleansing.  The Asian way of war is ethnic cleansing.  That’s all they understand.  To the Chinese, they either ethnic cleanse us or we do it to them.  That is why they spread nukes to Pakistan to use on us.

Chinese are extreme racist xenophobes.  That is their entire history.  It is genetic.  Those who think Chinese can be loyal to anything but Chinese or China are mistaken.  Chinese are genetically programmed to ethnically cleanse whites.  That is the reality.  China has an entire culture and history of extreme racist arrogance and supremacy.  That is genetic.


Thomas C Reed Chinese Nuclear Tests

December 12, 2008

One important “pupil” who paid Fuchs an early visit was Qian Sanqiang. In 1959 Qian was the designated mastermind of Mao’s A-bomb program. In July of that year, Qian made his way to East Germany, where he met with Fuchs at length. (H. Terry Hawkins, now a senior fellow at Los Alamos, told Stillman in 2006, “I read this report in an unclassified publication, that this meeting took place shortly after Fuchs returned to East Germany. Fuchs gave Qian information that greatly assisted the Chinese program.” Also see During those long summer days of 1959, Fuchs gave Qian a full tutorial on the design and operation of Fat Man. In all likelihood, he also added his thoughts on the role of radiation pressure in thermonuclear weapons.

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Above article by Thomas Reed former Secretary of the Air Force (1976–77) and scientist at Lawrence Livermore.

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CFR also links to the Reed article at Physics Today.

Its possible that Klaus Fuchs gave nuclear know-how to Huanwu-Peng and Kun Huang in the UK between 1945 and 1950.  They were assistants to Max Born.  They returned to China later and became stars in China.

The French may also have helped train them starting even before the German occupation.

Qian went for France in 1937. He studied in Collège de Sorbonne and Collège de France, doing research under Frédéric Joliot-Curie and Irène Joliot-Curie. He returned to China in 1948.

Joliot-Curie was a communist.

There were Chinese “students” at several key places.  In America, UK, France, and possibly even in Germany.  (I have misplaced the reference.)

After graduating in 1936 from Qinghua University, one of China’s leading science institutions, he traveled to France to conduct research at the Curie Laboratory and elsewhere.

Like many Chinese scholars who studied abroad, Qian Sanqiang (pronounced cheeyen sahn-cheeyahng) was sympathetic to the Communist revolution in 1949 and resolved to help the Communists “build the country.”

Hypothesis: Chinese students abroad were in many cases communists and dual agents of the Russian and Chinese intelligence services.  This may have included Qian Sanqiang, Huanwu-Peng, Kun Huang and others.

Fuchs may have passed additional technical secrets to Russia and China in the late 1940’s through Huanwu-Peng, Kun Huang, both Max Born assistants like Fuchs and possibly in meetings with Qiang Sanqiang before 1948.

China has been intentionally spreading nuclear know-how to other countries according to a new book coming out.


Steven Chu has been nominated to Department of Energy by Obama.  Chu’s parents came from China c. 1945.

My father, Ju Chin Chu, came to the United States in 1943 to continue his education at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in chemical engineering, and two years later, my mother, Ching Chen Li, joined him to study economics. A generation earlier, my mother’s grandfather earned his advanced degrees in civil engineering at Cornell while his brother studied physics under Perrin at the Sorbonne before they returned to China.


After the Liberation, he served as director of the French National Center for Scientific Research and became France’s first High Commissioner for Atomic Energy. In 1948 he oversaw the construction of the first French atomic reactor. A devout Communist, he was relieved of his duties in 1950 for political reasons. Joliot-Curie was also one of the eleven signatories to the Russell-Einstein Manifesto in 1955. Although he retained his professorship at the Collège de France, on the death of his wife in 1956, he took over her position as Chair of Nuclear Physics at the Sorbonne.


Perrin Joliot-Curie

Heisenberg’s War: The Secret History of the German Bomb – Google Books Result

by Thomas Powers – 2000 – History – 640 pages
In the years before the war Perrin and Joliot-Curie, longtime friends, both acquired summer houses in the small French coastal town of Paimpol.
Did Steven Chu’s family help in getting atomic or other know-how for China?  Were they part of China’s know-how gathering network?  Did they recruit other Chinese in the West?  Were they part of Russia’s network?  Was Russia using Chinese to pass under the radar?
Diversity at Berkeley National Lab
Diversity means hiring children of Chinese profs in China to come to the US and take jobs from whites?  It means building a network of Chinese in the US at universities, government and weapons labs?
Scroll down to students.  Is this building a network for China in the US?
==Wen Ho Lee org opposed Bill Richardson
Who funds this organization?
Lawrence Berkeley and Lawrence Livermore are two different labs.  Steven Chu may not have a security clearance, or a very high one.  He is not a nuclear weapons expert like Thomas C. Reed.  But at DOE, Chu will control the nuclear labs. He can promote the Chinese network and move people into the labs.  This is what Sudoplatov said that Oppenheimer, Fermi, etc. did in the 1940’s.   Oppenheimer got his Ph.D. under Max Born.  Fuchs was an assistant to Born.  Fermi’s assistant Bruno Pontecorvo was a spy who fled after Fuchs’s arrest.
Fuchs was arrested Jan 1950, Pontecorvo went to Russia in August 1950.  Pontecorvo also had a position in the UK.

In 1948, after he obtained British citizenship, he was invited by John Cockcroft to contribute to the British atomic bomb project at AERE, Harwell where he joined the Nuclear Physics Division under Egon Bretscher. In 1950 he was appointed to the chair of physics at the University of Liverpool which he was due to take up in January, 1951.

However, on August 31, 1950, in the middle of a holiday in Italy, he abruptly left Rome for Stockholm with his wife and three sons without informing friends or relatives. The next day he was helped by Soviet agents to enter the USSR from Finland. His abrupt disappearance caused much concern to many of the western intelligence services, especially those of Britain and the USA who were worried about the escape of atomic secrets to the Soviet Union after the then recent case of Klaus Fuchs. But as was pointed out immediately, Pontecorvo had had only limited access to “secret subjects” and even later no allegation of spying or of transferring of secrets to the Soviets has ever been made against him.

It isn’t just a matter of whether they pass secrets themselves or even know them, but whether they build a network.  Do they inhibit people to turn in suspicious Chinese spies?  Won’t Steven Chu signal to whites, why bother?  He will undermine security just by being in charge.  He will help spread and build the Chinese network.  He demoralizes whites who see the loss of what they built.  That makes China win.  It doesn’t matter if he passes an envelope with secrets.
Steven Chu was one of 46 employees named in a 2006 PricewatershouseCoopers audit of improper compensation practices at the University of California. [11] Records produced under the California Public Relations Act also show that he was one of at least 29 employees offered unusual perks in hiring letters, perks which the university had not made public.[12]

Principles for a Diverse Community

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is principally an institution of scientific research, committed to addressing the needs of society. A diverse workforce is an invaluable asset to innovation and research excellence. To this end, we must embody the following principles to successfully affect the Laboratory’s mission and embrace our diverse workplace community.

  • We affirm the inherent dignity in all of us and strive to maintain an environment characterized by respect, fairness, and inclusion. Our valued community encompasses an array of races, creeds, and social circumstances. We recognize and cherish the richness contributed by our diversity.
  • We accept open expression of our individuality and diversity within the bounds of courtesy, respoect, and sensitivity. We take pride in our collective achievements. We honor our differences.
  • As mandated by law and reaffirmed here, we will not tolerate any manifestations of discrimination, including those based on race, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, religious or political beliefs, and status within the Laboratory.
This sends the message: don’t turn in Chinese you suspect of being spies.  Don’t question the Chinese building their network here.  Don’t interfere with Chinese ethnocentrism and racism in hiring.
The diversity statement is directed against whites.  Its only intended to silence whites.  Its meant to intimidate and cow whites.  Its written or approved by Steven Chu.  Its intended by Chu to promote the Chinese network in the US.  Chu knows this means giving secrets and kn0w-how to China.  In fact, he intends to give China all the know-how he can.  China is spreading that to Pakistan, Iran, and elsewhere.  Chu has already worked against us.  He is now with this diversity statement.  He will build China’s network inside our labs and make it a thought crime to challenge suspicious behavior by Chinese in the US and in weapons labs.
Steven Chu Chinese Academy of Sciences, Foreign Member,1998
Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao (R) meets with Chinese-American physicist Steven Chu, the 1997 Nobel Physics Prize laureate, in Beijing on Oct. 11, 2007. [Xinhua Photo]

A thread with comments on Steven Chu pick by Obama
I think that steven chu would be a great help. Not because he won some prize, but because he is Asian.” Slayer.

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The above are hypotheses or speculation.  These are questions not assertions.  Restate all statements as questions.  No disparagement of any person is intended.  Comments and corrections welcome. All other disclaimers apply.
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