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Young adults walk away from Diverstianity

November 24, 2010

Diverstianity Today reports on young adults leaving Christianity today.

Leaders of liberal Christianity want Muslims except that they are too conservative. So they want parishioners they can hector for the sin of being White. Stop your sinning today they say each Sunday. Stop the sin of being White.

Reference, Google search.

“Your search – Diverstianity – did not match any documents. ”

Of course, Google is of the Devil.

The core beliefs of Diversitianity:

Jesus came to preach genocide of the White Race.

Jesus came to take Europe from Christians and give it to Muslims

Jesus came to preach Somali Pirate Supremacy and the paying of ransom by Christians and Whites to non-Christians and non-Whites.

Jesus came to force amnesty, asylum, refugees, immigration, anchor baby, H-1b, HIV/AIDS, Hmong, Somali, desegregation, affirmative action, loss of civil rights, ethnopolitics, big city corruption, and the loss of all that is good in America, Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, the countries targeted by Liberal Christianity for ethnic cleansing of the White population.

This is opposed to what Europe knew as Christianity

That the best of Greek thought and Christianity were complementary if not the same.

The White Race upholds the values of Christianity.

Christianity is in the blood/genes of Whites.

White Christians have the White Man’s Burden to rule over the planet as a good steward, not to abandon it to HIV/AIDS, corruption and indifference, and to feed those with medicine, IMF loans, and anti-White rhetoric.

Europeans have a duty to be fruitful and multiply because they embody in their blood/genes the true values of Christianity. This goes back to Christianity being unified with Greek Thought as part of the European Nascence of Greek thought and morality.

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