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Super delegates seat Florida Michigan for Hillary

March 9, 2008

The super delegates at the Democratic National Convention can elect Hillary the nominee by voting to seat the Florida and Michigan delegations. They say we can’t deny their votes. Then they say those delegations give Hillary the majority so they have to vote her way. This lets the super delegates pick Hillary without having their hands directly on voting against Obama.

This is the Hillary Rodham Bill Whitewater land deal Clinton ploy to stop the Barack Michelle Rezko land deal Obama. This lets the super delegates get away from Hussein and the Tony Rezko trial. Obama will take the 5th, president or not, in any investigation. He signaled that when he said lawyers would decide what he does if he has to testify.

Barack Obama was President of Harvard Law Review. Michelle Obama is a Harvard Law graduate. Patrick Fitzgerald will go after these two Harvard lawyers who did a deal with Rezko if he can. This is what bothers him the most.

Democratic land deals that follow in the Whitewater format can be indicated with the water suffix. Obama will drown Rezko-water, or Rezko-watergate if you must, because Fitzgerald won’t stop. Buchanan said that on McLaughlin group this morning. But its also a matter of two Harvard lawyers doing a deal that will send Fitzgerald after them.

From Wiki

Early Life

Fitzgerald was born into a working-class Irish-American Catholic family in Brooklyn and grew up in the Midwood-Flatbush neighborhood. His father (also named Patrick Fitzgerald) worked as a doorman in Manhattan. His parents both came from Co Clare, Ireland and he regularly visits the country. The last time he visited Ireland was at the Chicago Bar Association Conference in association with the School of Law (University College Dublin)March 2007

[edit] Career

Fitzgerald attended Our Lady Help of Christians grammar school, Regis High School, a prestigious Jesuit Catholic school in Manhattan, and received degrees in economics and mathematics from Amherst College before receiving his JD from Harvard Law School in 1985.[3]

Fitzgerald lives to go after corruption of this type. Fitzgerald will go after them because they are all Harvard Law graduates and he can’t tolerate this type of corruption.

The super-delegates don’t want to be baptized in Obama-Rezko-water. They will pick Hillary to avoid the Fitzgerald investigation. If Obama was elected while Fitzgerald was investigating him, the Democrats would also have the scandal of not reappointing him.

Obama has seen Clinton get caught in testifying. He won’t testify in any circumstance, except under immunity. The super-delegates are going to have months to think about this. The Clinton clan is already telling them this. They are saying that the super delegates just need to vote to seat Florida and Michigan and let Florida and Michigan defeat Obama. This is the Clinton hidden hands super-ploy of 2008.

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