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Bill Clinton takes speaking fees from terrorist nations

February 9, 2008

William Jefferson Clinton takes speaking fees from terrorist nations.


Clinton Saudi speaking fees

Jan. 17, 2002 Dubai, UAE The Dabbagh Group (STARS) $300,000  
Jan. 18, 2002 Cairo, Egypt Future Generation Foundation $175,000  
Jan. 20, 2002 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia The Dabbagh Group (Jeddah Economic Forum) $300,000  
June 11, 2002 Dubai, UAE The American University in Dubai $150,000 Speech transcript
July 6, 2002 Istanbul, Turkey Ahmet San Productions, TUSIAD $250,000  
Nov. 28, 2005 Dubai, UAE Leading Minds $125,000  

Bill Clinton earned $31 million in speaking fees between 2001 and 2005, as disclosed in his wife’s Senate ethics reports. This page lists information about each speech and the amount the former president earned.

Why didn’t he have to disclose interns in his disclosure reports? (That was what impeachment was about, sorry.)

Search Bill Clinton “speaking fees” “terrorist nations”

The Saudis and Dubai were funding al Qaeda in the 1990’s under Clinton even after the 1998 attack on the US embassies in Africa and the 2000 attack on the USS Cole. Clinton knew the Saudis were funding al Qaeda at those times.

Search Saudi funding al Qaeda

al Jazeera “Dabbagh Group”

Hillary 5 million loan

Hillary Clinton loaned her campaign 5 million dollars.

Price Oil Graphs:

Oil went from 30 dollars a barrel in 2001 to over 70 in 2008. The Saudis made a huge return on their payments to al Qaeda. This more than covers all Saudi aid to al Qaeda and to Pakistan as well as to Muslim groups in France, the UK and the US.

For more on possible Saudi, Dubai, and Pakistan links to 9-11 see the Complete 9-11 Timeline.  You can donate or buy their video on CD-ROM which is supported by the 9-11 Jersey Girls and includes some of them.

The above is draft and preliminary. This represents opinion, speculation, hypotheses or Clintonomics, the extension of IRS tax audits of the Clinton women, FBI filegate, Janet Reno’s DOJ, etc.

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