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James Watson Blacks Whites Evolution

October 18, 2007

At Conservative Beach Girl:

Anonymous said…

If whites had all gone through slavery, then segregation, and then sharecropping, and civil rights rights struggles—would whites be in the same place that they are today? I doubt it. Overcoming and succeeding takes time….education and learning take time. Technically, racial groups cannot be compared—because their histories are all different. It’s really not fair
to compare whites to native americans or asians to blacks.
Everybody started at a different place in the race. Some are ahead and some lag behind, all for different reasons.. 

“The Cold Weather-IQ hypothesis” above.

By Professor J. Philippe Rushton

Four years ago, via, I was able to give the first significant publicity to IQ and the Wealth of Nations, the luminous book on IQ and the diverging economic performance of different countries co-authored by Richard Lynn with Tatu Vanhanen. Now Professor Lynn has followed up with another important book, Race Differences in Intelligence: An Evolutionary Analysis.

Its central finding: the world average IQ is no more than 90, equivalent to the mental age of a white 14-year-old. (Standardized IQ tests are normed to 100, the mental age of the average white 16-year-old.) Lynn also draws attention to the fact that a north-south IQ continuum has evolved, apparently through selection for survival in cold winters. (See the New IQ Map of the World.)

Now class, let’s compare and contrast these quotes.

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