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Will 2008 be different than 2007 2006 or 1998?

January 1, 2008

Predictions for 2008. Should we make them. The exercise is useful. Was 2007 different than 2006? Or from 2005? Have we been standing still while immigration completes the extinction of the West?

Pakistan did its nuclear test in spring 1998. Clinton put sanctions on Pakistan and then al Qaeda attacked our embassies in Africa in August 1998. Then the USS Cole in October 2000. Then the US on 9-11, 2001. Then Pakistan took in bin Laden. Terrorist incidents in Madrid and London trace back to Pakistan.

Bush gave Pakistan money and took off the Clinton sanctions after the 9-11 attacks. Pakistan’s ISI General Ahmed was in DC to collect the benefits at the time of the attacks. Since the US has paid Pakistan extortion money, there has not been a direct al Qaeda attack in the US or outside the combat zones against Americans.

However, Pakistan did spread nuclear know-how through A. Q. Khan. The US managed to stop that for a while. But Pakistan continues under Musharraf the man in charge during all these attacks, who by the way attacked India in 1999 with Pakistani troops and said it was terrorists.

What will 2008 be like? The same as the last 10 years? Too much immigration. Pretending by Bush that Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Islam are our allies in the war on terrorism? Millions more immigrants.

We have two possible predictions for 2008:

  1. West wakes up to its arrogance, folly, and stupidity. It stops all immigration. It takes away Pakistan’s nukes. It officially recognizes Islam and PC as anti-Western.
  2. West continues in its arrogance, folly, stupidity and false feeling of invulnerability and being above biology and history both.

One would like to predict Wake Up. But Sleep In seems the better horse to ride in betting terms.


You can see a video of Benazir Bhutto being shot. Mush may have made the mistake of killing a specific well known person and thinking it would have the same effect as the 9-11 killings of 3000. But as Stalin said, one death is a tragedy. Saddam studied Stalin. Maybe Mush should have studied his Stalin more. Could this be the mistake that wakes people up that Mush knew.

Already people are saying Mush didn’t know, it was people in the security service. Maybe they should write him a Dear Mush letter to tell him about this problem. Useful Mush idiots. Reminds one of useful Bush idiots. By the way, when we wake up and realize we have been useful idiots, we have an obligation to wake up others until the idiocy stops. That means ending all immigration, zero, not 250,000 per year.


We want to wake up and imagine the Bush Mush Clinton years didn’t happen and that we didn’t vote in Bush Clinton, and that we didn’t keep silent while mass immigration came into the West. Well that is what happened.

We are not in a parallel universe we are not responsible for. Its our not speaking up that is the problem. Don’t blame group X because we didn’t write letters in 1986 to our Senators to stop amnesty then. It was published in 1931 that one way migration causes genetic replacement. It was known decades before 1980 that 3rd world IQ was lower than Western IQ.

It was known millenia ago that ethnic migration harms the people targeted by it who lose their land. That part is coded into our DNA. But we were programmed to call that racism. Programmed by whom? Aren’t we supposed to be able to think for ourselves?

The ones to blame for our not thinking for ourselves are not group X in Hollywood or Madison Avenue or K Street. Its us. The ones to blame for our not writing letters to our Senator in 1986 to stop amnesty is us.

Saying group X took over our minds with movies and All in the Family episodes is to reduce ourselves to the level of the 3rd worlders coming here. Its like saying Islam and the Koran program Muslim minds and they aren’t responsible for what they do. That isn’t what it means to be human.


  1. If only Hitler knew.
  2. If only Stalin knew.
  3. If only Mush knew.
  4. If only Bush read the internet.

They would be a stop to these things. Its we dear reader who have to put a stop to these things.

==Robert Fisk fisks Mush on Benazir Bhutto


We have seen the same response to Litvinenko being killed in London. If only Putin had known. He knew. They all knew. Bush has known what his men did. Nixon knew. Lincoln knew. Caligula knew. Nero knew.


Nero’s rule is often associated with tyranny and extravagance.[3] He is known for a number of executions, including his mother[4] and adoptive brother, as the emperor who “fiddled while Rome burned”[5] and an early persecutor of Christians. This view is based upon the main surviving sources for Nero’s reign—Tacitus, Suetonius and Cassius Dio.

The study of Nero is problematic as some modern historians question the reliability of ancient sources when reporting on Nero’s alleged tyrannical acts.[8] It may be impossible to completely separate fact from fiction concerning Nero’s reign.

To diffuse blame, Nero targeted a sect called the Christians.[115] He ordered Christians to be thrown to dogs, while others were crucified and burned.[115]


We have landed in the farce stage.

==Why pretend she hit her head instead of shot?

If a leader with security is shot at close range, the question arises, why didn’t the security people shoot the shooter? Why didn’t they pull Bhutto down in the car? Why didn’t they jump in front of the bullet? Why didn’t they go after the shooter?

No one expects security to be able to identify a suicide bomber and stop them. By definition, you don’t know a suicide bomber until they go off. So its too late to stop them. But a shooter can be identified and stopped. And its happened.

If security don’t respond to a shooter at close range, one asks why. Don’t they look around? Isn’t it their job to be scanning the crowd for a man with a gun who lifts it up and fires 3 shots from close range?

If a leader is shot and security was pulled off, it raises the question of who pulled off the security and why. A shooting is old fashioned assassination 101. The security people are supposed to be trained to watch for it all the time and react to it.

The security people aren’t supposed to say for a gunshot, what could we do? People won’t accept that answer. But they can do that for a suicide bomber. People will accept the answer it was a suicide bomber and she hit her head on the car going down.

But if she was shot and died of a bullet wound, then people ask, what were the security people doing? Aren’t they supposed to be looking in the crowd to detect a man with a gun? That’s their most basic task, isn’t it? They are trained in courses to look for that and to react instantly.

This is why they planned to say she died by hitting her head. That was thought out in advance to take away attention from asking about security being pulled off or not reacting to a gunman at any time during the entire incident.

==NYT had this in part

Posting Date: December 31, 2007

Bhutto, JFK, and Conspiracies

For example, the New York Times reported

“Pakistani and Western security experts said the government’s insistence that Ms. Bhutto, a former prime minister, was not killed by a bullet was intended to deflect attention from the lack of government security around her….

==Mush wouldn’t allow foreign private security for Bhutto

==Report on Bhutto


ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (CNN) — Pakistan’s Interior Ministry backtracked Tuesday on its statement that Benazir Bhutto died because she hit her head on a sunroof latch during a shooting and bomb attack.

Minallah said the family could not have prevented an autopsy at the hospital without getting an order from a judge.

A previously released videotape showed a man at the right of her vehicle raising a gun, pointing it toward Bhutto, who was standing in her car with her upper body through the sunroof. He fired three shots, then there was an explosion.

In the video that emerged on Sunday, Bhutto was standing, and her hair and scarf appeared to move, perhaps from the bullet. Bhutto fell into the car, then came the blast. Video Watch new tape showing apparent gunman »

==Pakistan has an 85 IQ on global map:

==Pakistanis in the US

Hard numbers on how many people of Pakistani descent live in the United States do not exist, but a forthcoming book from Harvard University Press on charitable donations among Pakistani-Americans, “Portrait of a Giving Community,” puts the number around 500,000, with some 35 percent or more of them in the New York metropolitan area. Chicago has fewer than 100,000, while other significant clusters exist in California, Texas and Washington, D.C.

=But it’s a conspiracy theory.

By Simon Cameron-Moore

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) – In Pakistan’s Kafkaesque world, conspiracy theories are given far more credence than the official accounts of Benazir Bhutto’s assassination.

“Our history is full of such assassinations and all have been done by invisible hands, agencies,” said Aqueel-ur-Rehman, manager of a filling station in Peshawar.

According to the Guardian, Pakistan’s intelligence agencies “are widely believed to carry out kidnappings, unlawful detentions and extrajudicial killings.

Of course, to the same media, Huckabee should have known that is not martial law. That is ordinary law in Pakistan. One waits to hear those in the press who said that Putin had no role in the Litvinenko assassination say, “Only Putin has the credibility to investigate the Bhutto assassination.”



Fueled by cheap cell phone calls and the rise of 24-hour television news channels, gossip about who is to blame for Pakistan’s woes runs from the reasonable to the ridiculous.

This is why we need the MSM to give us official truth we can believe. If people thought for themselves they might call their senator to stop all legal immigration.

There is no evidence to suggest that Musharraf or Pakistan’s security forces were connected to the attack.

That is a relief. Now we know to trust in Mush. Bush trusts Mush therefore I trust Mush. The minds at Time have told us what to think and how to think.

No evidence:

  1. Saying she died of hitting her head on her car when in fact she was shot in the head and the doctors knew it.
  2. Telling the doctors not to talk about it.
  3. Preventing an autopsy.
  4. The victim herself said Musharraf should be held responsible if she were killed.
  5. Preventing the victim from hiring her own choice of security.
  6. A long series of actions actions against the victim over many years.
  7. Common plan and method evidence of Mush’s actions over the year.
  8. Musharraf started a war with India and said terrorists did it. He used Pakistani soldiers and refused to take their bodies back from the Kargil war.
  9. Harboring terrorists like bin Laden.
  10. Building nuclear weapons and selling know-how to foreign countries and then saying A. Q. Khan did it and no one knew.
  11. Series of terrorist incidents following US sanctions on Pakistan following its spring 1998 nuclear test that eventually led to US lifting the sanctions and providing Pakistan with over 10 billion dollars.

Pakistan and terrorism and 9-11 information is here:

Of course, if Pakistan was not really our friend, Time would not have told us that. But Time is official truth. What would we believe about Time if we thought Mush killed Bhutto?

Back to Time Official Truth

At a time when Pakistan does indeed seem to be falling apart, it may seem absurd and even pointless to repeat such allegations. But the sentiments provide a powerful insight into how angry Pakistanis are at their President and how mistrustful they are of the U.S.


With such mistrust, rumors thrive. On the streets of Lahore Friday afternoon, many blamed Musharraf and the U.S. rather than Islamic extremists for Bhutto’s demise.

Round up the usual suspects.

In a place that’s so heavily anti-Musharraf, innuendo seems to feed on itself. On the city’s main street, lined with policemen holding batons and wearing anti-riot gear, two teenagers out for a walk say they have also heard about a possible government connection to the attack but cannot offer any evidence to back up the claims. “My mother told me not to talk about this topic on my mobile or telephone because the government may tape it,” says Hafiz Jamshaid, 18, a computer science student at a local college.

O tempores. Even their mothers are poisoning the young minds against Comrade Musharraf.

With reporting by Khuda Yar Khan/Islamabad

With a name like that at the end of the story who can doubt that everything in the story is truth on the ground. Believe it. Time is truth. Truth is Time. It has the people who know on the ground with names with Kh in them.

Don’t question official truth there or here. Trust Bush. Trust Clinton. Trust Daddy Bush. Speaking up against legal immigration is racism and bigotry. Only the ignorant do it.

search Musharraf Bhutto conspiracy

==How to predict, watch who makes the official truth.

We are watching official truth being made before our eyes. The press in the West is conditioning us that we must accept the official story everywhere unless its proven that Musharraf knew it by his confession on TV. Scott Peterson would be a free man if we used the press standard.

How can we predict what 2008 will be like? If the same people manufacture official truth in 2008 as in 2007, then 2008 will be the same as 2007. Immigration is beneficial. It helps the economy. Diversity is good. Only whites are racist or discriminate.

Trust Bush. Trust your textbook. Trust only official MSM Truth. You can only doubt if you have proof. The only proof is a confession by everyone from the gunman up to Musharraf. If you don’t have that, you have to accept the official version. All others are conspiracy nuts, Ron Paul Buchanan Perot voters, white nationalists, neo-Nazis, nativists. Shun them.

Cleanse your mind of these thoughts when you have them. Trust Time not your gut. Your gut is racist, nativist, and white nationalist. Conspiracy theorists are ignorant hillbillies from Arkansas. They are the type of people who believe Paula Jones instead of feminist organizations about Clinton. Paula Jones and the other women were audited in September 1997 because the IRS computer said to.

=Journalists want a meal ticket official source.

Journalists want a source in government who will give them steady tidbits that give them a story each week. That means they just write up one story a week from their source and they can goof off the rest of the time, even out of the office. If they are lucky they get speaking fee gigs from industries worried their employees send them information. That is the journalist gig.

Journlists become advocates for their meal ticket sources. Thus they become advocates for the agencies that employ the meal ticket sources. So they become advocates for the policies of those agencies. So they become advocates for whoever those agencies have developed the same relation with.

The government has funded Pakistan with 10 billion dollars since 9-11 after Pakistan was under sanctions. Now the government has taken ownership in Pakistan’s government. That includes taking ownership in Pakistan’s role in 9-11 and terrorism before and after 9-11, even against US troops.

Government officials take ownership in their sources in Pakistan. They take ownership in their allies. This is from the middle to the top. Bush has taken ownership in Mush, Armitage in General Ahmed of the ISI and so on.

The US government has taken ownership in the Pakistani government. The US MSM has taken ownership in the Bush administration. So the US MSM has taken ownership in Pakistan’s government.

That is why the US MSM is acting like Pakistan’s official news media and saying there is no proof that Mush is involved in Bhutto’s assassination. They are protecting their meal ticket supply chain. Just like corporate supply chains that go to India and China, they protect their source, in this case, Pakistan.

That is why China can keep selling lead toys and other un-inspected food. Un-inspected food or un-indicted co-conspirators, its the same to the meal ticket journalists. Its the same to our government.


  1. Our government has funded Pakistan 10 billion since 9-11. It has said to Congress this was good. Congress has said it was good by paying the money.
  2. Our Government has taken ownership in all Pakistan has done including to us.
  3. Our media has taken ownership in all our government has done.
  4. Our media has thus taken ownership in all Pakistan has done including to us. That includes Pakistan’s role in the 1998 embassy bombings, the 2000 USS Cole, 9-11, Madrid, London, harboring bin Laden and supporting al Qaeda in Afghanistan and likely Iraq.
  5. The same applies to the Saudis. They can kill us in front of us and they get rewarded with 15,000 student visas to the US.
  6. We are told by our MSM that we are white nationalist conspiracy theory nuts if we challenge any of this.

Will 2008 be the same as 2007?

  1. Our official source of information is the same.
  2. What we are told to think is the same.
  3. The same people have ownership of Pakistan and Saudi actions in 2008 as in 2007. As well as of immigration.
  4. Until we act independently, we will get the same outcomes from the same inputs.
  5. One positive was the 2007 call in to the Senate against amnesty. That surprised the MSM. They had taken ownership in immigration that they couldn’t think for themselves. Even afterwards they denied it. The story died in the MSM as soon as it was over. It was ignored most of the time it was going on.
  6. The MSM have taken ownership in the government, university, corporate and think tank sources they use as meal tickets. They are official corporate infomercials as Vdare has called them.

==Ron Paul right on foreign aid.

Foreign aid lets foreign governments take ownership of the agencies that fund them. That makes those agencies apologists for those governments. That makes the US MSM apologists for them. This is true of every government we fund or have funded. Giving them money lets them kill us, literally.

==Same happens on trade.

The government and MSM become advocates of the food and toys from China. They won’t change it because they have taken ownership of it. We have to change both the media and the government to change the outcome. Buying their goods lets them kill us literally. They are not subject to any rational sanction for killing us. We have to stop buying anything from China.

When you find its made from China, make one effort to find an alternative from the US. If that fails, you can buy it from China. Try the same with your sources of information. This extra effort if you make it a habit can change the world. Habits change the world. That is why the MSM, the government, the education academic corporate and think tank complex try to control what is in our heads.

They know if we can change the habit of believing them, they lose their power over us. They know this comes down to a habit. Its not saying we think for ourselves, its reading something not from them on a regular basis that causes them to lose their grip on our minds.

This is why they vilify Lou Dobbs, Vdare, etc. They call them nativists. They call Pat Buchanan a white nationalist. They know they have to label everyone who goes independent in thinking and in the habit of what they read and watch as a Nazi with a racist mind or they lose it all.

They know the numbers on fertility and immigration and wages. They know they are ethnically cleansing us in our own countries. They know if we wake up to that they have lost. That is why they have to label that thinking and those sources white nationalist and Nazi.

This is also why we have to see through the proposition nation advertising jingle. That hides the ethnic cleansing. They are ethnically cleansing us by immigration. This is what ethnic cleansing has been throughout history. We are experiencing it and they are the source of it.

==Immigration is really Ethnic Cleansing

The media have taken ownership of immigration the same way they have taken ownership of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan’s role against us. We shouldn’t have Saudi students coming here after 9-11. We shouldn’t pay Pakistan for 9-11.

We shouldn’t have immigration that is ethnic cleansing. The story should be that legal immigration is ethnic cleansing. We are experiencing an ethnic cleansing process in our own lands. The media have taken ownership of that just like they have taken ownership of Pakistan and Saudi roles in terrorism.

This is why they are protecting Musharraf in killing Bhutto. This is why Time has come out with its story on conspiracy theories. They label calling immigration ethnic cleansing a conspiracy theory too. But its actually math.

Fertility is below replacement while we have immigration, that is the mathematical definition of ethnic cleansing. Whenever one has that, it is ethnic cleansing. A math definition means the two conditions are satisfied and then its true.

We have below replacement fertility and immigration, therefore by math we have ethnic cleansing of us in our own lands. The MSM is on the side of that ethnic cleansing of us. The MSM calls us racist and white nationalist to oppose it.

==This is why they cleanse our culture as well and call it multiculturalism. Diversity is really cultural cleansing. We see it in the war on Christmas, the footbaths in airports and universities, the mosques, the apologies for our racism, etc.

They speak up and protect Putin from accountability for killing Litvinenko and Musharraf for killing Bhutto. Its part of their denying our worth. They are adopting everything against us because they have taken ownership in ethnic cleansing of us.

They say the people don’t matter, when the people is us, but instead the propositions matter. But the reason they cleanse our culture is because they are cleansing the people and the ethnicity. What they crystallize into slogans really shows their self-knowledge of what they are doing to us.

==Push 1 for Bush 2 for Clinton.

If you don’t like this choice, you are a conspiracy hillbilly white nationalist Paula Jones sympathizer. You deserve to lose your job for racism and be audited by the IRS for speaking up. Not that that wouldn’t be the computer’s decision.

This is why men’s median wages are the same as since 1973 and we are told that immigration helps the economy. Fertility is below replacement and we are told we need to be replenished to support social security and medicare, neither of which is true. Immigrants are a net tax burden. They don’t support anything. We support them out of our taxes, which are higher as a percentage than what Buffet and Gates and KKR pay.

==Shouting Conspiracy theory is habit for the MSM.

They already have the conspiracy theory stories out protecting Musharraf and Pakistan. The Pakistan government lied about her dying from a bullet wound. What more do you want as proof. Scott Peterson is in prison for circumstantial evidence that is less.

The MSM are in the habit of saying any doubt of official truth anywhere is false. That includes doubt of Islam. That includes doubt of “our ally” Pakistan. They label Pakistan and Saudi Arabia allies.

When a Huckabee speaks up against them, they call him ignorant. Huckabee said Pakistan was under martial law. Well it is. They just killed a person and hushed it up and lied about it. That is martial law.

A country can’t say its free just by saying it doesn’t have martial law. When the government kills and tortures, and has a secret police agency with the rank of general in it, like the ISI does, its under martial law all the time. A secret police agency with the rank of general in it is martial law all the time. That is what the ISI is.

The KGB had the rank of general in it too. The Soviet Union was under martial law of the KGB for its entire existence, it doesn’t matter that the Soviet non-party government didn’t proclaim martial law. It was martial law.

The way the MSM jumped on Huckabee for saying Pakistan was under martial law, when in fact it is, even if it doesn’t say so shows their superficiality. They are the ones who are mentally lazy. They are the ones who want a steady source that gives them one story a week and the rest of the time they check out mentally.

They are the ones who want to say bigot and racist instead of understand the math and statistics of immigration and ethnic cleansing. If they can discredit Huckabee for non standard statements on Pakistan they can silence everyone. Then they just push out their pablum stories from meal ticket sources and call everything else conspiracy theory.

Huckabee and the other candidates are supposed to fall into line and go on the record now that they accept the MSM line on Pakistan, that it is our ally and not behind killing people. That is a precondition for any candidate to be taken seriously by the MSM. They need the candidates to take ownership in Pakistan as an ally now.

The MSM can’t afford a candidate who hasn’t pledged loyalty to Pakistan before taking office. Because someone will be president and they can open up the records and tell the truth, that the MSM lied for Pakistan and Musharraf.

If the president opens the sources and shows the MSM was telling falsehoods about Pakistan, the MSM would lose all credibility. If Pakistan was involved against us in 9-11, and the president proves that, the MSM are discredited. That is why they are making the candidates swear allegiance to the Pakistan is our ally mantra and is not involved in killing Bhutto or in 9-11 or harboring bin Laden in Pakistan.

==Bhutto Story threatens to unravel MSM Official Truth on Pakistan.

The MSM went along with Bush to make Pakistan our ally after 9-11. Now if its revealed that Musharraf murdered Bhutto, then the MSM is on the side of a murderer. They would be discredited. The MSM go crazy when their credibility is threatened. That is when they trash a source if they need to or even one of their own employees is offered up as a sacrifice.

The MSM reacts with extreme emotion when a credibility threatening story shows up. That is what James Watson was. He threatened their cover story on race, that the whites are racists and that immigration isn’t ethnic cleansing.

We are seeing the MSM in the midst of being caught covering up for Musharraf and Pakistan whom they have made their ally and taken ownership in. They have gone along with their ally Bush on Pakistan. They have painted a picture of history of Pakistan as ally that is the opposite of the truth.

Pakistan has used terrorism from 1998 to now to extort money from us and keep nuclear weapons. Musharraf has been behind that the entire time. Musharraf is a criminal. They treated him as a hero on his US book tour.

The US MSM have become the mouth piece of a criminal who is engaged in systematic acts of killing Americans for money. That is what the MSM know they have done and why they call the attacks on Mush now for the Bhutto killing conspiracy theory. Even as the Pakistan government admits they made up how she died, from a bump, the US MSM pretends it proves nothing about Pakistan and Musharraf involvement. It proves everything.


How can the US MSM explain away calling it conspiracy theory to doubt the Pakistan government, even as the Pakistan government admit it made up the hit the head story totally when it was a gunshot wound? They are caught red handed spinning the “conspiracy theory” line when the Pakistan government is caught lying.

==Trotsky, MSM and Stalin

Trotsky was killed in 1940 in Mexico City by Stalin’s orders. Yet for the next several years, the US MSM praised Stalin as Uncle Joe and said he was our staunch ally and friend. But in fact, he was a murdered of Trotsky. He also was a mass murdered. The New York Times covered that up in the 1930’s.

That had to have sent the message to Hitler that he could get away with killing millions as long as he pretended that he wasn’t. We see the same with Musharraf and Bhutto as well as Musharraf in the 1999 Kargil War with India. Mush sent in Pak troops and said they were terrorists. He wouldn’t even take the bodies back.

The Taliban attacked our embassies in Aug 98, the USS Cole in Oct 2000 and the US on 9-11, 2001. Mush got to keep his nukes and 10 billion dollars and got the Clinton sanctions lifted. Its just like Stalin and the MSM in the 1930’s and 1940’s. Mush can kill individuals like Daniel Pearl and Bhutto and the MSM says its not proven he was involved. He can kill thousands of people in the Kargil War and the MSM ignore it. He can be part of a pattern of terrorism against Americans and the MSM say that ‘s conspiracy theory. There is nothing they accept.

Its the same with immigration causing our ethnic cleansing. Our fertility is below replacement and people are coming into our lands, that’s the mathematical definition of ethnic cleansing. Our own government, corporations and academic and media institutions support it. They say its conspiracy theory. But actually, its just math.

==MSM, Huckabee and Martial Law

Although repetitive, it bears being boiled down.

  1. Huckabee said that Pakistan was under martial law.
  2. The MSM ridiculed him.
  3. Then Bhutto was killed.
  4. If Musharraf was behind it, or even the Pakistan government, the MSM looks ridiculous. They look like they were playing gotcha with Huckabee and didn’t understand Pakistan. It also makes them look like media stooges for Musharraf.
  5. So they call it conspiracy theory to say Mush knew.
  6. Conspiracy theory is when the government or the MSM or a university is caught in a lie or in being wrong or corrupt.


US diplomats refused to accept that the deal was dead or that Musharraf may have double-crossed them.

They had given Mush money and testified to Congress that Pakistan was our ally. They had taken ownership in Mush and Pakistan. Mush’s innocence of everything he had ever done was something they invested their credibility in.

During our conversation, Bhutto observed that the US put little pressure on Musharraf, that the Americans were taking him at his word, but there was enormous US pressure on her.

==Mush is acting like already a killer

Musharraf is acting like he has already compromised himself. By killing Bhutto, Mush has crossed a line with the West, just as Putin did with killing Litvinenko. This came, in both cases, as with dictators before like Hitler and Stalin, because they already felt themselves guilty.

Musharraf started the war with India in 1998 in Kargil. He also has supported the Taliban after the Aug 1998 US embassy bombings. He continued that after the Oct 2000 USS Cole attack. He knew from the newspapers of these attacks. Yet he continued to support the Taliban. That shows it was his policy.

Musharraf took ownership of the attacks and he sought to and did benefit from them. After the 9-11 2001 attack on America, he got to keep his nukes, have sanctions lifted and got 10 billion dollars from the US. He continued the A Q Khan arms sales because Pakistan had 38 billion USD debt on 9-11 and he desperately needed money. That amount was greater than its gross exports on 9-11.

Musharraf in killing Bhutto and covering it up acts like a man who long ago crossed the line of murder. He acts like someone who knows he long ago crossed a line with the West. He feels that this obvious political murder will be ignored by the West and that he is already in so deep that it doesn’t matter anyhow. This is how he is acting.

This is how Hitler and Stalin acted. They had crossed moral lines and couldn’t go back. So they simply continued to violate moral laws including those against murder and mass murder. Partly they said to themselves they were getting away with it, partly they said they were entitled, and partly they felt they were in so deep that it didn’t matter anymore. They felt they had alienated themselves from their own people and the West and that more wouldn’t change that.

Musharraf has nuclear weapons. The West must make it its policy to get Pakistan to give up its nukes. This must be part of any deal that lets Musharraf leave Pakistan with any type of promise of sanctuary.


Conspiracy Theory

December 6, 2006

Conspiracy Theory List

Litvinenko and others say that: Putin is behind the 1999 Moscow Apartment Building bombings

US Dept of State says that Russia is behind saying that CIA behind AIDs:

The U.S. military or intelligence community is a favorite villain in many conspiracy theories.

For example, the Soviet disinformation apparatus regularly blamed the U.S. military or intelligence community for a variety of natural disasters as well as political events. In March 1992, then-Russian foreign intelligence chief Yevgeni Primakov admitted that the disinformation service of the Soviet KGB intelligence service had concocted the false story that the AIDS virus had been created in a US military laboratory as a biological weapon. When AIDS was first discovered, no one knew how this horrifying new disease had arisen, although scientists have now used DNA analysis to determine that “all HIV-1 strains known to infect man” are closely related to a simian immunodeficiency virus found in a western equatorial African chimpanzee, Pan troglodytes troglodytes. But the Soviets used widespread suspicions about the U.S. military to blame it for AIDS. (More details on this.)”

So if CIA did it, its conspiracy theory, if KGB or FSB or SVR did it, its not conspiracy theory.

USDOJ is the world’s largest conspiracy theory site?

USDOJ has over 15,000 hits on the search conspiracy

Conspiracy Nut: A person who believes everyone charged by USDOJ for conspiracy is guilty, that they should have been charged with that crime, and that what they were charged with should be a crime.

Well known conspiracy nuts: Alberto Gonzales, John Ashcroft, John Yoo.




Supreme Court and Judiciary

conspiracy site: over 19,000 and growing. Since DOJ is the source of most of these conspiracy hits, we still go back to DOJ.

Washington Post has over 10,000 hits on the search: conspiracy

Harvard conspiracy has 19,600
— Conspiracy events in History

Declaration of Independence July 4, 1776

Boston Tea Party

Assassination of Caeser

Hitler Stalin Pact to Divide Poland that started World War II

==WWI Explanations are all conspiracy theory?

“Events which seem to resist such interpretation—for example, because they are, in fact, unexplainable—may provoke the inquirer to look harder for a meaning, until one is reached that is capable of offering the inquirer the required emotional satisfaction. As sociological historian Holger Herwig found in studying German explanations for the origins of World War I:
Those events that are most important are hardest to understand, because they attract the greatest attention from mythmakers and charlatans. ”

So the conclusion is that WWI is unexplainable and everyone who tries to do so is a conspiracy nut, mythmaker and charlatan. Presumably, this applies to all large historical events.

A guy in Serbia shot some Austrian Archduke, so Austria sent an ultimatum to Serbia designed to be refused, and Serbia wouldn’t agree to a little of it, so Austria declared war backed by Germany, because they wanted to control central Europe is a conspiracy theory. Just like Russia wanted to stop it, the French sided with the Russians, and the Brits joined in to stop the Germans when they invaded Belgrium. The Turks joined in out of their long standing imperialist ambitions, plus they were already killing Christians in genocide, and why not get some land out of it as well? All that is conspiracy theory, myth making and charlatanism.

== Conspiracy Theory and Theory of History

So Conspiracy Theory is the view that history
is determined by individual and sometimes identifiable actions. Standard Theory is that history is not explainable and that all attempts to explain or even describe history are mythmaking and charlatanism. It sounds like Standard Theory is close to Marxist Leninist Theory, except the conspiracy theory parts, of course.

Sounds like we are all conspiracy nuts.


Bush admits to overseas CIA jails

CIA flights renditions

Secret Prisons Timeline

CIA wiki


cia program detentions

== Unitary Conspiray Theory by John Yoo

Nat Hentoff on Yoo etc.

Unitary Executive Theory is conspiracy theory.

John Yoo, the Berkeley, Bush DOJ, Silberman Thomas Clerk, Hatch Senate Judiciary Chief Counsel, Torture Memos, CIA Renditions, Unitary Executive Theory, Walking Conspiracy Theory.

=Carlyle Group: Follow the Money

(Remember Lee Hamilton’s 9-11 Commission said don’t follow the money. This was after the House Senate Joint Taskforce already had in 2003 and found it led to Saudi Arabia. Lee Hamilton’s whole career seems a conspiracy theory. Does he wish he had gone to Yale and into the CIA?)

search Carlyle Group

Richest 2 pct own more than half the world: study

Tue Dec 5, 2006 8:12 AM EST


–Law firms

Baker Botts


–Conspiracy Commissions

Hamilton Iran Contra

Hamilton October Surprise (theory Bush Sr. did a deal in 1980 to hold hostages until after election)

Baker Hamilton Iraq Study Group

Baker Kean Commission

— Immigration Conspiracy Theory

Immigration Chappaquiddick-ization implies the Middle Class in US and the GOP are doomed. We will all be toys for Bush McCain Kennedy Yoo. Its the extraordinary rendition of America against the will of its people.

This article represents hypotheses, speculation, opinion or conspiracy theory. All other disclaimers apply.

re: “Boris Berezovsky and the Bizarro Effect”

December 6, 2006

Comments on:
“Boris Berezovsky and the Bizarro Effect
In a world turned upside down, the gangsters are the “good” guys” by Justin Raimondo.

“The media campaign to discredit Putin has no real evidence to support it. It seems to be related to American foreign policy goals.”

Justin Raimondo is very knowledgeable on the history of Russia in the 1990’s and 2000’s. He has followed the oligarchs while the mainstream media has done so only episodically.

Raimondo gives a good argument for the Non-Putin Hypothesis. Much of his argument is to try to raise doubts in our minds about the allegations made about Putin, inconsistencies in some current accusers of Putin with past statements, and doubts about Berezovsky.

All of this is true, but we are still left with the Putin Hypothesis, that this was a sanctioned hit on Litvinenko by the Russian government with Putin’s personal approval as the leading hypothesis. The response of Russia to the investigation is to circle the wagons. This comes off as a Russian government operation.

Moreover, all of Litvinenko’s accusations against Putin are increased in probability. Some of them may start from a low level to those inclined to give any accused the benefit of the doubt. But some have been made by others and have to be considered more seriously than to be dismissed as conspiracy theory. This applies particularly to the apartment building bombing of 1999.

Raimondo at times makes the argument that everything comes out, therefore Putin can’t have ordered the apartment bombing. This is like the fallacy in the Post recently that any proven conspiracy is not a conspiracy.


gives over 15,000 hits. Many of these are reporting convictions for one conspiracy or another. Some may not be guilty, and some of these crimes should not be crimes, but they are still there to challenge all those who dismiss conspiracy theories.


also has some interesting results, including the statement that the Russian intelligence service was behind rumors that the CIA was behind spreading aids in Africa. The latter appears to have been done without the help of the CIA as Russia admitted after the fall of the Soviet Union. Note the State Dept dismisses that the CIA was behind Aids as a conspiracy theory, but affirms that the KGB was behind the rumors of CIA culpability without any sense of irony.

How to Identify Misinformation

“The U.S. military or intelligence community is a favorite villain in many conspiracy theories.

For example, the Soviet disinformation apparatus regularly blamed the U.S. military or intelligence community for a variety of natural disasters as well as political events. In March 1992, then-Russian foreign intelligence chief Yevgeni Primakov admitted that the disinformation service of the Soviet KGB intelligence service had concocted the false story that the AIDS virus had been created in a US military laboratory as a biological weapon. When AIDS was first discovered, no one knew how this horrifying new disease had arisen, although scientists have now used DNA analysis to determine that “all HIV-1 strains known to infect man” are closely related to a simian immunodeficiency virus found in a western equatorial African chimpanzee, Pan troglodytes troglodytes. But the Soviets used widespread suspicions about the U.S. military to blame it for AIDS. (More details on this.)”

So the rule is simple, if they say CIA did it, its a conspiracy theory, if they say the KGB or FSB or SVR did it, then its not a conspiracy theory. This is the official rule from the US Dept of State on how to tell a conspiracy theory from truth.
The same no doubt applies to all of us. Raimondo has no problem accusing Berezovsky of conspiracy, or the neocons of conspiracy, but defends Putin to the death of Litvinenko. This charming consistency in knowing who his enemies are is characteristic of Raimondo, as it is no doubt of all of us. However, in this case, Raimondo may have given us a good argument to pause in our judgement of Putin, but not enough to save him. This is special pleading and all the rest.

Russian intelligence is a hierarchical fear driven career service bureaucracy. Their day work is to do bad things. Loyalty to each other is their only means of avoiding exposure and censure if not prosecution. That applies to the Litvinenko murder and everything that Litvinenko accused Putin of.

One final note on the State web site. ” Primakov admitted.” What about the CIA in the 1980’s? They didn’t expose this? So a corollary of the State Dept Rule is that if its true and Russian intelligence is doing it or al Qaeda or the Taliban, the CIA can’t figure it out. After all, the lives saved are just middle Americans, whom the MSM have already sanctioned the removal of.

If the Saudis or Pakistan ISI are doing it, CIA might be able to figure it out, but they can’t tell. That might interfere with post agency employment in the lucrative business of body snatching aka extraordinary rendition, secret prisons, detentions, interrogation, Project Mkultra, releasing toxins in the New York subway system for fun and games, and John Yoo sanctioned mischief.

==Post Story

Moscow Restricts UK Cops
quote Face it, Russia is our enemy, they supply Iran with nuclear equipment and training. Now Russia has agreed to do the same for North Korea. Russia has not agreed with the US or England on UN matters ever, same with China, end quote tharmonwv | Dec 5, 2006 3:55:02 PM and dpklln comments are right. We need to do a ground invasion of Iran, remove its nuclear program, subs, and missiles. Then surround Pakistan and make it give up its nukes, subs and missiles. euge_s | Dec 6, 2006 8:17:30 AM and 135ABC | Dec 5, 2006 3:30:32 PM need to be deprogrammed.

==Background Material

Litvinenko allegations against Putin

This article represents hypotheses, speculation or opinion.

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