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Janet Murguia of Council of La Raza on Lou Dobbs

February 5, 2008

Janet Murguia of the Council of La Raza was on Lou Dobbs on February 4, 2008 for an extended period. She was given almost the complete floor to say what she wanted for what seemed like at least 15 minutes.


Presidential Candidates Campaign in Super Tuesday States; Interview With Janet Murguia of the Council of La Raza

Aired February 4, 2008 – 19:00 ET

…in middle somewhere of the segment

MURGUIA: Dan Stein with FAIR…

DOBBS: … for securing the borders.

MURGUIA: FAIR is a known, documented hate group.


MURGUIA: They receive…

DOBBS: They’re a hate group?

MURGUIA: That’s correct.

DOBBS: From — oh my gosh. You…

MURGUIA: This is now — this is from the Southern Poverty Law Center. They document that their founder, their creator, is John Tanton, a man who remains on FAIR’s board and operates a racist publishing company. He once has compared immigrants to bacteria…

DOBBS: Janet — OK.

MURGUIA: FAIR has employed members of white supremacists. They promote racist conspiracy theories, and they receive funding from the Pioneer Fund, which is a racist foundation devoted to eugenics and proving a connection between race and IQ.

You trot these folks out. You cloak them with an air of respectability, and you give them a platform. That’s not acceptable to us, to have these kinds of individuals spewing their rhetoric…

DOBBS: Well, you’re — I guess what I’m saying is…

MURGUIA: … on this…

DOBBS: … ladi-da, it’s not acceptable to you. What gives you such special prerogative here?

MURGUIA: It’s not me. This is hate speech.

It certainly is.

La Raza is using “Wave of Hate” as a sales campaign slogan.

They blamed a “Wave of Hate” for the call in against amnesty in 2007 to the Senate.

The calls were 100 to 1 in many cases against amnesty. Why weren’t people calling in for amnesty?

Dan Stein of Fairus, like Lou Dobbs, is a great American patriot. You can comment at the Stein Report on immigration issues.

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