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Baroness Sayeeda Warsi Listen to BNP voters

September 29, 2007


29 September 2007 21:33

Cameron ally sparks immigration row: ‘We must listen to BNP voters’
Remarks by Conservative peer on eve of party conference are labelled ‘grotesque’
Brown calls ‘council of war’ to weigh up whether to announce a snap election
By Marie Woolf and Brian Brady
Published: 30 September 2007
One of David Cameron’s most trusted and senior political allies has plunged the party into a race row by claiming that people who vote for the far-right British National Party (BNP) have “some very legitimate views” on immigration and crime.

In an interview with The Independent on Sunday, Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, the shadow Minister for Community Cohesion, fuelled the already highly charged debate about immigration by arguing that it has been “out of control”.

Lady Warsi, given a peerage by Mr Cameron so that she could join the Tory front bench, said that the “lack of control” over immigration was making people feel “uneasy”. She added that the “face” of some communities was changing overnight because of the sudden influx of people from abroad, adding that “the pace of change unsettles communities”.

The Muslim peer’s comments, made as the Conservative Party kicks off a crucial party conference in Blackpool, will be interpreted as the clearest signal yet that key figures in the party want Mr Cameron to move to the right and return to what they see as core values.

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Immigration… Immigration… Immigration: Cameron hoped to ignore it. But now it’s back with a vengeance
Hailed by David Cameron as the face of the new, multi-ethnic Tories, the shadow community cohesion minister has reignited a debate that threatens to derail her leader’s attempts to shake off the ‘nasty-party’ image of the past and exposes the divisions between left and right. Marie Woolf reports
Published: 30 September 2007

Glance at the agenda for this week’s Tory conference and debates on the environment, the broken society and public services are advertised in bold. But where is immigration, the issue that once defined the Conservative Party? The answer: nowhere to be seen. Dogged by accusations that Tories have been obsessed for decades with the arrival of foreigners on our shores, David Cameron has tried his best to keep quiet on the topic in his quest to remould the Tories as the embraceable, “nice” party.

Nina Lakhani

Further browsing: Searchlight, the anti-racismgroup, at

Note the link to the anti-BNP group

but the reporter, Nina Lakhani didn’t give the link to the BNP website. Nor was there a link to the blog at Independent for readers to have their say. Wonder why?


Gordon Brown ‘would win election landslide’ unless Cameron stops immigration

September 22, 2007

“The YouGov poll – the first since the High Street was plunged into turmoil – puts Labour on 39 points, the Conservatives on 33 and the Liberal Democrats on 16. It means Labour has dropped two points in the last month with the Liberal Democrats up by two points, and the Tories remaining at the same level.” from UK Daily Telegraph article By Andrew Porter, Political Editor Last Updated: 8:50am BST 22/09/2007.

Other parties in the poll get 12 percent. About 10 percent of that is likely BNP since UKIP is small and BNP got about 10 percent in a recent by election.

The way that main parties stay main is adopting a 3rd party position. If the Tories came out against all immigration and against the EU they would take the two issues of the BNP and UKIP. They should also insist on no accommodation to Islam, however they want to phrase that.

Instead David Cameron has come close to saying that the UK is a proposition country not an ethnic or national one.,,2095809,00.html

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Ealing tragedy that threatens Project Dave By Simon Heffer

July 21, 2007

Simon Heffer comments on David Cameron as leader of Conservative Party after Conservatives lose 2 by elections.

“What exactly are conservatives trying to conserve? For example, even if all immigration ceased tomorrow and every asylum seeker deported overnight, Britain would still have a population of around seven million people of non-European origin. Due to their higher birth rate and the increasing levels of miscegenation, the indigenous British population would still become a minority in their own country sometime this century. How many conservatives who proclaim themselves ‘patriots’ have had the courage to even mention this, much less propose a solution?

Posted by David Baxter on July 21, 2007 7:41 PM”

Above comment on immigration by David Baxter is correct. The Wright Island model on one-way migration proves that one-way migration causes complete genetic replacement of the island genes by the migrant genes.

If UK population was stable at 75mm, and people lived 75 years, 1mm deaths per year. If 1mm migrants per year, then births equals zero. If migrants 500k/year, then births are 500k/year, so the genetic survival ratio per generation is 1/2. 25 years birth to death, so 75 years have 1/8 starting genes.

The 500k/year migrants can also be re-interpreted as births to recent migrants. The result is what David Baxter was discussing. Links to journal articles in genetics at link at my name.

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David Cameron: Vote BNP if you want British, Cons for Sharia Lite

January 30, 2007

David Cameron is saying Vote BNP if you want a British Britain. Vote Labour Conservative Coalition for Sharia Lite. Cameron the feckless careerist cancer on the Conservative Party has once again shown himself to have no real integrity.

David Cameron pretends to want to stop Sharia, but actually supports the policies that create it, immigration, welfare, public benefits. Cameron policies in practice like Blair’s are like swallowing Polonium cocktails made in Moscow. Or is it like drinking Polonium tea in London?

David Cameron’s policies are the Polonium teapot. Looks British on the outside, tastes British going down, and kills you from the inside out. That is the Sharia tea of Muslim immigration and welfare.

Following from

“Tories set sights on separatist British Muslims”

“· Welter of initiatives to promote UK cohesion
· Muslim Council of Britain rejects report’s criticisms”

Will Woodward, chief political correspondent
Tuesday January 30, 2007
The Guardian

The report will underline comments made by the party’s leader, David Cameron, who warned yesterday that separatist Muslims who promote sharia law and demand special treatment for their faith are the “mirror image” of the British National party.

The report says a significant number of Muslim groups are “keener to promote ideologies than the totality of the communities they claim to represent”, and that their political influence greatly exceeds the extent to which British Muslims feel represented by them.

Just like Tony Blair’s Labour Party and David Cameron’s Conservative Party. Actually Phony Conservative Party, PCP.

How did we get here? For fifty years Labour and Conservative Party leaders have told the identical lie, that immigrants assimilate. They don’t. They displace, demand change and kill when it isn’t fast enough. Sounds like Fatah and Hamas doesn’t it? They have assimilated well in the last 50 years haven’t they?

Enoch Powell told the truth in the “Rivers of Blood Speech” and was sacked, by the Conservatives. Just for knowing the truth, they want to get the BNP Ballerina sacked. The more things change, the more they tell the same lie.

Bush Clinton Blair Cameron. Bush Blair Clinton Cameron. Can the English speaking world survive?

There will always be an England, but only if you vote BNP.


Actually Cons and Labs mirror Muslim extremists. Total Leftist intolerance from both of them about Islam from Enoch Powell speech on. Mirror in sense they are the same and you can’t tell which is the real one and which the reflection.

Cameron and Blair are identical in their hostility to the British people, if they even know what that means and don’t think its racist. There are Arabs, so there must be something call British or English. To say otherwise is the real racism. Which is exactly what David Cameron and Tony Blair express by their acts.


Labs and Cons thrive on fear, fear of voters to think of themselves as bigots to vote for their own survival.

Blair and Cameron are the extremists.  They want to force Sharia law by immigration and ethnic and Christian cleansing.  This is what immigration does, it substitutes out those there for immigrants.  That is the BC program and its working.  As ethnic cleansers, BC are the extremists.

This article is opinion, hypotheses, speculation or a warning of the decline of the West. All other disclaimers apply.

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