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David Warsh on Shleifer, Harvard, Russia

November 8, 2006

David Warsh has a great summary of the facts underlying the case US v. Harvard, Shleifer and Hay. “The Light Gray Curse ” traces the evolution of the case over the 1990’s and touches lightly on the role of Larry Summers. HIID was a Harvard entity under Jeffrey Sachs that administered US grants. Shleifer had the one for Russia.

For a time Shleifer employed Chubais on HIID’s payroll in Moscow. Chubais handled negotiations with Stanley Fischer and Larry Summers for IMF loans for Russia, even when he wasn’t working for the Russian government. This may be because Aldrich Ames and Robert P. Hanssen had told Russia that the US had moles in Russian intelligence.

So they had Chubais handle negotations with the economics professors Stanley Fischer and Larry Summers who controlled loans to Russia. This way, US moles in Russian intelligence wouldn’t know what Chubais was saying to the professors and what file material on them he was using. Speculation on what that might have been including possible plagiarism is discussed in the articles referenced below.

For more on this story see Russia’s Plagiarism Files and links under it.

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