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Yeagley: No Wasps for America then No America

October 4, 2007

My view as an American Indian: White Anglo-Saxon Protestants created this country. What is it that they love? What do they consider to be the country?

As an American Indian, I seek their opinion. Their view is the one I want to consider. I am bound to them in blood, war, and treaty. My history is theirs, and theirs mine. I have looked to them for the health of the country.

I must say, they seem quite lost now. They are either afraid of who they are, or ashamed. If they are indeed not proud of who they are, yet continue to constitute the polity they created, they throw a curve ball to the world.

In a nutshell, Wasp Pride. This is not to destroy others but to respect themselves. Respecting themselves means not letting 3rd world immigration erase what they created. The world doesn’t need more Zimbabwes and Robert Mugabes, but it does need to keep John Winthrop’s America shining on a hill.

Shocked to hear America belonging to John Winthrop? That is the point of Yeagley’s article. Until we can say its John Winthrop’s America, we can’t live it as John Winthrop’s America. We can’t save it as John Winthrop’s America until we say its John Winthrop’s America. And if we can’t say its John Winthrop’s America, we can’t save it as John Winthrop’s America.

This country was not created by Mugabe but by Winthrop. Its not Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, its Winthrop’s America. They are different. Creators count.

What does Wasp Pride mean? It means avoiding the Fermi Paradox. Fermi calculated that space traveling civilizations either are unlikely to be created or are unlikely to survive. We seem to follow the second branch of the Italian Navigator’s fork in the road. We have an obligation to maintain our civilization, not let it disappear and with it possibly humanity’s chance to spread to the stars. If we are the only intelligent species in the universe, we need to keep this civilization alive. “Row well and live forty-one.”

Republican Mugabes are the RINO 4: Fred Hollywood Thompson, John Amnesty McCain, Bain’s Mitt Romney, and Rudi Sanctury City Giuliani. How did the RINO 4 become the front runners of the Republican party? Why not just rename it the Rove party?

David Yeagley, an American Indian Patriot at:

Can Wasps be American Wasp Patriots? Yeagley is saying if they can’t, then America can’t survive.

I deeply believe in nationhood. I can only hope Americans do too. Otherwise, my seat is in the wrong stadium. It was a total waste.

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