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Immigration and Internet turn childhood into giant gang war

May 29, 2008

More knife fightings in the UK. More stories of children having on-line relationships that parents don’t know about. What’s it all mean? We have lost control of this generation. This is because we’ve lost control of our entire society. Immigration does that. Diversity does that. Diversity kills. It turns off minds, it doesn’t turn them on. Multiculti is stupidity because it teaches ignoring what you can see and observe.

Every child killed in a knife fight is killed by the Lib Lab Con parties. They do it for Saudi money and oligarch money. Blair Brown and Cameron bear the guilt for every knife fight. They don’t care. Remember that. They caused this and laugh at us as cowards frightened of the word bigot.

Where do the kids learn to be gang members? From Blair Brown and Cameron. They are the gang leaders of England. Bush Clinton McCain Obama are the ones in the U.S. Sarkozy in France. Liberal left parties everywhere.

Want to stop it? Vote BNP in the UK. Vote Chuck Baldwin Constitution Party in the U.S. Do it for the children. Do it because we must. Do it now. Stop waiting for the gang leaders to change. Voting for gangs to rule over you and take Saudi and Chinese money is the definition of insanity.

Support organizations like NumbersUSA, Fairus, Judicial Watch and the others. Speak up. Call your Congressman and Senator. Make a small donation now even if you don’t have a lot. Support Vdare, Takimag, Amren, Green Arrow BNP, Brussels Journal, etc. Speak up and pay up. The real risk is being cowed by Blair Cameron Brown Bush Clinton McCain and Obama.

They get 300,000 dollar speaking fees from the Saudis. Time to start voting for those who don’t. BNP. Chuck Baldwin Constitution Party, Vlaams Belang and the others in Denmark, Holland, etc. The ones calling you bigot are taking Saudi and Chinese money. Time to stop being silent while they ruin our children’s lives and take them.

Don’t let your child or someone’s child die in a Tony Blair sponsored knife fight because you were afraid to be called a bigot. Every time a child dies, Blair and Clinton get another 300,000 speaking fee engagement from some corporate mobster or Saudi prince. You can’t just say you are a coward while children are killed in knife fights and Blair and Clinton take 300,000 speaking fees for the immigration that brings them.

The Davos Forum is a meeting of child killers. The CEO’s pay professors and journalists to call you a bigot every time a child is killed. They shut you up and blame you for their killing your children. The real ones responsible for Madeleine McCann’s disappearance are the Davos Forum of Child Kidnappers, Knife Fight Instigators, and Evil Incorporated. The same applies to the G-8 members. The G-8 are the gang of 8 childhood and child killers. The Genocide 8 is another good name for them. Except possibly for Putin. Putin shouldn’t meet with them because they are lower than Putin.

This article is hypotheses or opinion. Restate all sentences as questions. Comments welcome. This is draft and preliminary, another child will be knifed and another G-8 genocide gangster will get paid off before you read this. All other disclaimers apply.

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