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Gunman Delaware State, No Description Released

September 21, 2007

Bearing in mind, we should not form a conclusion at this stage, we can ask why no description has been released. One story says the victims knew the gunman. Another says the victims can’t speak. Other stories report one victim is stable. The University website says the gunman is male. If they know that, why don’t they know the race of the gunman?

The university (at 10 AM, the time of this added note) has kept its Diversity Statement as the center of its main webpage, and the announcement of the gunman is in small print in the lower right hand corner.

As of 10 AM you have to scroll down to see the announcement if you have less than a full screen in the window, at least on some monitors. The university has put its diversity statement first over even telling students there is a gunman.

Note Added 10:49 AM, the image at rotates, so sometimes its diversity related and other times says something else. Click the refresh button to reload the page to see the message at center of webpage change. Clicking several times you can see the diversity message.

Note Added 10:55 AM The Diversity statement message:

DSU places great emphasis on making connections with diverse people on and off campus, and provides us with unique opportunities to represent the University and ourselves in a positive way.

Alan Miceli and T.J. Alexander

– Delaware State University is in lockdown, as police search for the gunman who shot two students on campus early Friday morning.

Police say the suspect openend fire at about one o’clock Friday morning near Memorial Hall.

Investigators say at least one of the victims knew the shooter.

If one victim knew the shooter, doesn’t that imply they have a description? Why is the campus in lockdown, but no description is released if one of the victims knew the shooter?

In the Virginia Tech case, the shooter’s description including ethnic description were not released after the incident was over for a period of time. We then learned it was Cho Seung-Hui. Here, the gunman is on the loose, and this report says one victim knew the gunman.

The AP report has this


Police hoped to find out more information once the victims were able to talk. “We haven’t had a chance to talk to them yet, and that’s probably a big reason why the suspect is still at large,” university spokesman Carlos Holmes told KYW-TV.

This report seems contradictory to the report above. Of course, it does come from a university spokesman.

Note however, this from Delaware State University website:

At approximately 12:54 a.m. on Friday, Sept. 21, the Delaware State University Police Department was notified of an incident in which two students were shot on campus near Memorial Hall. A single male suspect is being sought, but has not yet been apprehended. The investigation is continuing with the assistance of other local police.

How can they know the gunman is male if the reason they can’t get a description is the victims can’t talk? If they know the gunman is male, do they know what race or ethnicity the gunman is?

Timely Warning Notification Update, Classes Canceled Due to Shooting Incident

This headline appears in the bottom right corner of their webpage. Shouldn’t it be at the top and big?

=Note added 10 AM

On Aug. 4, three Delaware State students were shot execution-style behind a Newark, New Jersey, elementary school, leaving two of them dead. A fourth victim who was also killed had planned to attend the school.

WaPo at 10:14 AM added⊂=AR

At the start of the fall semester, the campus community held a memorial service for three students and an incoming student shot execution-style Aug. 4 as they hung out at an elementary school in their hometown of Newark, N.J. Natasha Aeriel, 19; her brother, Terrance Aeriel, 18, and Dashon Harvey, 20, were students. Iofemi Hightower, 20, had planned to attend Delaware State this fall. Natasha Aeriel, the only survivor, helped police identify six suspects who have been arrested.

Delaware State was established in 1891 as the State College for Colored Students. It had about 3,690 students last year. The 400-acre campus is in the northern section of Dover, across the street from the racetrack.

==Added 6:41 PM University Statement

DSU President and Police Chief’s Statements Concerning the Sept. 21 Shooting Incident on Campus

The Delaware State University Police Department is currently investigating a shooting incident that took place earlier this morning.

Some time between 12 midnight and 1 a.m., on Friday morning (this morning) a group of about 8-10 students left the Village Café and dispersed. At some point soon thereafter some of those students ended up in the pedestrian mall area between Grossley Hall and Memorial Hall. Shortly before 1 a.m., a gun was produced in the area among those people and about 4-6 shots were fired. A 17-year-old male student and a 17-year-old female student – both from Washington D.C. were struck by gunfire.


The DSU Police were contacted at 12:54 a.m. and informed that there had been a shooting at that location and that there were injuries. Ambulances were called immediately and the police dispatched to the crime scene where they found the two wounded students. The students were transported to local hospitals.


The male student, who was shot once, is in stable condition. The female student, who was shot twice, is in serious condition. In accordance with federal laws relating to the privacy of students, we are not at liberty to divulge anymore details about their injuries.


The DSU Police and the Dover Police are conducting a joint investigation and have interviewed numerous persons. They have identified two persons of interest – both students – one of whom they have located and are in the process of interviewing. The police are searching for the other one person of interest. The joint investigation is continuing and those two agencies are also receiving some addition assistance for the Delaware State Police, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearm & Explosives, U.S. Marshall and the Delaware Attorney General’s Office. However, the DSU Police is the lead investigator in this case.

They still don’t give a description of those involved. The campus is still in lockdown? It was reported to be for much of the day. If there is a threat, shouldn’t they release a description? If there isn’t, why was there a lockdown? Why did it continue for most of the day as it appears happened from news media reports.

As of 3:59 P.M. There was a report it was still in lockdown.

The following has some remarks made by the President during the day:


Cho Seung-Hui

There were claims about backlash. Instead another Asian gunman with a gun at another place was wrestled down, after John Derbyshire said the students should have fought back.

Asian gunman disarmed

==Vdare on that case:

25 April 2007
Fighting Back Works–Latest Asian Gunman Disarmed By Students

[James Fulford] @ 11:31 am [Email author] [Email This Article] [Print This Article]

This comes under the heading of “I told you so” and it’s very rude to say “I told you so,” but since I’m saying it to John Podhoretz among others, I’ll make an exception. Here’s the story, material in square brackets is what the press and the Asian American Journalists Association don’t feel like telling you.

[Asian]USC student charged with assault in handgun case

police say Zao Xing Yang, 19, threatened a woman at a party early Sunday.
By Richard Winton, Los Angeles Times
April 25, 2007

A 19-year-old [Asian] USC student was charged Tuesday with making criminal threats and committing an assault with a handgun at a weekend party near campus.
Zao Xing Yang, an undergraduate, was arrested early Sunday morning after fellow students wrestled him to the ground when they saw him holding a .25-caliber handgun.

Police later searched Yang’s apartment and discovered packages of methamphetamine, a .44-caliber revolver, several hundred dollars in cash and “threatening materials,” police said.

Yang, who is being held without bail at Twin Towers jail in downtown Los Angeles, was charged with two counts of making criminal threats and two counts of assault with a firearm. [He may be here on a student visa, which makes him deportable. Inquiring minds want to know. But not at the LA Times]

His arraignment was postponed until May 3.

His arrest comes a week after a [Korean] Virginia Tech student fatally shot 32 people at the school, raising concerns about security on college campuses across the country.

“USC school police responded quickly, as did the Los Angeles Police Department,” Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said at a news conference Tuesday.

==Added 4:26 PM Mon Sep 24 2007

A suspect was arrested. But there were complaints over the weekend that no description was released.


Suspect in Custody:,,-6945196,00.html

Monday September 24, 2007 8:31 PM


Associated Press Writer

DOVER, Del. (AP) – Police arrested an 18-year-old man in the shooting of two students at Delaware State University, authorities said Monday. As they led him into a courthouse, he told reporters: “I’m sorry.”

Loyer D. Braden was charged with attempted murder, assault and reckless endangerment, as well as a gun charge, according to court documents.

A justice of the peace set bail for the East Orange, N.J., teenager at $60,000 and ordered him to stay away from the victims and Delaware State. There was no immediate indication if Braden was a student at the school.

Four Dover police officers escorted Braden to the court Monday afternoon with his hands cuffed and his legs shackled.

In response to reporters’ questions, he said softly: “I’m sorry.” Asked what he was sorry for, he replied only: “She’s in the hospital.”

Photo of “Loyer D. Braden, of East Orange, N.J.” at above link.

Loyer D. Braden, a Delaware State University freshman charged today with attempted murder in Friday’s shootings of two fellow students, had been angry about being spit in the face during a fight earlier in the week, according to court records.

The previous fight occurred Tuesday in a parking lot on the Dover campus. During that fight, an unidentified man was cut under his lip and spit saliva mixed with blood in Braden’s face, a university police investigator wrote in an arrest warrant.

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