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December 13, 2007

Joe Biden’s wife is a full time teacher and has a Ph.D. in education. This may be why Biden mentioned that schools with black kids can’t really achieve the same as white kids. The same applies with Hispanics. White and East Asian kids have higher IQ.

Chris Dodd, I think, also had a teacher relative, in this case, who had taught in inner city schools for a long period. He said those schools and kids were in trouble and had bad problems. From what? It isn’t lack of money. Its low IQ and immigration.

They also talked about science and math education. Bill Richardson talked about hiring 100,000 science teachers. As many at Vdare such as Steve Sailer and James Fulford have pointed out, its a matter of ending H-1B. Right now, science jobs have a sign out saying Irish need not apply. Bill Gates testified to Congress that Irish need not apply at Microsoft because he wanted low cost H-1B’s from India and China. Some of them may be spies. Gates doesn’t care. One spy who gives away our B-2 secrets or just know-how costs us billions in public and private costs.

Noshir Gowadia of India was an immigrant who gave our B-2 secrets to China it has been alleged. Other allegations have said Chinese immigrants have given away our night vision to China. That ends up being sold to the insurgents against our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Democrats have not called for leaving Afghanistan, so they are still on the battlefield.

Hillary Clinton said that the moon program in the 1960’s got her excited and that in 5th grade as I recall she said she wanted to get involved. Her teacher told her to study math and science. Hillary said that was something she could do then to help. But now, we let Indian and Chinese H-1B’s dominate our universities as students, TA’s and profs.

Indian and Chinese profs in the US want their pipeline of students back to their old profs in India and China. Those profs send them students and those are the students that our universities care about and educate. They get the recommendations for academic jobs. They get their papers published and cited. They get their grants funded. They get more assistants from the same pipeline.

Industry is just as bad. They want H-1B’s from India and China to get jobs, whether educated in the US or not. They don’t want Americans in those jobs.

Who will educate K-12 science and math teachers? In college they take math and science from Indian and Chinese profs and TA’s who don’t want Americans to learn these subjects and don’t speak English well. They don’t want Americans to learn or pass the course. So American teachers don’t get taught math and science in a college system that is hostile to them. Americans are just taught in college that they are racist. That is all American colleges want to teach them.

US colleges say Americans are racist and inferior to Asians and can’t learn from science and math textbooks written by whites decades ago in many cases. They are full of formulas invented by whites over the centuries for the most part. This particularly applies to courses in college taught to prospective K-12 math and science teachers.

Men’s median wages in the US is the same as in 1973. Women’s median wages are what men’s were in 1960. Immigration is keeping Americans down in the education system and the work place. Its keeping Americans from learning the math and science created by whites.

To the education establishment, Americans can’t learn math and science in college because they have low IQ. They say Irish need not apply, its for Asians. But in K-12, IQ doesn’t matter according to the education establishment. Then IQ doesn’t explain why blacks and Hispanics never catch up no matter how much is spent on them.

IQ only counts when whites have lower IQ according to the education establishment. They are simply anti-white. You can’t be anti-white in America without being anti-American. That is what the system is. The Democratic Party is the apex of that anti-white America.

The Wen Ho-Lee case came up during the debate. Bill Richardson was involved in that case. This case is still disputed by some as to the underlying issues. Wen Ho-Lee was alleged to have traveled to China and given them secrets. He was alleged to have downloaded nuclear secrets to a computer that was not authorized for them. He was from Taiwan.

Why are there not enough Americans born in America to staff our secret weapons lab? Why are we recruiting ethnic Chinese for nuclear weapons labs in America?

China is a major competitor. Its established that countries use their own ethnic groups, even those born here to recruit spies or those who will ignore what they see. We can’t have security against India and China until we admit that. They are our competitors and they have ethnic chauvanism against us. We can’t keep our secrets from them if we hire ethnic Indians and Chinese into our sensitive positions in industry, academia and government. In fact, we have lost control over all those institutions.

We can’t say the truth about pipeline loyalty to India and China by ethnic Indians and Chinese. Until we can say the truth, we can’t solve the problem. We have to end these pipelines. That means ending immigration completely. The loss of our B-2 and other secrets has cost us hundreds of billions of dollars alone.

China is engaging in actual attacks on our public and private computer systems. This is war. Why do we have immigration from a country at war with us? Why are ethnic Chinese put in charge of academic, industry and government hiring? Why do we tolerate their discrimination against those outside their ethnic groups?

We can’t talk about the reality of our war with China, since they are attacking us, unless we talk about the reality of ethnic Chinese pipelines that go back to their schools and universities. Why do we think someone born and educated in China won’t be loyal to their parents, professors and family in China?

Do we assume that people born in America become loyal to other countries when they live there? Or do we expect them to stay loyal to their family, parents, and teachers in this country? To say that Chinese who come here become loyal to the Senate instead of their parents is the real racism. In fact, its overweening arrogance to say that. Saying what is false, makes us partly believe it, no matter how obviously false it is. We can’t win the war with China until we stop Chinese immigration. They are attacking our computer systems on a regular basis. That is war. We shouldn’t give them access to our universities and all the places those are a gateway to.

The Democrats can’t say anything real about our problems. They betrayed this country by immigration. We are under attack in our computers by China. We are being betrayed to China by other immigrants such as those from India. We can’t say the truth about this war because of political correctness.

The Democratic debates highlight the problems in part, but they can’t say what the whole problem is because of PC. They can’t say the solution at all because of this. We can’t solve our problems until we drop PC about immigration and immigrant loyalties. We have to tell the truth about the discrimination against whites throughout our entire educational, industrial and government system. Affirmative action is just part of it.

We are seeing the destruction of our civilization. What we fought for is being given away by a feckless generation of cowards. We have to lose our own cowardice. If we can’t stop being cowards, and say the truth, we can’t survive.

John Edwards talks about discrimination but never that against whites. Edwards promised the venture capital community in a speech in Silicon Valley unlimited H-1B’s from India and China. He wants a VC partnership like Gore got. Edwards wants to be a VC billionaire. So does Gore.

Biden was asked about his sometime gaffes about immigrants and blacks. This shows how they can’t tell the truth at the Democratic Debate. The Republican Debate is not much better. We have to insist on the truth.

While we have the internet, while we can speak out, while we can email, fax, phone and meet our political leaders we have to do so. Apathy is suicide. Cowardice is suicide. They are taking our jobs. Not speaking up is like not speaking up in a spider’s web. We are in the web and the spider sees us. We can’t survive unless we escape the web. We can’t escape the web unless we say we are in the web. We have to tell the truth to win the war with this spider that has us in its web.


China is actively attacking our computers, military and civilian at all times. A programmer in China doing that work who comes to the U.S. is not going to be loyal to Senator Kennedy. He is going to be loyal to his team back in China, his parents, his teachers, etc. This is how it is.

To think they become loyal to President Bush or Karl Rove when they come here is the extreme of the arrogance the Greeks called hubris. Hubris always leads to the fall of the person who has it. When the king or leader has hubris, the result is the fall of the city that he leads.


The above is draft and preliminary.  These are hypotheses and should be restated as such.  Not all Chinese or Indians are spies.  Nor do all discriminate. Indians and Chinese have contributed to societies on every continent, as have all large enough groups.   It isn’t that one wants to write uncomfortable truths, but we have to recognize the reality. Our computer systems are under attack from China.  They are part of our supply chain, here and there.  This creates an uncomfortable situation.  This was true for Germans, Japanese and to a lesser extent Italians in wars past.  Obviously in the country’s first war, British were on both sides.  That wasn’t a bed of roses to sort out either.

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