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Whites need to stop being pod people

December 3, 2008

This started out as a comment at Vanishing American, “Cultural chaos” and loneliness”.

“PC is hate.” I searched on that and one result said: PC is hate speech. Another search “PC fifth column”.

In military speak, PC is a force multiplier. That’s why we need our own force multipliers.

Speaking out bluntly is essential to turn the pod people around. When they say, you mean you are for white people, or whatever variant they use as beyond the pale, the answer is yes.

You can’t deprogram pod people with euphemisms. We are fighting to preserve a white majority country. Its the invaders who are haters. And they hate us. They came to replace us. Pod people need to say that to stop being pod people. And its a constant struggle.

Those who come to take our lands are evil and do hate us. They aren’t just looking for a better life, but to stop our enjoying our life. They are taking our land by force one act at a time. Invaders are haters.

They are looking to end our communities and extended families. Our institutions once were our extended families. Our schools, colleges, companies, churches, and government at all levels were all part of our extended family. The invaders are ending that.

Their speech is full of hate for us to have our land as our extended family. They say they take that and we can’t have it. That is hate. They show they hate us by saying that. Pod people deny it. To stop being a pod person you have to say the truth. We have to fight back. Depodification is a struggle everyday. Join the program.

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Diversity is causing stress and depression that causes the obesity epidemic.

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