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Detroit the body of cities

October 2, 2009

“Detroit: Too broke to bury their dead
Money to bury Detroit’s poor has dried up, forcing struggling families to abandon their loved ones in the morgue freezer.
.By Poppy Harlow, anchor
Last Updated: October 1, 2009: 10:19 AM ET”

This is the outcome of the 1965 Immigration Act, 1964 un-Civil Rights Act and the 1965 Voting for corruption and decay Act.  These were written by Norbert Big Schlei, first in his class at Yale Law School.  More on Schlei here:

Peter Brimelow shows a video of the Schlei Smile

“Norbert Schlei—Guilty of Malice Aforethought in America’s Immigration Disaster?”

Everything that has happened in Detroit was voted for by its new inhabitants.  They voted to fight racism.  They voted to show the whites who onced lived there who was boss now.  Its the same as South Africa and Zimbabwe.  Schlei is laughing at us, especially those who honor his trifecta of generalized genocide and watch Hollywood and New York “entertainment” that push it.  They are pushers of Detroit as our future.  They know what they are doing, that is why they get admitted to Harvard and we don’t.  (I.e. they get into Harvard because they are smarter than we are, so if we can figure out what they are doing they must have as well.)


White minority at HarvardWhite minority at Harvard

(Note White minority at Harvard is not in the original but was entered as alternative to image in the form for inserting an image.)

Whites non Hispanic are 48 percent of Harvard undergraduates.  Subtract the 30 percent Jewish and you have 18 percent non-Jewish whites.

30 percent of Harvard undergrads are Jewish leaving 18 percent as NJ whites.

Similar numbers apply to Stanford.

Ethnic Diversity
African American 10.5%
Asian American 19.8%
International 7.2%
Mexican American 7.9%
Native American 3.2%
Native Hawaiian 0.8%
Other Hispanic 6.7%
White 31.5%
Other 3.1%
Declined to State 9.5%

Subtract out 20 percent Jewish from White 31.5 and you get non Jewish white 11.5.


Whites out of Harvard and Stanford is part of the same process as Detroit in ruins.  Its the New Harvard and the New Stanford that produced the New Detroit and the New New Orleans.  They are the ones who worship The Big Three Schlei Laws, the  1965 Immigration Act, 1964 un-Civil Rights Act and the 1965 Voting Rights Act.

Those are their trinity.  That is what they worship.  That is their dream.  Harvard, Stanford, and Detroit as they are today are their dream.  They don’t intend to stop until all America looks like Harvard, Stanford and Detroit today.  Praise it (like a PC Zombie) or fight it, its up to you.


Watson and is Detroit in the genes?

October 22, 2007

Please see the disclaimer at the end. Bear in mind, that we are discussing frequency distributions and that not everyone is the same as the average or tail of the groups they belong to. Comparisons among groups are comparisons of frequency distributions.

The flap on James Watson is covered by Steve Sailer at Vdare this morning.

Sailer quoting Watson

E.O. Wilson for saying that genes influence the behavior of humans as well as of other animals

Its not just IQ, its behavior.

The following has photos of Detroit’s history and fall into decay. This can’t be blamed on Katrina.

Sailer raises the question of what the liberal establishment is worried about. Its not really Hitler, its more like the following link:

(Dershowitz said in his criticism of Walt and Mearsheimer that they should have cited taboo websites. So if you don’t like this link, send email to Harvard, where one professor seems to think the rules of citation apply at least in this case.)

That link has some interesting information but is surrounded by inappropriate language. But the message of the link is that Detroit was done in by what the MSM won’t say and won’t cover. How many stories about Katrina destroying New Orleans? How many stories about who destroyed Detroit?

One reason to link to the above site is that it has the no major grocery chain store in Detroit story on it.

Grocery closings hit Detroit hard
City shoppers’ choices dwindle as last big chain leaves
Joel J. Smith and Nathan Hurst / The Detroit News

DETROIT — Colleen Rogers isn’t looking forward to crossing the street to shop for even a few groceries.

The store, a locally owned market, is convenient, just steps away from the beauty shop where she works on Livernois in Detroit. But what troubles her is its higher prices, lack of variety and the low quality of fruit, vegetables, meats and other food — staples Rogers could find every day in abundance at the Farmer Jack store near her home that is about to close.

“Sure, there’s other grocery stores, but try finding something to eat in there,” said the 34-year-old skin care specialist. “You can’t buy quality food in the city anymore.”


If no grocery stores buy the Farmer Jack locations from the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co., Detroit will be left without a single national chain supermarket, much less a Wal-Mart or Meijer superstore or a Costco-style warehouse store.

Analysts say no other major city in America is such a supermarket desert. And it’s not likely to change anytime soon.

Over the years, national chains have located in Detroit, only to pull up stakes and flee. There are a multitude of reasons, according to retail analysts, with the major deterrent being the high cost of doing business in the city.

“Sometimes even the people that live in the neighborhood don’t feel safe shopping in the store,” said David J. Livingston, a supermarket expert from Wisconsin. “They’ll drive right past that Detroit store to go to a suburban store where they feel more comfortable.”

Note these are blacks living in Detroit who presumably are being talked about. So there is black flight from blacks in Detroit? Is that what Mexican immigration is? Mexican flight from Mexicans?

Expired food is a problem

Most independent food stores in Detroit are owned and operated by Chaldeans, some of whom have been in business for 40 or more years. A few are owned by African-Americans.

ACORN has been picketing stores it contends have been selling expired meats and unhealthy foods.

“We have problems with meat and produce being expired,” Hollins said. “We have no security in the parking lots, …”

That is the store’s problem? ACORN as presumably representing the local community is telling store owners they are responsible for security in the parking lot against people from the local community? Shouldn’t the local community provide security to the store?

“…no restrooms in the stores and a poor selection of food products. When you cross Eight Mile, these problems all disappear. The poor folks, who don’t have transportation to the suburbs to shop, are being taken advantage of.”

So people migrated to Detroit in the early 20th century, a functioning city, chased the people who lived there to the suburbs, and now they have to go to the suburbs to shop? Ken Burns “The War” was covering how bad the whites were in Detroit during the war. But now we have this story.

This is why the MSM doesn’t talk about Detroit. It only leads to inconvenient truths. That is what Watson is, inconvenient truth. That is what immigration is.

This story on Detroit would indicate something to be studied with grants and no obligation to come to one conclusion over another. Also it should be published, without the author or institution or journal deciding not to. We need to find out what is going on.

Watson is saying that the genes for IQ and also behavior will be found in 10 years. E. O. Wilson says our behavior is genetic in large part, not just taught. Of course, what happened in Detroit is partly from behavior that is genetic and part that is from behavior that is taught.

So we are left with the implication from Watson, Wilson, and others that in 10 years we likely will find that, at least in part, Detroit is in the genes. We will find that the behaviors that lead to it are in the genes. This potentially might also include genes for racism that lead to black on white crime.

That is the type of finding that would run contrary to the whole concept of liberalism in the 20th century. If there is DNA coded for racism, and black on white crime is a reflection of that, then this is also active in less visible situations. So there is likely discrimination by blacks in hiring, employment, courts, jury duty (O. J. Simpson case), etc. under this hypothesis.

This hypothesis undermines the whole case for the current form of civil rights and desegregation. This hypothesis might indicate lack of proper medical care might happen as a result of this coding. That would imply that hospitals should be segregated for example so that each race gets the proper care.

If racism is coded in the DNA, and if its not just violent crime, but every interaction that is influenced by it, then the conclusion is that segregation is a civil right. Not giving people segregated schools, hospitals, work places, etc violates their civil rights, because discrimination by race is coded into DNA. This is a possible conclusion that we may reach from decoding the DNA of racism. We also may find that black violence on whites or the O.J. Simpson jury’s behavior is because blacks are less able to control the DNA racism gene because they lack a gene that lets them overcome that.

All the liberals who have said that whites are the evil ones and acted without basis in history may find their position undermined. If its shown that black behavior is genetic and that this is what caused the ruins of Detroit, the O.J. Simpson jury verdict, black on white violence, then some would say it shows that the “bigots” were right all along.

Sailer talks about how the President of Harvard, Derek Bok, is worried that his “scholarship” for affirmative action will be undermined by the DNA decoding that Watson predicts in 10 years. Sailer indicates that the left will try to suppress and reinterpret the findings. However, the above issues will inevitably arise.

We can see the images of ruined Detroit. We can read the report that no national grocery chain will put a store in the city of Detroit. We can read the statistics on black on white violence. We can read the IQ gap literature. Its not just IQ, its behavior as E. O. Wilson of Harvard said. We are about to see that science disagrees with liberalism. Liberalism makes statements, and science proves them false.

This means that many people that liberalism has sidelined will be shown to have been trying to understand reality instead of ignore it. This includes Vdare, Lawrence Auster, Jared Taylor, Steve Sailer, and many others. It will undermine the position of many groups like SPLC. It will also say that most of immigration is harmful. It brings not only people with low IQ, but with low self control, and bad behaviors including racism that they are not able to control. This comes out not just in crime, but in other situations as well. That undermines the whole basis of immigration. It may show that cross-racial assimilation may be largely a myth and essentially false.


How could a great American city reach the point that no major grocery store chain will put a store in the city of Detroit?

Did liberalism and its policies undermine Detroit Motors not just Detroit? At least in part? Are we losing our industry for the sake of a false theory of society?

Men’s median wages are the same as in 1973. Is this because liberalism instituted desegregation that undermined the reality of the environment students need to learn? Is learning in a homogeneous group better for children?

Has desegregation undermined our ability to compete in the world and even maintain our civilization? Are schools in East Asia better because of homogeneity of the students and the teachers? Do teachers of different race fail to teach self-worth? Is the message of the accomplishments of past generations and their contributions not taught in a way to inspire scientists in our schools today? Does this violate the civil rights of students? Of workers? Are we on a downward spiral over a false theory, liberalism?

Does homogeneity help East Asian factories compete? Is this part of their competitive advantage over the U.S.? These are the issues raised by the critics of Watson by the things they say. The critics say if Watson is true, it would imply that the critics theory of society is false and harmful. That is why they react with such fury against him. As Steve Sailer says, like Derek Bok, the President of Harvard, they already know their theory is false.


Black migration to Detroit led to the demise of the city. This is historical fact. This was what the conflict was that Ken Burns The War was indirectly alluding to, insofar as it may have mentioned Detroit. That conflict was lost in the sense that Detroit became a ruined city relative to its past greatness. Now we are seeing black flight from blacks in Detroit, at least to shop.

If Mexican migration is Mexican flight from Mexicans, what does that imply it will do to our cities? They will go the same way as Detroit. In fact, its not just our cities, its our suburbs. Asylum refugees are doing the same thing to communities. Asylum refugees are by definition in flight from the people in their home countries, i.e. people like themselves.

The message of Watson and Wilson is that behavior is in the genes and there are race differences in genes and thus behavior. IQ tests are just one form of behavior, one often called, “acting white”.

Moreover, conflict between races may be in the genes as well. Assimilation is a painful process at best, and likely not to happen. That is in the DNA is what we have to consider. The migration of blacks to Detroit and other cities has to be considered as the cause of their fall. This is another forbidden truth from the MSM. The MSM present “news” to keep us from the news. The schools teach “history” to keep us from history we can use. The same applies to Ken Burns History and PC Official History.

This section, like the rest, is to be interpreted as a hypothesis and draft. Other factors played a role in the fall of American cities. However, where countries were homogeneous, we did not see a fall of cities from these factors. Cities didn’t decay in Japan after World War II, despite being bombed. Nor in Europe, until the advent of immigration. Bombing didn’t cause lasting damage to cities the way immigration did.

==Sailer quoting Watson

“Last week, Watson told the Sunday Times of London that he was:”

“‘inherently gloomy about the prospect of Africa’ because ‘all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours – whereas all the testing says not really.'” [The elementary DNA of Dr Watson, By Charlotte Hunt-Grubbe, October 14, 2007]

This is about the Africans in Detroit the MSM say, not just those in Africa. Watson is saying that DNA proves that liberalism is just lies. Its a false theory.

As Watson reveals in his book, Bok basically knows the score already. (Steve Sailer)

Harvard knows liberalism, as a factual theory of equal ability is false. Ability isn’t equal. Watson and Wilson also lead to the issue that behavior isn’t the same and is in the DNA. Thus what happened to Detroit is in the DNA of those who did it to Detroit. This is the conclusion the MSM fear.

The MSM already don’t report on Detroit or its history. They already know who did it. They already know its not something in the remote past. The last big grocery store pulled out of Detroit in 2007. This is behavior in the present. Watson and Wilson lead us to ask is this behavior in the present from DNA in the present?

To speak of Detroit except in terms of white racism is forbidden by the MSM and Harvard. Watson and Wilson threaten to lift that veil. This is, as Sailer quotes Orwell, crimethink.

We can wordsmith the Watson quote, with changes emphasized:

“‘inherently gloomy about the prospect of Africa’ because ‘all our social policies are based on the fact that their behavior is the same as ours – whereas all the history says not really.'”

Its not just IQ. Its not just scores on a test. IQ is about predicting behavior. This is the real issue. Is there behavior different than ours because their genes are different?

Sailer on Derek Bok, President of Harvard, asking Watson when DNA of IQ (and behavior) would be mapped:

So he had a particular reason to hope the dread date (2017) would fall well out into his dotage—when nobody would ask him embarrassing questions about why he (Bok of Harvard) institutionalized punitive discrimination against, notably, white males.


This is very draft and preliminary. For many the above are sensitive topics. However, we need to take a scientific approach. That is what Watson and Wilson, and Steve Sailer are telling us. The above is subject to substantial revision. All comments are welcome. The above are hypotheses, speculation or opinion. This weblog considers contradictory hypotheses or ideas.

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