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Did Musharraf know list Kargil to Bhutto

January 4, 2008

Did Musharraf know?

  1. Al Qaeda was involved in terrorism against Americans in Middle East for staining Arabia by its presence?
  2. Deal of Al Qaeda with Saudi Arabia of money to avoid hits on Saudi Arabia?
  3. That Pakistan would do a nuclear test in spring 1998?
  4. That Clinton put sanctions on Pakistan after that until they would give up nukes?
  5. That Pakistan supported the Taliban which supported al Qaeda?
  6. That al Qaeda would attack the US embassies in Africa in August 1998?
  7. After it happened that al Qaeda and the Taliban were involved, e.g. by reading newspapers?
  8. That Pakistan would attack India in Kargil in 1999 and call the soldiers doing it, their own, terrorists, to deny involvement?
  9. That al Qaeda would attack the USS Cole in Oct 2000?
  10. That al Qaeda would attack the US on 9-11?
  11. About financing of the attack?
  12. That on 9-11 Pakistan owed 38 billion USD and the interest was greater than Pakistan’s gross exports so it was unsustainable?
  13. That to get debt relief or IMF or World Bank aid Pakistan would have to give up its nukes, unless the US dropped its sanctions on Pakistan?
  14. That while General Ahmed of the ISI was in DC on 9-11 that al Qaeda would attack and Ahmed could ask for lifting nuclear sanctions and 10 billion in aid to help against al Qaeda and the Taliban?
  15. That Ahmed would get the sanctions lifted and the debt relief or get that started so that Shaukat Aziz, the finance minister of Pakistan and former Citibank executive could finish the deal?
  16. That Shaukat Aziz was voted finance minister of the year for the world in 2001 for this debt refinancing?
  17. That bin Laden would hide in Pakistan when flushed from Afghanistan?
  18. Or that he was in Pakistan for medical care at times according to some reports even before 9-11?
  19. That the Saudis kept funding bin Laden while in Pakistan after 9-11 in exchange for not attacking the Saudis still?
  20. That some Saudis still fund him and terrorism?
  21. That A. Q. Khan was selling nuclear know-how and equipment far and wide for years and that this was also used to help Pakistan’s own procurement needs?
  22. That Bhutto would be subjected to attempted assassination attempts, and details on each?
  23. Including the final one that killed her?
  24. That the street would be hosed down?
  25. No autopsy?
  26. Doctors would be forced to cover up?
  27. That official story would be a head wound from bumping her head to suicide bomber blast not gunshot from sniper?
  28. And so many other things.

Musharraf has denied it all, including Kargil that he ordered and wouldn’t taken the bodies of Pakistan soldiers back from India to continue his lie after everyone knew it. Did Stalin know that Stalin ordered Trotsky to be killed? Did Stalin know about the Hitler Stalin pact? Did Stalin know he had been there at the photo session? Did Stalin know that Hitler would invade the western part of Poland while Stalin would invade the eastern part?  When did he find out?

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