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Southern California reaches distrust equilibrium

April 21, 2008

Steve Sailer has a column on jury service in downtown Los Angeles California. A crooked Iranian car dealership was cheating on sales tax. One skipped town and the other was charged. The one charged blamed the one who skipped town. On a jury of 12, only Steve voted for guilt. The jury hung.

One of the jurors was a Bulgarian car dealer. There were other jurors with stories and likely more unPC reality, which is redundant, reality is unPC.

Putnam of Harvard found diversity causes distrust. But it may do more than that. Diversity, especially third world diversity may create a game theory equilibrium of distrust. This then reduces all business to with your family.

Its very hard for a society to get out of a distrust equilibrium. The sub-prime mess is a distrust disequilibrium. We are now seeing the results of poor mortgage loans that are sold to unwitting fools. As people realize this is the situation, the mortgage market stops working. That is happening all across the economy.

Economic growth in the West was based on trusting relative strangers. But 3rd world immigration destroys that. Third world immigrants bring their distrust here and their attitude to take advantage of trust as being gullible.

What are real advantage in competition with the world was that we could trust each other. That made our economy and schools work better. Third wold immigration by ending our trust economy results in ending our real basis of competition. We are being lowered to their level of disequilibrium.

The prattling left and Wall Street keep asking for cheap labor. They don’t understand that what made our economy and science great was the ability to trust each other. Now that this is going, we are seeing our economy stagnate. We must stop all immigration and get as many as possible to return home by one incentive or another.

While they can, they will stay and cheat us. We have to take that away from them. One of the car dealers went back to Iran. The other was being let off by a jury with a Bulgarian car dealer. We have to wake up and get back our trust equilibrium and trust economy.

We can’t have a trust economy without a trust society.  We can’t have a trust society with 3rd worlders.  So to get the trust society back, we have to get the 3rd worlders to leave.  That means taking the benefits of cheating us away.  We need to stop the pan handling that is welfare, affirmative action, racial grievances and the rest.

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