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Happy St. Viagra Day Auster is right Stop Viagra Ads

February 14, 2008

Lawrence Auster says people should protest Viagra ads during the nightly news. They are also on CNN. Lawrence Auster on Viagra ads and the nightly news:

“viagra day”

Who made it OK for Viagra ads and politics?

Bob Dole Viagra

Bob Dole helped do that. Dole and Bill Clinton in the 1990’s were doing their best to debase us. Third world immigration doesn’t bother people when they are drugged with a debased political culture.

As Auster points out, Viagra ads during the news really do show we are degraded in our dialogue. Those would have been impossible a few decades ago, as would much else that is happening now. We ape the Romans and shall reap the same reward.

Results 1100 of about 113,000,000 for viagra


Results 1100 of about 166,000,000 for Jesus

The good news of the modern world is Viagra.

“St. Paul”

Results 1100 of about 60,100,000 for St. Paul.

St. Viagra may be the patron saint of the end of the West.

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